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Where To Sell Beanie Babies for Cash in 2023 (13 Best Places!)

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If you grew up in the 90s, you remember the Beanie Babies craze. They were incredibly popular then, with over 800 toy variations created to date. 

Perhaps you were a collector at the time, or you’ve been buying them, and you now have a considerable collection. If you’re wondering where to sell beanie babies, then this post is for you. 

I’ll cover in this post the best places to sell Beanie Babies, plus a few tips on how to make the most of your collection. 

Where To Sell Beanie Babies for Cash

There’s still a massive market for old and new Beanie Babies, so it’s a matter of finding collectors. You can sell Beanie Babies online or find collectors near you. 

Here are the 13 best places to sell Beanie Babies:

1. Sell2BBNovelties

One of the best options for selling Beanie Babies is selling them directly to Sell2BBNovelties. This platform specializes in buying and selling Beanie Babies and many other collectible toys.

Other popular collectibles on the platform include:


Sell2BBNovelties is particularly suitable if you want to sell Beanie Babies in bulk. The platform buys the Beanie Babies from you and then resells them at a profit. 

To get started, you use the platforms lookup library to check the price of your specific Beanie Baby, get a quote for it, and ship it to Sell2BBNovelties. 

The company covers the shipping charges if you’re shipping toys worth $30 or more. You get your money once they’ve inspected the toys to confirm the quality. 

While Sell2BBNovelties is a great platform to sell your Beanie Babies, the company only accepts them if they’re in mint condition or rare. 

If your Beanie Babies collection is damaged, you may have to find another platform. 

2. Sell4Value

This is another online platform that buys Beanie Babies and other collectible toys. If you have a massive collection, this platform provides a fast, convenient way to get money for your toys. 

Sell4Value has over 2,000 Beanie Babies listed with their buying prices. The platform also has bulk pricing if you want to avoid looking up the price of each Beanie Baby. 

Where to Sell Beanie Babies

The platform has strict condition requirements that must be fulfilled for your toys to be accepted. 

  • The item and tags must be Mint
  • Must be odor-free
  • Must be clean; no dirt, stains, or pet hair
  • White pieces must be pure white
  • Hang tags must not have creases, bends, sticker residue, or fading

Sell4Value might not be the best site to sell rare Beanie Babies, but if you have a massive collection that you want to convert to cash fast, this site is for you. 

3. eBay

Another place to sell Beanie Babies online is eBay. It’s one of the most popular online marketplaces with a huge collector base. 

Some popular collectibles and items you can sell on eBay include:

ebay Selling

The platform has a designated section for Beanie Babies. To sell your Beanie Babies on eBay, simply create a detailed listing that accurately describes the condition and rarity of the toy(s).

You can look at what other sellers charge to get an idea of what to charge for similar Beanie Babies.

To maximize your profit, you can set up an auction where people bid for the item. This hack works best for rare, mint-condition items. 

4. Mercari

Mercari is another popular online marketplace where you can sell your Beanie Babies for cash.

Other best things to sell on Mercari include: 

  • Apparel
  • Video games
  • Electronics
  • Homeware and decor
  • Vintage items
  • Collectibles
Where to Sell Beanie Babies

Mercari is a great platform for selling Beanie Babies, given its massive user base and the popularity of collectibles and vintage items. 

You can start selling your Beanie Babies on Mercari by downloading the app, creating your account, and listing the items. 

One of the tricks to selling on Mercari is taking high-quality photos of your items. 

Photos are what attract buyers, so ensure you take clear and well-lit pictures of the items. Be as descriptive as possible about the condition of the items. 

Interested buyers will view the listing and make offers. When someone wants to purchase your item, you’re notified by the app, and you can accept the offer or make a counteroffer. 

Listing items on Mercari is free, but the platform charges 10% of the final price as a commission. You must consider Mercari fees when pricing your items. 

5. Etsy

While Etsy is mostly a platform for selling crafts and handmade items, there’s also a considerable market for vintage items and collectibles like rare toys.

So, it can be an excellent platform for selling your Beanie Babies collection. Etsy is a community of buyers who value sentimental value, so selling vintage items will be a breeze. 

Most buyers on Etsy are looking for unique items, so it may not be the best platform to sell your collection in bulk. It’s more suitable for rare, mint-condition Beanie Babies. 

It’s easy to get started on Etsy. Simply create your Etsy seller account and list your Beanie Babies with detailed descriptions. 

