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37 Best Items to Flip for Profit in 2024

Best Items to Flip

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Fliping items is one of the best and most effective ways to make quick cash. Generally, flipping entails buying stuff and then reselling them for a profit.

The best thing about flipping is that everyone can do it. Plus, the required starting capital is relatively low.

Whether you’re looking to start a flipping business or improve an existing one, knowing the best items to flip and how to do it is essential. 

There are many items you can resell to make extra cash. However, you must deal in fast-moving goods to make a good profit. 

If you’re wondering how to make your money work for you through flipping, this post is for you. I’ll share 37 things that are always hot in the market and have good margins to flip. 

The Best Items to Flip for Profit

The key to successfully flipping items for profit is to know what items are profitable. There’s a wide range of items to flip for cash. 

You can also flip stuff you don’t need anymore. This is a great way to make cash while decluttering your home.

Knowing precisely what to flip will save you time and maximize your profits. Here’s a list of items that usually have the best-flipping margins.

1. Furniture 

Furniture is an excellent option if you’re looking for items to flip. This is because furniture is always in demand since people always want to upgrade their homes.

Look for pieces you can quickly refurbish and restore to make a higher profit. You can pick up old furniture sets from yard sales, flea markets, and garage sales, then brush them up before resale. 

Sanding and applying wood oil can help increase the furniture’s value.

2. Power Tools

New power tools are pretty expensive. For this reason, most people opt for second-hand tools to save money.

Power tools are, therefore, one of the best items to flip for cash due to their high demand. If you want good returns, deal in popular brands because most people buy those.

You must also ensure you sell tools in good condition to earn a good profit. If any device is broken, repair it before trying to flip it.

3. Clothing 

Another great item to flip is clothing. One perk about this is you only need little capital to start since you can find great secondhand pieces at relatively low prices.

Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find potentially profitable clothing pieces. You could make significant cash if you land popular brands like Louis Vuitton. 

You can resell clothing on websites like Poshmark, Depop, or eBay.

4. Fitness Equipment

These items are perfect for flipping because they’re resold for reasonable prices. Their demand has increased recently because many people have started building home gyms.

Fitness equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes occupy a lot of space, so most owners are willing to get rid of them at low prices.

Since they’re expensive, potential buyers will be willing to pay a reasonable amount to take them off your hands and save some money.

Before reselling the fitness equipment, you must ensure they’re in good condition and meet safety standards. 

5. Books 

Even with the advent of e-books and online learning, physical books are still popular. You’ll likely make a reasonable amount from flipping used books and textbooks.

If you still have old-school textbooks, you can start by selling those. You can also purchase books from students and then resell them to other students at a profit.

6. Electronics 

If you can get the latest electronics in good condition, you could make a good cash stream.

These products are a good choice because they’re in high demand. Some electronics worth flipping are:

  • Phones
  • Laptops 
  • Computers 
  • Tablets
  • Gaming consoles like PS5

Inspect your items to make sure they’re functional before reselling them. You may also earn more if you have accessories like chargers, cables, and controllers.

7. Baby Items

Baby items are also a good option for flipping because they have a good resale value. It helps if they’re gently used or new.

Popular baby items to resell include:

  • Baby walkers
  • Baby carriers 
  • Rockers 
  • Bouncy chairs

8. Shoes and Sneakers

Good quality shoes from designer brands are good candidates for flipping. 

Sneakers like Nike, Adidas, and Air Jordan have a widespread fan base. You can take advantage of that to earn some extra cash.

If you’re art savvy, you can customize shoe designs to make them more profitable. Like any other flippable item, shoes will sell more if they’re in good condition.

9. Vehicles

Flipping cars can be an excellent flipping venture if you can find undervalued cars that you can resell at a profit.

It’s also great if you’re mechanically inclined. This way, you can repair the cars if they’re damaged. You need some background knowledge of cars to be successful as a dealer. 

Flipping cars may require a higher starting capital than the other items in this article. You can, however, land good deals and make good money.

It’s also worth noting that some states have regulations on car ownership and sales limitations. You may need to meet these requirements to register as a dealer.

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10. Houses 

Houses are good if you’re still looking for the best items to flip items. It may require more investment, but you can profit greatly from flipping houses.

Look out for houses that require some renovation. You can flip them at a higher profit after renovating.

11. Household Appliances

Household appliances are always in demand because people always need them. You can get relatively cheap appliances from garage sales or house clearance sales.

To attract more buyers, make it convenient for them to buy from you by offering free deliveries.

Some appliances you can flip for cash include:

  • Microwaves 
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators 

12. Digital Assets 

Flipping digital assets like websites and domain names can make you serious money. You can make up to six figures from flipping one website.

You can sell the website immediately after purchasing it or work on it to improve its value. You can purchase websites from Flippa. 

Flipping domain names is a riskier venture. Take care not to purchase domain names that may be valueless. You can purchase domain names on platforms like Namecheap.

13. Musical Instruments

Flipping musical instruments can be a fun way to make cash, especially if you’re a music enthusiast.

Some valuable musical instruments to flip include:

  • Guitars 
  • Keyboards
  • Drums 
  • Trumpets 

Popular brands like Yamaha, Taylor, Gibson, and Fender can earn you more money.

14. Photography Gear

You can sell used photography gear to professionals and hobbyists. They’re always in demand since people always want to upgrade their equipment.

