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Retired But Want To Work? Try These Top 25 Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

low stress jobs after retirement

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Are you looking for ways to keep busy and earn a consistent income post-retirement? You shouldn’t get bored at home just because you’ve retired. 

It’s the best time to venture into passions you never got the chance to pursue. What could be more rewarding than spending your retirement doing something you love and earning from it?

In this article, I’ll delve into the top 25 low stress jobs after retirement. Whether you’re seeking a job as a safety net or just want to enjoy your post-retirement life, plenty of options exist.

Dive in to find a job that works for you!

Top 25 Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

There are many options you can venture into regardless of your previous career. Some side jobs require zero skills and no educational background. 

Whether you were a teacher or doctor in your prime years, you can start a whole new career after retirement. 

The best part is that you can work from home if you don’t want to work at an office or show up to work physically. 

Also, you can choose a venture that requires little or no capital based on how much time and money you’re willing to invest. 

From freelance writing to tutoring, there’s something for everyone. Go through this list to find something that best suits your needs.

1. Pet sitting 

Pet sitting is one of the best ways to fill your time and earn money after retirement. This is an excellent venture, especially if you’re an animal lover.

You could care for the pets at the owner’s home or have them stay at your place overnight. The latter will earn you more money.

Your primary duties as a pet sitter include feeding and cleaning the animal. You may also need to play with the pets and walk them.


Sites like Rover prove invaluable for this type of work. The site connects you to owners who are looking to hire pet sitters. 

Simply sign up on the site and create your profile, indicating your working hours and quote your price. Expect about $10,000 annually through Rover. 

2. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a fantastic idea if you’re proficient in subjects like Math, English, and Science. 

The demand for private educators is high as parents always seek online tutors for their kids to help them catch up or get ahead in their schoolwork.

This is an excellent option if you’re a retired teacher. You can choose to help out college or high school students. 

low stress jobs after retirement

Ask if any of your friends or neighbors’ kids require tutoring. You can also sign up as a tutor on platforms like Chegg, Preply, or QKids. 

You’ll earn an average of $20 – $30 per hour, but this varies with the level of expertise. 

While income may be insignificant, tutoring is an excellent way to make money online in the comfort of your home.

You can maximize your earnings by encouraging repeat clients and selling online courses in line with the subjects you teach.

3. Blogging

Blogging is for you if you’re passionate about a particular topic. I like blogging because you can write about anything as long as it interests your audience.

Some of the best topics include:

  • Home
  • Finance
  • Entertainment 
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle 
  • Food and Nutrition
How to Start a Blog

Once you grow your blog, you can monetize it through affiliate marketing, sponsored deals, and selling merchandise. 

Starting a blog from scratch may be challenging, but earning top dollar is possible with the right strategies. 

Effective marketing is important as it helps you reach a wider audience and build a loyal fan base. 

Once your blog becomes self-sustaining, you can turn it into a passive income source by outsourcing work to freelance writers. 

Read my post on how to start a blog that makes money.

4. Delivery Driver

Another low-stress job you can enter after retirement is food delivery with companies like DoorDash and Instacart. 

This venture is easy to start, especially if you own a vehicle. You can always hire a car or bike if you don’t have one. 

I like this job because of the flexible hours and immense potential for a substantial income. The trick lies in delivering at peak hours and keeping time to encourage tips. 

Here are some of the highest-paying driving gigs that pay:

  • DoorDash: Make money delivering meals and fast foods.
  • Instacart: Get paid to shop and deliver groceries to people in your area.
  • Shipt: A job similar to Instacart that pays you to deliver groceries.
  • Uber Eats: A gig like DoorDash that pays you to deliver food.
  • Amazon Flex: Deliver Amazon packages to people in your city and earn $18 to 25 per hour.

Stacking these gigs is a great way to maximize your earnings, especially when one platform is slow.

5. Flipping Stuff 

Flipping items is another great way to make money after retirement. Flipping involves purchasing, revamping, and reselling items for profit. 

