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Is Amazon Flex Worth It? (Amazon Flex Review 2024)

Is Amazon Flex Worth It?

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If you own a car and want a flexible side hustle to make extra cash, delivery services like Amazon Flex are a great idea. But is Amazon Flex worth it? How much can you make as an Amazon Flex diver?

The gig job involves delivering Amazon packages to people within your city. Compared to other apps that pay you to drive, Amazon Flex has a unique delivery process. 

When deciding whether a side hustle is worth your time, you need to consider several factors.

In this Amazon Flex Review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Amazon Flex to help you decide whether it’s worth it.

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What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a gig job created by Amazon to help gig workers make extra money delivering packages on behalf of the company with their own car. It’s available across the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, and other countries.

Amazon Flex

You need to own a car and a smartphone to start delivering packages for money.

You can earn $18 to $25 per hour, which is a high-paying gig as you can work on your own schedule. Some people even choose to become full-time Amazon Flex drivers.

While Amazon Flex offers lucrative pay, it has the most complex sign-up and delivery process compared to other gig jobs like Uber Eats, Instacart, and DoorDash.

How Does Amazon Flex Work?

The first step when looking for a side hustle is understanding whether you qualify for the job. You also need to consider other factors besides a paycheck and job responsibilities.

To understand how Amazon Flex works, I have broken down the steps, from applying for the job to getting paid.

1. Meet Amazon Flex Driver Requirements

To become an Amazon Flex driver, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a 4-door mid-size sedan or a large vehicle
  • Have a smartphone (iOS or Android)

In addition to the above requirements, you must live in a city where Amazon Flex operates. You can check Amazon Flex Recruiting Cities to see if your area is available.

If your city isn’t hiring, you can join the Amazon Flex waitlist to get notified when hiring resumes.

You also need car insurance. Personal car insurance policies don’t cover delivery jobs and rideshare apps. However, Amazon includes drivers in its free commercial policy except for New York.

2. Sign Up to Become an Amazon Flex Driver

Download the Amazon Flex App and follow the in-app instructions to sign up. If you already have an Amazon account, you can use it to complete your registration faster.  

Once you’ve filled out your personal information, you can choose your delivery preferences. This is great because you can choose to deliver packages during your spare time.

You must also consent to a background check for your driving and criminal records. After that, provide your tax and bank information for payment processing.

3. Schedule Delivery Blocks

Amazon Flex background check typically takes a few weeks. Once approved, you can start scheduling delivery shifts called “blocks.”

Use the Amazon Flex app to find available Amazon Flex blocks in your area. You’ll see “Upcoming Offers,” where you can schedule delivery blocks. When you see a block you’re interested in, swipe to schedule. 

You can also use Amazon Flex bots to grab blocks faster. However, this may lead to deactivation of your account.

With every offer, you’ll see how much you’ll get paid per block, so you can decide whether to reserve the block. In addition to the earnings, you’ll also see how long your block will likely take to complete. 

You can also use filters to find blocks that match your schedule. For instance, if you have some spare time in the morning on specific days of the week, you can filter things like the time of the day. 

Amazon Flex also allows you to cancel your delivery block using the “Forfeit Block” feature within 45 minutes before the block starts.

Canceling after that time will result in a penalty, and you might get deactivated from Amazon Flex.

4. Pick Up Orders and Make Deliveries

If you reserve a block, you’ll need to pick up the packages from the designated location and make deliveries.

Like most delivery gig apps, Amazon Flex has an in-app map to help you navigate to the pickup station and each drop-off location.

There are different types of Amazon Flex deliveries, including:

  • You’ll pick up packages from an Amazon delivery station and deliver them to customer destinations. The packages are typically sourced from Amazon Fulfillment centers and their member retailers. Delivery blocks take 3-6 hours. 
  • Amazon Prime Now: Amazon Prime Now packages usually display on the app an hour before they start because Prime Now offers faster deliveries. Delivery blocks take 2-4 hours.
  • Amazon Fresh: This is a grocery delivery option. You’ll pick up orders from an Amazon delivery station. Delivery blocks take 2-4 hours.
  • Store Orders: Instead of picking up packages from an Amazon delivery station, you pick them up directly from local stores. Delivery blocks take 2-4 hours.
  • Instant Orders: These are deliveries near your current location and may only be available in some places. Instant orders typically take 15 to 45 minutes. 

