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How To Sell on Mercari (2024 Step-by-Step Guide)

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Selling stuff you no longer need is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Whether you’re decluttering your closet or just want to flip items for extra cash, Mercari is a great online marketplace.

You can sell almost anything on Mercari. From clothing to sneakers, electronics, and accessories, there’s no limit to what you can make money on.

It’s also a safe option compared to apps like Craiglist because you don’t have to meet strangers to close a deal.

If you’re wondering how to sell on Mercari and make money, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’ll share everything you need to know about selling on Mercari, including tips to maximize your earnings.

How To Sell on Mercari for Beginners 

If you’ve used apps like Mercari, the selling process is almost the same. You’ll need to sign up for an account before listing your items. 

Here are seven steps to start selling on Mercari and making your first sale!

1. Create an Account on the Mercari Selling App

The first step to selling items on Mercari is to create an account. You can do this on the Mercari website or the app.

The sign-up process is easy. You’ll need to fill in your email address, create a password and verify your phone number to get the account running.

To use the app, you must provide your personal information for identity verification. Some of the things you’ll need to share include:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Government-issued ID
  • Social Security number

It’s important to note that Mercari is only available in the U.S., the UK, and Japan.

Once your account has been approved, you can briefly describe yourself. You can also add a profile photo (optional), which goes a long way to making you look legit.

2. Take High-quality Photos of the Items You’d Like To Sell

Choose the item you’d like to sell in your closet or garage. Here are the best things to sell on Mercari to help you choose popularly bought items.

Take high-quality photos of the item from different angles to capture all the product details potential buyers may want to know. Try as much as possible to use natural light when taking photos. 

Keep in mind that the photos will be the first thing potential buyers will see before they make a buying decision.

The photos you take can make or break your sale. It’s therefore important to ensure they’re as appealing as possible.

3. Write a Detailed Description

The description for the item should be as detailed as possible to reduce the number of questions potential buyers may have about the product.

Here are some of the information that you should include in the product description:

  • Product name
  • Brand name
  • Material 
  • Measurements 
  • The current condition of the item

If the item is damaged, make sure you include this information in the product description. The damage should, however, not be severe such that it impedes the efficient use of the item.

You can also add a few thoughts that would make the product more appealing and persuade the buyer to purchase the item. Remember to be brief and only provide relevant information. And be honest.

Don’t forget to use keywords when writing the description. This will help your items pops up when potential buyers search for the products on Mercari. 

4. Set a Price for Your Item

After writing the product description, set a price for the item.

Ensure that the price is fair regarding the product’s current condition. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you set a low price.

You can look at other items on Mercari to determine how much other sellers charge for similar products.

You could also use Mericari’s Smart Pricing feature, which sets the price of your product according to market demand.

The best thing about this feature is that the price doesn’t go below your floor price, so you do not incur losses.

As a seller, you should be flexible enough to allow discounts. Keep this in mind when setting the price for your item.

 5. List Your Items on Mercari

After you’ve set up your profile, taken high-quality photos, written a detailed description, and set a fair price, it’s time to list your items on the Merari app or website.

You can access your listing anytime and edit as you wish. You can add or remove photos, change the price, or the shipping method.

6. Revisit the App Regularly to Communicate With Buyers

Once you have listed your items, keep revisiting the Mercari app to check for messages from potential buyers. 

Some buyers may have questions about the product, while others may want to purchase the product in the shortest time possible.

A late reply may discourage some buyers or force them to seek alternative products from other sellers.

Make sure you reply promptly to any buyers that reach out to you. This also increases your chances of getting a good review.

7. Select Shipping

Once you and the buyer agree on the item’s price and the buyer places an order, you can ship the item.

There are three shipping options available for Mercari sellers. They include:

  • Mercari prepaid label: This is where a prepaid shipping label is emailed to you. You only need to package the product, attach the prepaid label, and drop it off at the nearest post office or any other Mercari shipping partner. The best thing about this option is you get up to $200 shipping protection. However, ensure your package is below 50 lbs and 45” in length and 20” in width to avoid an additional surcharge.
  • Ship on your own: In this case, you arrange the shipping on your own and use any shipping company of your choice. It’s the best option, especially if you have items that don’t meet the shipping box requirements above.
  • Mercari Local: If you want to avoid shipping altogether, try Mercari Local when listing your items. With this option, a driver will pick up and drop off your item. You don’t have to meet with strangers to close on a sale. 