This is one of my favorite side hustle ideas since it has immense potential for a substantial income. You can flip almost anything, including stuff you no longer use. 

Some of the best items to flip include the following:

  • Designer handbags
  • Luxury watches 
  • Sneakers
  • Houses 
  • Antiques 
  • Furniture 
  • Toys like Beanie Babies
  • Jewelry 

You can source items to flip from flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores. Ensure every item is in good condition for maximum profit. 

Source for items with the highest flipping margin. The better the deal, the higher the income. After getting your items, you can sell them on online marketplaces like Mercari, eBay, and Poshmark

You can also sell on sites like Facebook Marketplace or organize a garage sale if you prefer to deal with local buyers. 

6. Use GPT Sites

Get-paid-to sites let you make money online by completing simple tasks, like:

  • Answering surveys
  • Playing games
  • Downloading apps
  • Watching ads
  • Shopping for cashback 

Whether you’re an avid gamer or enjoy sharing your opinion, these apps provide numerous opportunities to make free PayPal money. 

Branded Surveys

Some also offer gift cards to popular companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Spotify. You can also give back to the society by donating your proceeds to charity. 

Some of the best-paid apps worth exploring include:

  • Opinion Outpost: One of the leading survey sites in the world. It lets you make money by sharing your opinion.
  • YouGov: This is the best site for topics like current affairs, politics, and entertainment.
  • Branded Surveys: Like Opinion Outpost, Branded Surveys lets you earn from completing surveys. They offer a $1 signup bonus. 
  • Prime Opinion: This app lets you earn free PayPal money and gift cards for completing surveys. They offer a $5 signup bonus to new members.
  • Swagbucks: This site offers money-making opportunities, like watching ads and playing games. They also offer a $5 signup bonus.

Most GPT sites won’t make you rich. However, you can stack several apps to increase your income. Plus, it’s an excellent way to make money doing almost nothing.

7. Freelance Writing

Consider freelance writing if you’re passionate about a particular niche. 

I have been doing this as a side hustle for a while now, and it stands out because it doesn’t require any capital or educational background. 

You only need to have good language and writing skills to excel. Some clients pay per hour, while others prefer a per-word payment structure. 

How much you earn entirely depends on your efficiency and accuracy. Always meet your deadline and write quality content to encourage repeat clients. 

Once you’ve sharpened your skills, consider bidding for jobs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can start with beginner jobs and progress to expert-level jobs as you gain more experience. 

8. Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are ideal if you’re proficient in a particular language. You can also delve into translation if you’re skilled in multiple languages. 

You must pay attention to detail to spot even the tiniest mistakes and grammatical errors. 

Additionally, knowledge of SEO is also important in this line of work. Optimizing your articles for SEO boosts their chances of ranking at the top on Google and other search engines. 

You can hone your editing and proofreading skills by applying for gigs on platforms like Upwork. Once you’re well versed, consider applying to larger companies.

Proofreading for reputable companies may earn you well over $60,000 annually. 

9. Work as a Librarian 

Do you love reading and being around books? If so, you could work as a librarian. 

Your job description would be helping people locate needed books and organizing materials. Plus, you get to interact with other book fanatics. 

Check your local library to see if there’s an open position. This venture can yield an average annual income of about $55,000.

It’s a great opportunity since you can read books when you’re not busy during the day. Plus, the job is peaceful and low-stress. 

You can also review books on sites like The US Review of Books and

10. Transcription 

Another low-stress job you can do after retirement is transcription. This involves converting video and audio files into text. 

With transcription, you can choose how much work to accept at a time and set your own working hours. This way, the job is low-stress since you can work when you want. 

Transcribe Anywhere

You must possess attention to detail, typing, and computer skills to excel as a transcriptionist.

Transcribe Anywhere is a great place to start if you want to hone your skills. The site offers courses based on your expertise level.

Once confident, bid for jobs on sites like Upwork or apply for transcription at law firms or larger companies.

