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Work from Home Jobs that Provide Equipment

25 Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

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Do you want to work remotely from home due to the flexibility and convenience it brings? If so, you need the necessary equipment to do the job. Assembling a home office isn’t cheap. 

Fortunately, there are work from home jobs that provide equipment. You’ll not need to worry about the tools you need to get the job done since your employer will provide for you, and you’ll start working immediately.

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What Equipment Do You Need to Work From Home?

You must have the right equipment to work from home successfully. The most important things you need are a working PC and a reliable internet connection.

However, depending on the job, you might need a few other tools, software, and apps. You will also need a comfortable office chair, laptop stand, webcam, and desk lamp to improve your productivity and comfort.

25 Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

Are you looking for companies that allow you to work from home and give you work tools? You probably understand job hunting can be challenging, so we’ve curated the best 25 remote jobs that provide equipment.

1. Zapier

Zapier is one of the leading technology firms specializing in automation. It’s a trusted automation company that has worked with different brands like Spotify, Adobe, and BuzzFeed. 

It operates remotely with workers from all corners of the world. You can work as a backend engineer, marketing manager, customer solutions specialist, or product manager.

Zapier provides impressive benefits like competitive salary, retirement plan, vision and dental insurance, and general healthcare insurance. 

What Equipment Does Zapier Provide?

Zapier provides work-at-home equipment such as laptops and software setup.

2. 10UP

10UP is a company that designs online content creators’ landing pages, websites, and digital equipment. It offers solutions for different digital strategies, engineering, and design.

10UP has vacancies for various job posts like UX director, front-end engineer, technical recruiter, system engineer, visual engineer, and many more. 

If you are eligible for these job roles, you can apply since the company offers excellent benefits. This includes a retirement plan, paid parental leave, professional development stipend, and healthcare insurance.

What Equipment Does 10UP Provide?

While they don’t provide equipment for the job, the company offers equipment allowances to purchase them. This means you can choose the work tool model to buy.

3. American Express

AMEX offers a wide range of financial products and services. It hires experts in different sectors such as customer service, sales & relationship management, finance, marketing, and technology.

The company’s travel consultants can work remotely, offering travel-related help to Amex clients. 

What Equipment Does American Express Provide?

You must have a working laptop, and American Express will offer you a landline and high-speed internet.

4. Buffer

Buffer is a tech company that offers comprehensive media equipment and applications to different organizations. 

All Buffer employees work from home. Therefore, it is one of the best firms with work from home jobs that offer equipment. Once accepted, you will follow a four-day work week, get a competitive income, three months of parental leave, a three percent company retirement plan, and work retreats. 

What Equipment Does Buffer Provide?

The company gives you a laptop and an allowance to assemble your home office. This tech company has some of the best work-at-home jobs that provide equipment. 

5. Apple

Even mentioning the term “Apple” makes everything about the firm exhilarating. So, think about getting a Macbook computer from the company for free. You don’t have to spend a penny on it. All you have to do is apply for the at home advisor post.

What Equipment Does Apple Provide?

Once accepted, you’ll get an iMac PC and headset once hired. The company provides paid training to learn how to navigate client communication and how to use their devices. Apple will reimburse your internet expenditure. 

Furthermore, you can qualify for their great personal growth benefits like health insurance and member saving plans. 

6. Automattic

Automattic is a software firm that makes WordPress and other web services such as Tumblr, Gravatar, Akismet, and WooCommerce. 

More than 16000 employees are working from around the globe. The company provides the best remote jobs, particularly for tech-savvy people.

They have numerous job openings for various roles, including design, engineering, business development, finance, and legal. Check out their job page for more info on the available positions.

What Equipment Does Automattic Provide?

Automattic offers fantastic benefits such as paid parental leaves, life insurance, and time off. They also reimburse any software or hardware equipment you use to complete the task. Furthermore, the company offers co-working and home allowances.

7. Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the leading home eCommerce stores in the US. They sell various goods like lounge furniture, bath and bed items, rugs, lighting items, home décor, and many more. 

The company has numerous virtual job openings that allow people to work from home. Check out Wayfair’s career page to explore the positions and choose the one that fits you. You can work in the customer service or engineering department. 

What Equipment Does Wayfair Provide?

Besides handsome salaries, pensions, bonuses, employee discounts and healthcare insurance, Wayfair offers a home office support stipend.

8. World Travel Holdings

With World Travel Holdings, people have easy access to leisure travel. It’s an established company that owns travel brands from cruises, hotels, and villas.

They hire experts to fill various job roles like group vacation planners, remote travel sales agents, and customer service reps. 

What Equipment Does World Travel Holdings Provide?