While handling the shipping, choose the most convenient option for you. Keep in mind the weight of the product and packaging. Also, consider the shipping option that’s safe for your product.

Once the item has been delivered, the buyer has three days to confirm receipt and leave you a rating.

After they confirm everything is okay, you can leave your buyer a rating, and the funds will be added to your balance. You can cash out via direct deposit or Instant Pay at a $2 fee.

Pros and Cons of Selling on Mercari

Every online marketplace has advantages and disadvantages, and Mercari is not an exception. 

I have compiled a list of the pros and cons of selling on Mercari to help you decide whether it’s the right platform for you.


  • Listing items on Mercari is free
  • Low selling fees compared to websites like Poshmark
  • Convenient and flexible shipping options
  • You can sell a wide range of products
  • Payments on Mercari are swift (funds are released within three days)
  • Secure payment system
  • Mercari offers a wide market for both sellers and buyers


  • The seller dashboard is not user-friendly
  • Slower sales
  • You must wait for the buyer rating to get paid
  • It can be hard to manage high volumes
  • No bundling feature

Tips for Selling on Mercari to Maximize Your Earnings

Since the platform has a large pool of sellers, you need a strategy to sell your items faster and rake in more cash.

Here are some tricks to selling on Mercari that have worked for me over the years. 

1. Take High-quality Photos of the Items on Sale

As mentioned earlier, the photo of the product is one of the most important factors that influence the success of your sale. 

Take clear photos of the item from multiple angles. Ensure you use as much natural lighting as possible to capture all the item’s details. 

You don’t have to invest in high-technology gadgets to take good photos. Natural light will do the trick! 

2. Provide a Detailed Description of Your Item

Include all the relevant information about the item in the product description. Disclose any defects the item may have to prevent buyers from returning your product after the sale. 

Ask yourself what the buyer might need to know about the product and provide this information.

Tell the buyer the benefits of your product. Why is it worth purchasing? 

You can tell this story in your own words. There’s no structured way to do it, be creative.

Always be brief and straight to the point. You don’t want clients getting bored reading long paragraphs in your description.

Include keywords in your description so that your product pops up when a buyer searches the keyword. Overall, make sure your description is catchy.

3. Relist Your Non-Selling Items

Another tip on how to sell on Mercari is to keep relisting items that don’t sell.

This way, your product always appears on the new listings page, increasing your chances of making a sale.

4. List Your Products During Popular Buying Times

Depending on what you’re selling, create your listings when buyers are more likely to shop for those particular products.

Also, don’t list your products at odd times, like at night when most people are asleep.

Instead, do it at midday when most people are on a lunch break and have time to scroll through their phones.

5. Set Flexible Prices

Mercari allows for bargaining, so leaving wiggle room is a good idea.

To be a successful seller, set a negotiable price such that you can give discounts to buyers without incurring a loss.

Offering discounts may also encourage buyers that you deal with to purchase from you again.

6. Verify Your Mercari Profile

Verifying your profile and providing all relevant information, including identification documents, increase the buyers’ trust in you.

Adding a profile photo also makes you more trustworthy and boosts your chances of making sales.

7. Get Good Reviews from Customers

One way to ensure you get good Mercari reviews is to handle potential buyers politely and courteously. Another way is to respond promptly to any queries by buyers.

You could also offer great discounts or free shipping to your customers. However, ensure that you don’t incur any losses in this process.

Another way to get good reviews is to fasten the shipping process. Use a shipping option that wouldn’t require too many formalities on the customer’s side.

8. Sell Brand Names Items

Brand name items are one of the best-selling items on Mercari. People are more likely to purchase brands they already know than those they’ve never heard of.

If you have designer sneakers, clothing, or handbags, they can fetch top dollar on Mercari. Some of the popular brand-name items to sell on Mercari include:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Yeezys
  • Gucci
  • Chanel
  • Michael Kors
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Christian Louboutin

9. Sell Legit Products

Always sell authentic products to ensure customer satisfaction. This will increase the chances of them making more purchases from you and even giving good reviews, which attract other buyers.

Don’t lie about the product’s brand or its features. This way, you’re more likely to earn the buyers’ trust.

10. Offer Attractive Deals to Potential Buyers

Buyers are attracted to products with offers. You could sell two products for the price of one or offer free shipping for certain products.

However, you have to be creative enough to avoid incurring losses in an attempt to boost your sales.

11. Subscribe to the Mercari Pro Seller Program

The Mercari Pro Seller Program is helpful because your listings will show quickly compared to regular accounts. This will expose you to more buyers and therefore boost your sales.