Once you’ve loaded the packages in your vehicle, you can use the app for directions to your drop-off location. 

If you can’t deliver the package for any reason, you can return the order to the Amazon delivery station you picked it up from or contact driver support through the app.

5. Get Paid

Once your deliveries are complete, you get paid. You can track your earnings on the app. 

Since you’ve added your bank account information, you don’t need to do anything. Just wait for a notification that your payment has been processed.

Amazon Flex typically processes payments twice per week, every Tuesday and Friday. You’ll get paid via direct deposit, and your funds will reach your bank account within 1-2 business days.

Earnings for deliveries that are eligible tips generally take a day or two after the block delivery.

Deliveries with tips are uncommon. But if you see a block with a payment range, say $40-$50, such deliveries may be eligible for tips, with the minimum earning potential being $40.

Is Amazon Flex Legit?

Yes, Amazon Flex is a legit gig that pays you to deliver packages to its customers. When you sign up as an Amazon Flex Driver, you can reserve delivery blocks on the app, deliver to specific drop-off locations, and get paid.

If you’re looking for a flexible way to make money delivering packages with your car, Consider Amazon Flex. 

It’s not only a flexible way to earn extra cash but one of the highest-paying delivery gig jobs out there.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay per Block?

Amazon Flex pays $18 to $25 per block hour in the U.S. The hourly rate is the base pay, meaning you can make more money per block.

You can rake in more cash if you deliver during busier block times and complete your deliveries faster.

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make a Week?

Amazon Flex drivers can make anywhere from $720 to $1,000 a week. This amount is calculated based on the $18 to $25 per block hour, working eight hours a day, 40 hours a week.

However, the amount you can expect to earn varies depending on various factors, such as: 

  • The number of hours you put in
  • Location
  • Route
  • Time of the day  

Does Amazon Flex Pay for Gas?

Amazon Flex doesn’t pay for gas or reimburse fuel expenses. This is because you work as an independent contractor.

One of the major expenses for delivery gig jobs is fuel expenses. Performing a cost-benefit analysis will help you determine if your side hustle is profitable. 

You can also find ways to spend less. For example, you can use gas cash back apps to help you save on fuel costs.

Amazon Flex Pros and Cons

Like any other gig app, Amazon Flex has upsides and downsides. Weighing the pros and cons will help you decide whether Amazon Flex is worth it.


  • Lenient sign-up requirements
  • Flexible scheduling; you can reserve blocks ahead of time
  • You’ll know how much you’ll earn before reserving a block
  • Amazon Flex pays $18 to $25 an hour
  • Payments are made twice a week via direct deposit


  • Not available in all areas
  • People with smaller cars (two doors) may not qualify
  • Scheduling blocks can be competitive
  • You get penalized if you cancel a block after 45 minutes
  • Amazon Flex doesn’t pay for gas and other expenses, such as parking fees

Amazon Flex Reviews

Reading reviews from other Amazon Flex drivers will help you determine if the delivery app is worth your time.

Here are what real Amazon Flex drivers are saying on Reddit:

Amazon Flex Reddit

Another Youtuber Your Driver Mike shares whether Amazon Flex is worth it in 2023.

Tips to Maximize Your Amazon Flex Earnings

If you want to make more money as an Amazon Flex driver, the following tips will help you:

  • Drive a fuel-efficient car: Unlike other delivery gig jobs, you may travel further to pick up orders from the Amazon delivery station or warehouse. Over time, you may spend more on gas navigating different delivery routes. Driving a fuel-efficient vehicle is one way to lower your expenses and boost your earnings.
  • Look for busier block times: Like other apps that pay you to deliver, delivering during busier block times earns you more money. You may need to work late in the evening or early in the morning, but this could be worth it. 
  • Stay organized: When loading deliveries into your car, it’s a good idea to place the packages you’re delivering first to make them easily accessible. Doing this will keep the delivery process as fast and efficient as possible.  
  • Rump up for the holidays: Delivering blocks during peak delivery times means more money. November and December are perfect months to maximize your earnings.
  • Work during inclement weather: No one wants to work during a rainy or snowy season. So, there are many delivery blocks during such seasons, which offers an opportunity to make more cash. Of course, you should only do this if your car can withstand bad weather.