Before pricing your Beanie Babies, look up other Beanie Babies and what they sell for to price your collection competitively. 

Etsy charges a $0.20 listing fee for each item and a 5% seller fee once the transaction is complete. 

6. Bonanza

Bonanza is another online marketplace for selling items like collectibles and vintage toys.

The platform has a broad customer base and diverse offerings, so selling your Beanie Babies on Bonanza should be easy. 

Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies

One of the platform’s advantages is its lower fees than sites like Mercari and Etsy. On Bonanza, you need to pay $0.25 for every listing and a 3.5% commission on the final sale value. 

Additionally, Bonanza integrates with other seller platforms like Amazon and eBay, so if you have listings on these platforms, you can easily import them into Bonanza. 

Sellers on Bonanza cover shipping costs, so ensure you factor this into your prices to maximize your profits. 

7. OfferUp

OfferUp is also an online platform that facilitates the buying and selling of various items between people within a local community. This makes it a great platform to sell Beanie Babies.

Other top-selling items on OfferUp include: 

  • Electronics
  • Clothes
  • Furniture 
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Collectibles 
Where to Sell Beanie Babies

One of the advantages of selling your Beanie Babies on OfferUp is the platform allows you to list your items for free. 

Interested buyers will reach out to you. After negotiating the price, you can meet up to make the exchange. 

There are no fees for local sales where payment is made in cash. However, service fees will apply if you have to ship items and receive payment electronically. 

When listing your Beanie Babies on OfferUp, ensure you price them competitively to avoid scaring buyers away. 

Other OfferUp hacks include writing detailed descriptions and posting your listings at the right time to attract buyers. 

8. Ruby Lane

If you’re still wondering where to sell Beanie Babies, consider Ruby Lane

Platforms like Ruby Lane appeal to collectors searching for rare, valuable Beanie Babies, so it’s ideal if you have high-quality items. 

The Best Place To Sell Beanie Babies

Ruby Lane may not be the best place for selling your Beanie Babies in bulk, but if you have rare, high-quality ones, it’s a great platform for connecting with enthusiasts who understand their value. 

Creating listings on Ruby Lane is free, but you’ll need to pay a $25 monthly fee to run your shop. However, if you add more than 15 items a month, the platform waives the monthly fee.

Additionally, Ruby Lane charges a 9.9% service fee on every sale, so ensure you consider this when listing your items. 

Overall, Ruby Lane is the ideal platform if you have on-demand Beanie Babies and are looking for collectors. 

9. Craigslist

Craigslist is another excellent option if you’re looking to sell Beanie Babies locally. It’s one of the biggest platforms to connect with interested buyers.

Selling your Beanie Babies on Craigslist is advisable if you want to avoid shipping costs and other service fees associated with most online marketplaces. 

Craigslist has a user-friendly interface, so posting your Beanie Babies collection should be easy. Once you’ve posted your collection, interested buyers will contact you directly on the website. 

The market for Beanie Babies depends mainly on your location. In some areas, Beanie Babies are valuable, while in some places, you won’t get more than $1 for each toy. 

If you have a massive collection of Beanie Babies you want to convert to cash, then Craigslist is a good choice. 

However, if you have rare, valuable Beanie Babies, it’s better to go with platforms that collectors frequent. 

You should also take safety precautions when meeting up with buyers. Ensure you do it in a public space and, if you can, go with a friend. 

10. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has grown beyond being a social media platform for connecting with friends and family. Individuals and businesses can now use Facebook Marketplace to sell items. 

Sites like Facebook Marketplace are great options to sell your Beanie Babies locally. 

Facebook Marketplace

Selling your Beanie Babies on Facebook Marketplace is as easy as taking photos of your collection and posting them for interested buyers to browse. 

Buyers will contact you to ask for additional details regarding the toys’ condition and possibly haggle over the price, so you should be prepared to negotiate. 

Facebook Marketplace is ideal for local and online sales, but the platform also lets you ship items to buyers. 

When doing in-person transactions, take proper safety precautions. 

11. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are another option for selling Beanie Babies, especially if you need cash quickly. Another advantage of selling to pawn shops is you don’t have to stress over listings and shipping costs. 

Apart from Beanie Babies, here are other things pawn shops buy

  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques
  • Electronics
  • Rare collectibles 

The amount you get for your Beanie Babies will depend on their rarity and condition. The pawn shop will most likely lowball you, so ensure you’re prepared to negotiate. 