11. Launch an Etsy Store 

Consider starting an Etsy store if you’re still looking for ways to make money after retirement. Etsy is famous for handcrafts, antiques, and digital items like printables

Some of the most popular categories to sell on Etsy are:

  • Toys 
  • Craft Supplies
  • Accessories 
  • Stickers
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork 
  • Home goods 

Pinterest is a great place to find inspos and free printables to sell in your shop. Also, utilize other platforms like YouTube to learn different crafts.

Digital items provide a passive income source since you can resell them severally without remaking them from scratch. 

However, you must tweak them occasionally to align with trends and remain relevant to your audience. 

As an Etsy seller, you must pay a 6.5% transaction fee and 3% + $0.25 for payment processing.

12. Rent Out Your Space

If you have an extra space in your home, consider renting it out. This is worth venturing into if you’re seeking a passive source of income. 

You can convert your extra room or garage into a storage area and rent it out on Neighbor. People always seek places to put their extra stuff to declutter their homes. 


Alternatively, you can convert the room into a nice resting space and list it on Airbnb. You can earn between $30 to $200 every night, depending on the number of rooms and their condition.

All you need to do is upload nice pictures of the place, write a detailed description, and quote your price on the listing.

13. Rent Out Your Car

Do you have a car that you don’t use? Like renting spare rooms, sites like Turo connect you to people looking to rent cars. 

All you have to do is create an account on the platform, list your car, and wait for potential renters to contact you. 

Remember to upload the best photos of your car to attract potential renters. Also, optimize your description for SEO to make your profile and car more visible. 

Turo also requires you to quote your price on the listing and indicate when the car is available for hire. 

14. Virtual Assistant Job

Here’s another low-stress job you can try after retirement. Virtual assistants typically provide administrative support to individuals and companies remotely. 

You may be required to:

  • Make travel arrangements
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Schedule appointments
  • Handle phone calls
  • Manage emails
  • Manage social media

The best part is that you work at your own pace and set a flexible schedule. Furthermore, you get to work from home under limited supervision.

Generally, this is an excellent job for retirees since it enables you to stay active and put your skills to use while maintaining a relaxed post-retirement lifestyle.

15. Work as a Sports Coach

Coaching a sports team is a nice way to delve into your hobby after retirement, especially if you have a background in sports or enjoy working with kids. 

This venture involves teaching children the basics of a sport and assisting them hone their skills. 

You get the advantage of having flexible hours and working part-time. Plus, you’ll have fun spending time outdoors doing something you love. 

You can coach young kids or adults since these leagues usually don’t require qualifications. However, you can advance to high school and college-level sports if you possess the expertise. 

How much you earn depends on the league you’re coaching. According to Indeed, the average in the US is about $18.34 per hour.

16. Vlogging

While teens and young adults mostly do vlogging, it can prove fulfilling even for retirees. This option is for you if you’re considering venturing into video production. 

Vlogging is an excellent way to learn basic video editing and filming skills while connecting with numerous people who share your interests. 

You can start by sharing your life experience as a retiree and give your vlogs an interesting title like “ A day in the life of a retiree.”

Most people aren’t sure what to do after retiring from their nine-to-five jobs. You can use platforms like YouTube to guide such people and encourage them to explore different ventures. 

Once you gain footing and attract a loyal fan base, you can monetize your channel by creating sponsored content and affiliate marketing. 

Vlogging is undoubtedly among the most fun, low-stress ventures worth exploring after retirement. 

17. Become a Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is a fun, low-stress job if you enjoy traveling and adventure. 

Most tour guide jobs require a high school diploma. However, you may need a college degree to work in a museum. 

In most cases, you’ll be trained on the job. You shouldn’t have trouble if you’re passionate about it.

Visit local tourist sites to see if there’s an open position. You can work during peak seasons or flexible hours in places that operate all year. 

The average annual salary for a tour guide is about $40,450.

18. Rideshare Driving 

Another way to earn a living after retirement is by becoming a rideshare driver for apps like Uber, Bolt, and Lyft.

