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How To Make 200 Dollars Fast in 21 Easy Ways

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There are many reasons why you’re searching how to make 200 dollars fast. Perhaps you haven’t made your credit card payments. Maybe your utility bills need to be sorted ASAP, or you want to make extra money to build an emergency fund.

Irrespective of your reasons, making $200 in a day is doable. However, you must put in the effort since there’s no such thing as easy money. Any website that claims to help you make $200 by clicking a few buttons is likely a scam.

But the options in this guide are entirely legit. So, if you want to make 200 dollars fast, even in one day, there’s something here for you.

22 Simple Ways To Make 200 Dollars Fast in 2023

Here are various ways to make $200 today. Keep in mind that you must put in the effort. 

1. Cut Monthly Bills

Cutting monthly bills is one of the effective ways to make $200 fast. Start by canceling all the subscriptions you don’t need. You can buy a budget planner to ensure you stay organized and manage your money easily.

A budget planner will help you know and monitor your monthly bills every month. It’s also a perfect way to save extra cash each month.

2. Open a Cash-Bonus Checking Account 

Many banks in the U.S. offer promotions where new customers can get cash bonuses back for opening a checking account. You can earn an extra $50 to $200 for opening a new checking account, provided you meet the requirements.

Big banks like the U.S. Bank and Bank of America do have such promotions from time to time. Be on the lookout for such offers to make quick cash.

4. Sell Unwanted Items

Platforms such as Mercari and Facebook Marketplace allow you to sell the items you no longer need and make quick cash. 

Make sure you take clear photos of the items and list them at a reasonable price. This is the best way to declutter your home and make quick money. High-ticket products include things such as video consoles, cameras, and electronics.

And if you don’t want the hassle of posting images and meeting buyers, you can sell your outdated electronics to declutter. The procedure is simple, and you’ll get top dollar. 

At Decluttr, you get an immediate valuation of your products, but ensure you include the items’ model, make, and condition. Pack the items and ship them once you accept the price they offer.  

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5. Complete Surveys Online

Another easy and fun way to get 200 fast is by completing surveys online. Remember that all survey websites aren’t created the same. Some can feel like a waste of time. However, a good site is worth your effort and time.

Websites like Opinion Outpost and InboxDollars have thousands of surveys you can complete and get money. Other legit survey websites include:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • Zap Surveys  

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6. Utilize Cash Back Apps

Using cash back apps is an excellent way to make quick cash. Apps like Fetch Rewards is one of the best cash-back apps. You earn points from grocery shopping. You can earn more than $500 from uploading the shopping receipts you get from the local grocery stores.

Ibotta is another cash back app that allows you to earn back from purchasing at your local stores. You can earn up to $600 per month from your everyday purchases. 

7. Drive for Lyft or Uber

Do you own a car and have some free spare time? Why don’t you become a rideshare driver for Uber or Lyft? With Lyft, you get the earnings guarantee promotion that allows you to get some assured cash once you complete a specific number of rides within a set number of hours. 

You can make 200 dollars a day ridesharing for Uber a few hours a day. The good news is that you get paid the same day. Besides, you work on your schedule and can have as many or as fewer rides. 

So, driving for Lyft or Uber is among the most legit ways to make $200 fast. 

8. Provide Professional Freelance Services

Are you a seasoned and skilled writer, programmer, or designer? If yes, you can provide your services on various platforms, such as Fiverr and Upwork and make extra money. 

Some of the well-paying tasks on Fiverr include mobile app development, infographic design, and video marketing. You can also offer various marketing services like social media management, website design, and lead generation.

You can become a freelance writer at Upwork and make quick money doing what you love. The most exciting thing about being a freelance writer is that you set your rates. How much you’ll charge depends on your experience.  

9. Become an Airbnb Host

If you have an extra space in your apartment or an extra guest house, you can make money being an Airbnb host. 

You can easily make up to $924 monthly on average, but these figures may dramatically vary depending on your location and time of the year. 

10. Deliver Groceries

Do you need 200 dollars fast? Then delivering groceries with Instacart is the best side hustle.

It offers the flexibility you need, allowing you to work around your schedule and use your car or bike. Instacart makes it very easy to create an account and start delivering groceries in your area.

On average, an Instacart shopper can make $20+ an hour. However, you can make more money when you deliver during peak times, such as during unfavorable weather conditions, since many individuals don’t want to drive during such times. 

11. Walk Dogs

If you are a dog lover, you can make good money walking dogs in your neighborhood. 

Apps such as Rover hire people to walk dogs and offer pet sitting for their customers. You can set your preferred rates, and there are zero commitments. You can work as little or as much as you want. 

With Rover, you’ll get paid two days after completing the assignment. This makes it the best side hustle to earn 200 dollars fast. However, the app charges a 20% service fee.  

12. Babysit Other People’s Kids

Another effective way to make 200 in a day is babysitting in your area. You can do this in two ways:

(i) Look for Families in Your Area Who Need Babysitters

The fastest way to find babysitting gigs is by asking families in your neighborhood with kids if they want babysitters. You can also join parent or mom Facebook groups and look for people who may be searching for a babysitter.

Note that many parents like to hire babysitters who have had previous experience working with kids (church daycare, teaching, tutoring, and daycare center).

(ii) Pitch for Babysitting Gigs Online

Sites like Sittercitty and Care help individuals searching for babysitting gigs find work quickly. Create a profile and find a job near you and apply. 

13. Take Part in Focus Groups

Participating in various focus groups is a great way to get 200 dollars now. 