Pawn shops will resell your items for profit, so you won’t get full price for your Beanie Babies. So, you should only consider pawn shops if you’re looking to make quick cash

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12. Flea Markets

If you’re looking for the best place to sell Beanie Babies near you, consider flea markets. 

Flea markets typically attract a diverse buyer audience looking for rare, collectible items. You can sell your Beanie Babies collection by setting up a table or booth at local flea markets. 

Flea markets are an excellent option because buyers are actively browsing for items to buy, and collectors usually frequent them. 

Another advantage of selling your Beanie Babies at a flea market is you get to meet and engage with other enthusiasts, creating connections that could lead to future sales. 

You must pay for a selling space at a flea market, so you should consider this cost. If you have a few Beanie Babies to sell, renting out a selling space may not be practical. 

If you have a small collection that’s not worth much money, you’re better off selling on other platforms. 

13. PlushCollector

Last on our list of the best places to sell Beanie Babies is PlushCollector, another online platform that buys Beanie Babies and other collectible toys. 

If you’d like to sell your Beanie Babies directly to a company rather than finding buyers, PlushCollector is a great option. 

Where to Sell Beanie Babies Near Me

The platform has listings for the various Beanie Babies, so you can look up what your collection is worth before making the sale. 

The company resells the Beanie Babies for profit, so you’ll most likely get a lower price than you’d get if you sold it directly to a collector. 

Still, PlushCollector is a suitable option if you want to get rid of your Beanie Babies collection fast. 

How To Find The Value of Beanie Babies

Determining the value of your Beanie Babies is the first step to selling them because you have to price them accurately. Here’s how to find the value of your Beanie Babies collection.


You can start by visiting sites like Beanie Babies Value Tracker or Beanie Babies Price Guide and identifying your Beanie Baby’s name and tag generation. 

There are also special features that make Beanie Babies rare, and this information is available on sites like Ty Beanie Babies

Online Marketplaces

You can also visit platforms like eBay and Sell2BBNovelties to see what other Beanie Babies are selling for. 

Ensure you visit multiple sites to know how much people are willing to pay for your collection. 

Condition and Rarity

The value of your Beanie Babies collection depends majorly on condition and rarity. Rare Beanie Babies with unique features and those in mint condition are typically more valuable. 

Tips for Selling Beaning Babies for Cash

The amount you get for your Beanie Babies collection will also depend on how good you are as a seller. Here are a few tips to  help you make the most of your Beanie Babies:

  • Take good photos: Buyers will be attracted to the photos first, so ensure you take clear, well-lit photos of your Beanie Babies. Use different angles to highlight unique features that make the Beanie Babies more valuable. 
  • Provide accurate descriptions: Your descriptions should be as detailed and accurate as possible. The description should cover things like special features, condition, and rarity. Ensure you only provide honest information. 
  • Price your Beanie Babies competitively: It might be tempting to set high prices for your collection, but it’s advisable to price your Beanie Babies competitively and allow room for negotiation to attract buyers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beanie Babies Worth Anything in 2023?

While there have been fluctuations in the value of Beanie Babies over the years, the market is still active, especially for rare ones with unique features or those in mint condition. 

Where Can I Sell My Beanie Babies for the Most Money?

Online marketplaces like eBay and Mercari are the best options to connect with collectors who pay top dollar for unique Beanie Babies. 

If you have a large collection of regular Beanie Babies, consider platforms like Sell2BBNovelties that specialize in collectibles and vintage toys. 

What Beanie Babies Are Collectors Looking for?

Some of the most valuable Beanie Babies that go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars include: 

  • First Generation Tagged Beanies
  • Squealer The Pig
  • Cabbie The Bear
  • Legs The Frog
  • Spot The Dog
  • Pinchers The Lobster
  • Peanut The Elephant
  • Billionaire Bear

How Do I Know if My Ty Beanie Baby Is Worth Money?

To determine the value of your Beanie Baby, you need to understand what makes Beanie Babies valuable. 

Limited edition series, those in mint condition, and those with manufacturing errors tend to fetch more than the common mass-produced ones. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know where to sell Beanie Babies, it should be easy to declutter and make a few extra bucks. 

Your collection will fetch different prices on different marketplaces, so do a little research before settling on a platform. 

Some platforms, like PlushCollector, are ideal for selling Beanie Babies in bulk, while others, like eBay, are more suitable for rare ones. 

You can also list your Beanie Babies on multiple marketplaces to boost their visibility and reach a wider audience. 

Happy selling!

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