All you need to do is sign up on your platform of choice and upload the required documents, like your license and ID card. You can start making money as a driver if your documentation checks out. 


This venture is ideal if you have a car and don’t mind spending much time behind the wheel. You can hire a car if you don’t have one. 

This is one of the best ventures since it’s constantly in demand. People are always looking for rides from one place to another. 

19. Become a Walmart Greeter 

Becoming a Walmart greeter is an ideal low-stress job if you like interacting with new people. 

All you have to do is greet Walmart shoppers as they enter the store and help them with any issues they encounter. 

You may also need to help shoppers with directions and issue coupons. This is a great venture since each shift lasts 3-5 hours. 

You also enjoy other perks like insurance, paid vacations, and a 401k. The pay varies by state and is generally not much. 

20. Babysitting 

While babysitting is one of the best ways to make money as a teen, it’s a fantastic option for retirees, particularly if you love kids. 

You can find babysitting jobs from friends or family members. Alternatively, sites like connect you to people looking to hire babysitters.

Expect about $15 hourly, but you can earn more if you have additional qualifications like first aid proficiency. 

21. Become a Voice Over Artist 

Consider becoming a voice-over artist if you’re still looking for low-stress jobs for retirees. The job is flexible since you get to choose your schedule. 

Plus, the job requires little capital and is doable in the comfort of your home. You can start with your smartphone and invest in a microphone, headsets, and editing software as you gain footing.

Sites like help you make money online using your voice. All you need to do is sign up and upload a few samples to get matched to gigs that suit your skill.

You can also read my post on how to get paid to read books aloud.

22. Paid Focus Groups 

Another way to earn after retirement is by participating in paid focus groups. This entails sampling merchandise for cash. 

You can join a physical or virtual focus group if you want to work from home. The pay is based on the type of focus group and product. Some pay as much as $100 an hour. 

Explore sites like Respondent and Survey Junkie to find focus groups that spark your interest. 

23. House Sitting

House-sitting is a fantastic option to travel without paying for hotels. It’s one of the best jobs since it doesn’t involve much work.

You only need to clean the house while the owners are away. You may also need to water plants and care for pets. 

Some of the best sites to seek house-sitting gigs include Nomador, Trusted House Sitters, and House Carers. 

24. Become a School Bus Driver

Driving a school bus is great if you like interacting with children. You’d need to take the kids to and from school. 

I like this gig since you only work during specific hours in the morning and evening. You can use your spare time to venture into other money-making opportunities. 

For this job, you must undergo training and acquire a license before you start working. 

25. Become a Telehealth Representative

This job is ideal if you’re experienced in the medical field. It involves answering questions people might have concerning their health. 

Telehealth representatives can work from a central location or home. Either way, you have flexible hours and can work part-time.

The pay varies based on your level of expertise. 

Tips for Landing A Low-Stress Job After Retirement

While finding a good job as a retiree may be challenging, it’s not entirely impossible. Here are some tips that’ll help you when searching for a venture that suits your needs:

  • Revamp your resume: Improving your resume is important since it improves your chances of getting the job. 
  • Have a goal in mind: If you mainly want a job to earn extra cash, set a target and find a venture that achieves your goal. 
  • Explore different opportunities: The best way to find a job that suits your needs is by exploring different options. 
  • Seek a flexible job: Choose a flexible job that lets you choose your working hours to avoid overwhelming yourself. 

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Final Thoughts 

Retiring shouldn’t be the end of the road for anyone. There are plenty of low-stress jobs to venture into post-retirement. 

However, keep in mind that the goal isn’t overwhelming yourself. Pick a venture that achieves your financial goals while offering flexibility and convenience.

You can also consider stacking different ventures if one doesn’t meet your needs. 

Lydia is a personal finance expert and the founder of Sproutinue, a personal finance site helping you find legit ways to make money, save money, and achieve financial freedom. She has been featured on various major financial publications, including Investopedia, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, and more.

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