Once hired, they will offer you a phone and PC for the job. Besides, they also provide handsome salaries, medical insurance, travel perks and a retirement package.

9. LaCalle Group

LaCalle Group is a company that creates e-learning platforms for working specialists. It’s the maker of the famous online learning platforms like Audiologyonline, Simucase and Continued. 

Since the company works remotely, all its employees work from home. They offer 401(k) 4% matching, paid vacations, comprehensive health insurance and annual trips for networking and socializing. 

What Equipment Does Lacalle Group Provide?

It offers its employees a Mac PC and an internet stipend. It’s one of the best companies that offer work from home jobs that provide equipment. 

10. allows clients to design custom products from photos. You can join their growing list of software developers if you are skilled in testing or developing software. You’ll be required to:

  • Develop innovative solutions to technical issues
  • Test new software
  • Develop software validation
  • Track system performance
  • Share primary project data

What Equipment Does Provide?

Once accepted, will pay for the equipment you need to complete the task and refund your internet expenses.

11. BroadPath

BroadPath is one of the leading staffing and consulting firms that hires healthcare reps, technical support personnel, customer service representatives and back-office duties such as accounting and payroll. These are full-time job opportunities that offer all workers benefits.

Your role will include:

  • Answering client calls
  • Investigating client complaints
  • Processing withdrawals and deposits
  • Informing clients about the overall services of the company

What Equipment Does BroadPath Provide?

Once hired, the company gives you a laptop, USB wired headset, USB hub and Bhive camera. They will also provide a stipend for your home office setup.

12. Enterprise Holdings

This rental service firm is hiring reservation sales representatives to assist them in running their daily operations and increasing sales. Your duties include:

  • Making a reservation for customers
  • Educating clients about the firm’s products and services
  • You must be a good communicator and detail-oriented to get this job. 

What Equipment Does Enterprise Holdings Provide?

The company will give you a laptop and VOIP phone to get started.

13. Frontastic

This fully remote firm believes in enabling work-life balance, asynchronous communication and assisting its workers in growing. Check out their career page for more info about job openings. 

They always look for marketing experts, developers, account specialists, site engineers and developers. 

What Equipment Does Frontastic Provide?

Once accepted, you can work from home as they give you a laptop, a cell phone and even pay for an internet connection. On top of that, they offer a home office subsidy.

14. Lands’ End

Do you have a passion for décor, home suppliers or clothing? Then Lands’ End is the place to get remote work. 

This company is always looking for remote client service reps to assist them in dealing with the ever-growing client population. You must be a good communicator with excellent sales skills to get this job. 

Once hired, your duties will be:

  • Fielding customer complaints
  • Responding to client questions
  • Directing the clients to the company’s office near them
  • Offering clients with details about the company’s goods and services

What Equipment Does Lands’ End Provide?

The company will give you a headset and a laptop. Visit Lands’ End career page for more information about work from home jobs that provide equipment. 

15. Amazon

Every day, Amazon welcomes an influx of online shoppers. Therefore, they need many customer service agents to attend to these clients. For this reason, customer service positions are ever-increasing.

You’ll need to complete the following tasks if they accept your application:

  • Respond to client inquiries
  • Solve client complaints
  • Communicate with clients when necessary
  • Process orders
  • Record client interaction and complaints

What Equipment Does Amazon Provide?

The company knows you require a high-speed PC, headsets, reliable internet gadgets, and a landline. Therefore, they’ll provide the equipment.

16. Articulate

This platform offers tools and software for individuals who develop e-learning materials. Many companies use the platform’s apps to create online courses.

The company has numerous job openings for individuals looking for remote work. This includes customer success reps, sales engineers, marketing operation specialists, and many more.

The company offers impressive benefits packages such as student debt repayment, medical insurance, 401(k), child care assistance, and tuition reimbursement. 

What Equipment Does Articulate Provide?

Articulate will help you assemble your home office and offer you technology and devices for your job.

17. Trafilea

Trafilea is one of the top-rated marketing and advertising firms that aims to develop life-transforming brands. 

The firm has been a virtual service provider since its inception, and its positive culture and fun have made it among Forbes’s Top 25 firms to work from home. This makes it one of the best work from home jobs with equipment provided. 

Currently, the company has 180 team members and is expanding. It is presently looking for experts to fill various roles such as growth marketer, UX engineer, talent acquisition analyst, and front-end developer. 

What Equipment Does Trafilea Provide?

Trafilea offers a training budget, paid holiday, bonuses, technology stipend and health insurance subsidy. The company will pay for all the tools you’ll need for the equipment. Visit the career page for more information.

18.  Formstack

Formstack offers workplace productivity and automation equipment. The firm targets to automate manual procedures by simplifying data collection and document preparation. 