Here are some of the perks of the Mercari Pro Seller Program:

  • Pro seller badge on your profile
  • Bulk import tool
  • Inventory management
  • Free promotion
  • Enhanced analytics
  • VIP service (24-hour support)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mercari legit?

Mercari is a legitimate online marketplace. It has been operating for over eight years, so it’s safe to buy and sell stuff on Mercari.

Besides, Mercari has measures in place to prevent scams where possible.

Is It Worth It Selling on Mercari?

Yes! Selling on Mercari is worth it. The platform is easy to use and offers a wide market base for products.

While there are a few downsides to using Mercari, the pros outweigh the cons, making the platform worth checking out.

How Much Does Mercari Charge Per Sale?

Mercari charges a 10% commission per sale. In addition to that, the platform also charges a payment processing fee of 2.9% +$0.50 for all completed transactions.

However, Mercari seller fees are relatively lower than other popular online marketplaces. 

What Is the Trick To Selling on Mercari?

One of the fastest ways to sell on Mercari is to drop your prices and use Mercari’s Promote feature.

Dropping your prices by 5% or 10% helps promote your listings to more buyers, increasing your chances of getting more sales. 

What Sells the Most on Mercari?

 Some of the top-selling items on Mercari in 2023 are:

  • Women’s clothing and shoes
  • Athletic clothing
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Handbags
  • Toys
  • Sleepwear
  • Electronics like cameras and video gaming consoles
  • Brand-name sneakers

Do You Need PayPal To Sell on Mercari?

You don’t necessarily need PayPal to sell on Mercari. The platform allows you to use your bank account linked to your debit card to receive payments. 

What Items Are Not Allowed To Sell on Mercari?

 Mercari prohibits the following items:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Stolen goods
  • Food
  • Prescription drugs
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products 

Does Mercari Pay For Shipping?

If you choose the Mercari prepaid label, you must specify whether you’ll cover the shipping costs or the buyer.

If you decide to cover the shipping cost, it’s deducted from the profits accrued from the sale of the products.

On the other hand, if the buyer is covering the shipping cost, it’s added to the amount payable by the buyer.

Mercari offers shipping protection of up to $200.

How Do I Get Paid From Mercari?

Mercari offers two payouts: direct deposit and instant pay.

For instant Pay, the cash is deposited to your debit card as soon as the buyer makes the payment.

This is done at a fee of $2.00. On the other hand, a direct deposit may take up to 5 business days. 

Is It Better To Sell on eBay or Mercari?

There’s no doubt that eBay has a larger number of users. However, Mercari is also a growing online marketplace.

They both have a wide range of categories of products that can be sold. However, Mercari’s range is slightly broader.

Mercari is easy to use, and you can sell anything as long as it’s not prohibited. The listing process is easier on Mercari than on eBay.

Rather than choosing either of the two, consider cross-listing your products on both platforms. This way, you’ll have an even broader market base.

Mercari Alternatives

Whether Mercari isn’t the best online marketplace for you or just other places to sell stuff online, here are other apps like Mercari to try:

  • Poshmark: This is one of the most popular online marketplaces, making it very competitive. It focuses on clothing and accessories. Poshmark charges a 20% fee on sales over $15 and a flat commission of $2.95 for any sales under $15.
  • OfferUp: Similar to Mercari, you can sell second-hand items on OfferUp. It focuses on local listings, eliminating shipping costs. You can sell almost anything on OfferUp. The most popular categories are clothing, shoes, home and garden, electronics, and collectibles like Pokemon cards.
  • Depop: This is another clothing resale company. It’s perfect for selling streetwear and vintage fashion. Depop charges a 10% fee on sales. 
  • ThredUp: If you don’t like handling the selling process, thredUp is the perfect online marketplace. ThredUp handles everything on your behalf, and you get paid once your item sells.
  • Vinted: Unlike other Mercari alternatives, Vinted doesn’t charge listing and selling fees. Another advantage of using the platform is that you can swap items with others instead of selling them.
  • Facebook Marketplace: If you have an active Facebook account, you can sell items locally. However, you may have to meet with strangers.

Final Thoughts

Mercari is one of the best marketplaces to sell items online. Whether you’re decluttering your closet or simply want to flip items for money, you won’t go wrong with Mercari.

However, before you sign up for the platform, you should compare your options to see what works best for you in terms of fees and user-friendliness. 

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