Amazon Flex Alternatives

If Amazon Flex isn’t in your area or you’re stuck on the waitlist, here are other jobs like Amazon Flex worth trying:

  • DoorDash: Become a dasher and get paid to deliver fast food and restaurant orders in your area. DoorDash drivers earn up to $23 an hour on average.
  • Uber Eats: This is another food delivery app where you can make money with your car, bike, or scooter. You can expect to earn $15 to $20 an hour.
  • Grubhub: Another food delivery app to make extra money during your spare time. Grubhub drivers make $10 to $14 an hour on average.
  • Instacart: Make money delivering groceries to people within your city as an Instacart shopper. Instacart pays anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour during busy markets.
  • Roadie: Get paid to deliver almost anything in your city or out of state. According to Roadie, drivers can earn an average of 413 per trip for local deliveries.
  • Gopuff: Deliver packages from Gopuff warehouses to customers in your area and earn up to 15 per hour.
  • Shipt: Like Instacart, Shipt pays you to deliver groceries. You’ll earn $15 to $20 an hour on average.
  • GoShare: Another way to make money delivering packages is using GoSahre app. The amount you can expect to make depends on the type of your car. For example, if you have a Pickup truck, you can earn up to $80 an hour on average.
  • TaskRabbit: If you don’t mind doing odd jobs to make extra cash, apps like TaskRabbit are a great place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Good Money on Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex drivers earn $18 to $25 an hour, so you can make good money delivering packages. 

Of course, the amount you’ll make varies based on factors like your location, how long it takes to complete deliveries, and the tips you receive.

Can I Live off Amazon Flex?

Yes, you can live off Amazon Flex if you work full-time. With an hourly rate of $18 to $25, you can make anywhere from $144 to 200 per day, working eight hours.

Besides, you can work up to eight hours a day. So, it’s possible to earn a full-time income delivering blocks for Amazon.

How Many Packages Do You Deliver With Amazon Flex?

Depending on your area, time of the day, and route, you can expect to deliver anywhere from 35 to 80 packages in a 3-4 hour block.

However, you’re in control of your schedule, meaning you can deliver as many or as few packages as you want. 

How Many Packages Are in a 3-Hour Block?

The number of packages you need to deliver may vary depending on your area, time of the day, and route. But you can expect to deliver 30 to 80 packages in a 3-hour block. 

Can You Do Amazon Flex Every Day?

Yes, you can deliver as many Amazon Flex blocks as you want each day. However, Amazon won’t let you work more than eight hours a day.

You can maximize your earnings by delivering during busier block times, either early in the morning or late in the evening.

How Many Amazon Flex Shifts Can I Miss?

Amazon Flex hasn’t stated the exact number of shifts you can miss. However, Amazon may deactivate your account if you can cancel several blocks.

If you have an emergency, it’s a good idea to cancel within 45 minutes before your block’s time starts to avoid penalties.  

Is Amazon Flex in My Area?

To know if Amazon Flex is in your area, look at the actively recruiting cities.

If you can’t see your area listed, you can download the app and join the Amazon Flex waitlist to get notified when recruiting begins.

Final Thoughts: Is Driving for Amazon Flex Worth It?

Figuring out whether Amazon Flex is worth your time comes down to your needs and preferences. 

Driving for Amazon flex is a fun side hustle, as you can work on your own schedule. Whether you’re looking to make extra cash during your spare time or want a full-time gig, Amazon Flex is a great choice.

However, don’t rely on one gig economy job. Combining two or more to maximize your earnings is a good idea.

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