While the company is headquartered in Indiana or Colorado, Formstack is remote-first. Since they want their workers to be efficient and productive, they let them work from anywhere they please.

What Equipment Does Formstack Provide?

Some benefit packages the company offers include free health plans, an annual company retreat and a retirement package. They also offer employees the technology they require and a home office stipend.

19. offers safe file sharing and workflow for various organizations. It’s an established company trusted by the largest organizations such as Toshiba, the New York Times and Hershey’s. is a hybrid-remote company, meaning that some sectors like technology and customer success operate remotely. Meanwhile, other departments like sales and marketing work on-site. So, apply for this company if you are looking for work from home jobs that provide equipment.

What Equipment Does Provide?

All workers enjoy the company’s great benefits such as retirement package, handsome starting salary, and legal help. Furthermore, will offer you a MacBook Pro laptop and starting bonus of $1,000 to get started.

20. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a technology firm that offers advanced scheduling software to increase sales. They achieve this by improving productivity, conversion rates and client satisfaction. Clients use these tools to streamline bookings and meetings.

The company has a 100% remote work culture and has many job openings for individuals looking for remote work. You can apply for a job as a customer success manager, social media manager, back- or front-end engineer, or content marketing manager.

What Equipment Does Chili Piper Provide?

Chili Piper offers impressive benefits such as continuous workers’ training, unlimited holidays, and annual trips. They will also provide the technology and device you need for your job.

21. A Place for Mom

Do you have a passion for helping senior members live comfortably? Then A Place for Mom is looking for you. The company helps the elderly find perfect housing solutions. 

The company is currently hiring advisors. The senior living advisor’s job post is a legit remote job you can find online. Once hired, you’ll:

  • Assess the care needs, housing choices and budget of clients
  • Send details to clients about the best senior living housing solution
  • Plan tours to designated housing communities.

What Equipment Does A Place for Mom Provide?

You must have the local knowledge and understand the brand in and out. Once hired, they offer you a fully equipped laptop and a phone.

22. AAA

AAA is one of the famous auto insurance firms that is always searching for customer sales reps who can market their products virtually.

If you can engage potential customers, particularly from your area, to purchase car insurance, then apply for a customer sales rep post at AAA.

Once accepted, your duties will include:

  • Selling car insurance to interested clients
  • Listening to clients’ grievances and offering solutions
  • Finding new and perfect sales leads
  • Cold calling potential customers
  • Visiting selected clients

You must have excellent communication and customer handling skills for this job post. You must have a flexible schedule and be persistent. Many people who start in this position end up as sales managers. So, this is a decent career path.

What Equipment Does AAA Provide?

The company gives you a laptop and headset.

23. Akkroo

Akkroo is a lead capture firm also known as Integrate events. The company captures leads from head-on interactions and assimilates them into an automated CRM solution.

It’s a reputable firm trusted by famous companies like Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, and HubSpot.

Some positions you might apply for in Akkroo include customer support expert, customer success manager and marketing manager.

Integrate targets to offer competitive benefits packages. Its benefits are a 401(k) retirement plan, health insurance, a generous referral bonus, and a flexible working environment. 

What Equipment Does Akkroo Provide?

The company provides the necessary hardware needed for the job to anyone who qualifies to work remotely.

24. Gitlab

Gitlab offers DevOp equipment to various organizations. It creates software that clients use in different areas of project management.

The company allows its workers to have a flexible working culture. Workers can work remotely and asynchronously. So, Gitlab understands that its workers need the right tools for their job. 

What Equipment Does Gitlab Provide?

Gitlab is generous in its benefits as you can spend money on any equipment you need for the job. This can be a better office chair or a high-speed computer. 

25. Auth0

This is a leading authorization and authentication platform that offers safer access for workers. It is well-known for user management, authentication products, and access management. 

The company ensures that the client’s app, such as email and other software, can’t be easily accessed by unauthorized individuals. They are looking for people to fill various positions, such as customer service, marketing, engineering, operations, and product management. 

What Equipment Does Auth0 Provide?

Like many technology firms, Auth0 is one of the remote jobs that supply equipment. One of its impressive benefits includes providing the best equipment you require to be productive.

Final Thoughts: Work from Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

These top companies offer lucrative work from home jobs and offer equipment. With many companies hiring in the U.S. and others searching for talent internationally, there’s something for everyone.

When applying for remote jobs that provide equipment, make sure you weigh the pros and cons. Compare benefits, salaries, and firm work culture, and find out if they provide flexible work schedules. Indeed and Glassdoor are two excellent websites for reading real-life worker reviews and testimonials. All the best in your online job search!

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