Focus group organizations look for a specific demographic of individuals to interview about various topics like products, cars, clothes, and many more. You can earn over $200 in 120 minutes by being questioned about diapers, even as a kid.

The process is simple, and you get to network with new people. After you finish, they’ll give you a Visa gift card. You can create an account with Find Focus Groups and apply to any event that suits you. 

Other Common focus groups include:

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14. Build a Masterclass

Do you have unique skills, like blogging or online entrepreneurship skills? Then you can conduct a masterclass online to share your skills and make $200 fast. 

Here are some of the tips to help you get started in this venture:

(i) Brainstorm

Determine what you can teach people online. Note the areas where many people seek professional help and brainstorm around those concepts. For instance, if you’re good at dropshipping, create training about building a successful dropshipping store. Ensure that it matches your niche.

(ii) Pick a Platform

Choose a platform you’ll use to hold your masterclass. Platforms like webinarNinja and Podia make the process easy. You can also consider Zoom to have your masterclass.

(iii) Market Your Masterclass

Once you choose a platform, it’s time to market your masterclass and set the date you’re conducting it on your social media platforms and website. 

This is when individuals will learn about your sales page for the masterclass and probably purchase your course. You can use Gumroad to collect payments.

(iv) Launch the Masterclass

Finally, this is where you can conduct your masterclass, and once the class is over, you’ll know how much you earned. 

15. Sell Online Courses

If you have skills you’re good at, you can create a course on the same and sell it online. You can teach people how to knit, paint, or virtually anything.

This is an effective way to make continuous additional income. Online courses fetch from $27 to $2,000. Yes, you heard that right.

Platforms such as Teachable help you design and sell your online courses, which is the best way to make passive income. Besides, the platform will handle customer service and payment processing for you. This allows you to concentrate on designing high-quality courses.

Teachable charges 5% for every course sold, and you must be a member of the platform.

16. Affiliate Marketing

Are you wondering how to make 200 dollars fast online? Become an affiliate marketer and market products and services you trust.

As an affiliate marketer, you earn a commission when someone buys a product or service using your affiliate link. While commission rates vary based on the network or program, anything from 3% to 10% is OK to get 200 dollars now. 

If a product has a 30-day return policy, you’ll receive the compensation the month after the policy window expires. Networks such as Amazon, FlexOffers, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Aragon, and AWIN are suitable for affiliate marketing.

If people always ask for your recommendation or advice before making a purchase, affiliate marketing is the perfect side hustle for you.

17. Credit Card Farming

Credit card farming is another fantastic way to make extra money quickly. The process entails opening a credit card, meeting the least spending requirement, typically $500 to $1,000, and canceling them after a couple of months. After this, you’ll earn bonus points.

While the steps will take a couple of hours, you won’t receive payment instantly.

You’ll need a stellar credit score to be accepted for the credit card. Plus, you must be well organized and responsible with credit card payments. If you fail to repay your card each month, you will pay interest, erasing all gains from signing up bonus.

18. Show Your Expertise on Twitch

Twitch is a popular online platform that lets people watch and broadcast video events. It began as a primary interaction platform but has expanded to cover various streams dedicated to dancing, artwork creation, music, hobbies, talk shows, and even TV series.

Do you have some skills that individuals would want to learn how to do them? Have these people watch you do your thing live. It can be painting, knitting, baking, or cooking.

According to Twitch, an average broadcaster makes up to $250 monthly. However, there’s a possibility to earn more based on how famous your channel is. So, if you can sit and knit, why not make money from it?

19. Perform Tasks of TaskRabbit

Taskrabbit is an app and website that lets you earn money by running errands for other individuals. You can pick up groceries, be an event staff, help set up a garage sale, assemble furniture, paint, move boxes, work on crafts, or help with yard duties.

You can make up to $35 an hour, but the figure varies based on the duties. The task that’s in high demand is conducting simple repairs. So, if you are good at this, you can make $200 fast.  

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20. Rent Your Car on Turo

Turo is a website that allows users to rent and lease their vehicles to people. It’s one of the biggest car-sharing platforms offering a passive way to earn income.

The best thing about Turo is that they offer 24/7 client service and screen all car owners and drivers. If you encounter any issues, you can contact the Turo customer support crew, irrespective of the time of the day.

21. Sell Clothes Online

If you have clothes that you no longer wear, sell them online to make extra cash. Various platforms, such as thredUP handle all the shipping, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

All you need to do is print a label online, pack the clothes and drop them at the nearest consignment store. Your products will be listed on the site for purchase. When someone buys, you get your payment.

22. Sell Feet Pics Online

You can also sell feet pics online for money. Yes, you read that correctly. Some people like feet, and they can pay handsomely for your sexy feet pics.

Many sites (mostly advertised as foot fetish websites) allows you to take videos and pictures of your feet and sell on their platform.

FeetFinder is one website you can try, and a top earner gets up to 500 dollars in one day.

23. Sell Sneakers for cash

If you have sneakers gathering dust in your closet, you can declutter your space and make money. Sites like GOAT, StockX, Flyp, and OfferUp allow you to sell your sneakers for cash.

Make sure your sneakers are clean, take high-quality photos, write detailed descriptions, and set a realistic price when listing on a platform. This way, you’ll likely fetch top dollar for your used sneakers.

How To Make 200 Dollars Fast: Final Thoughts

If you need quick cash to cover your urgent expenses, this article highlights some of the top 23 ways to make $200 fast. Remember that you must put in the effort to earn good money and live a comfortable life.

You don’t have to pick all, you can go with one or two that are suitable for you and get started.

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