You can make good deals on photography equipment like:

  • Cameras 
  • Camera lenses
  • Tripods
  • Camera bags

15. Luxury Handbags

Luxury accessories like handbags are always in demand. You may be surprised by how much people are willing to pay for a brand-name handbag.

You can make thousands of dollars by flipping designer brands like Hermes Birkins or Channel. 

While flipping handbags may not be a great long-term investment, it can be a great source of income in the short term.

16. Stocks 

Another example of the best items to flip for cash is stocks. Flipping shares is a quick way of getting higher returns.

It’s wise to be knowledgeable of the trends in the stock market before attempting to trade. With the right strategies, you can make a good profit.

17. Collectibles 

Collectibles are one of the best items to flip for cash if you can find rare, valuable pieces. 

Collectibles like Pokemon cards, Yugioh cards, or Funko pops have a loyal fan base. You might be surprised how much people are willing to pay for such pieces. 

The value of collectibles is majorly based on rarity and condition. Ensure your pieces are in good condition. You may earn more if they come in their original packaging.

18. Jewelry 

Flipping jewelry is a great way to make quick money. However, it may be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

You must know how to pick the best pieces that will likely sell for more money. It’s also imperative to know the material the jewelry is made of and if it’s a brand name.

Garage sales and local auctions are some of the best places to get the best deals. You can make a profit if you deal in jewelry with valuable gems. 

19. Artwork 

You can make quite a lot from this venture, especially if you have a good eye for art. You can find undervalued art pieces them resell them for higher prices online or locally.

You can find great art pieces at thrift stores, garage sales, and house clearances, then resell them on websites like Etsy.

20. Antiques 

Antiques can be worth a lot depending on factors like age, condition, and type of item. Try to get items for a price lower than their value so you can make a profit.

They’re a great option to flip because most require little or no restoration. You may earn good money even for broken antique pieces.

It’s worth noting that not all antiques will be worth a lot. You should therefore take time to research the item to ensure it’s valuable.

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21. Sports Memorabilia

Sports enthusiasts are always on the lookout for memorabilia like:

  • Sports cards
  • Shirts
  • Autographed items
  • Ticket stubs
  • Championship rings
  • Jerseys 

The large audience of sports fans makes these items good candidates for flipping. Ensure they’re in good condition to earn more.

It’s best to only buy from reputable sources to ensure authenticity. You can buy the items from A1 Sporting Memorabilia

22. Home Decor Items

Home decor items are flip-worthy. People are constantly renovating and spicing up their homes; therefore, these items are in high demand.

The best thing about home decor is that anything can be used to decorate a home. You, therefore, have a wide range of products to resell.

You can look for unique, eye-catching pieces at thrift stores, yard sales, or house clearance sales, then resell them for profit on platforms like eBay or Amazon.

Everyday home decor items to look out for include:

  • Mirrors
  • Lamps 
  • Picture frames
  • Trays 

If you’re artistic, you can create stuff from wood or metal to act as home decor. You can also sell pieces you have that you no longer need.

23. Land 

Land should be at the top of the list of the most profitable items to flip. You can make up to 100% returns on investment in this venture.

Flipping land is profitable because land value mostly appreciates. Also, there’s little competition because most flippers venture into other items.

The downside of flipping land is that you’ll need more capital than other items on this list. However, if you can get good deals on vacant undervalued land, you can make a good profit. 

Flipping land is a great way to flip $1000 or more if you’re willing to do the work.

24. Board Games

Believe it or not, you can make good money from buying and selling board games. Board games were more popular in the 90s and 80s. 

Some games are not in the market anymore, making them profitable. If you come across these games while decluttering your attic or at garage sales, pick them up fast.

Some of the old games you can flip for cash are:

  • Fireball Island
  • Space Hulk
  • Monopoly 

You can sell these games on board games forums on platforms like Facebook.

25. Concert Tickets

Reselling tickets can be a great way to make extra cash. People are willing to pay good money to get tickets for an event sold out. 

If there’s an event coming up in your area, this is the chance to make some serious cash. 

All you have to do is purchase several tickets and resell them at a higher price once the tickets are sold out.

26. Records and Record Players

Old records and record players are some of the best items to flip because people purchase them more nowadays. 

It’s important to research which records sell more before reselling vinyl records. This way, you’ll know what to look for.

You can also make good money from selling Disney VHS tapes.

27. Dirt Bikes

Flipping dirt bikes can be profitable if they’re popular in your area. You need basic knowledge about dirt bikes to flip them successfully.

For example, knowing how a specific dirt bike sounds is important. You also need to ensure it’s free of scratches and works perfectly.

Check out YouTube to learn more about flipping dirt bikes.

28. Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are expensive. Most people prefer buying secondhand, making wedding dresses the best item to flip.

You can get them at cheap prices from people who’re decluttering their closets. Look for dresses in slightly large sizes so that buyers have room to have them fitted or remodeled.

You can earn more if your wedding dresses are from popular designers. You may need to repair some dresses, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

29. Concert T-shirts

Many passionate music fans will pay a huge sum to get their hands on a concert t-shirt from their favorite band or artist. 

If you’re still looking for the best things to flip, concert t-shirts are a  great option. If you can get autographed t-shirts, you’ll likely earn more.

T-shirts from famous artists, festivals, or bands which don’t play anymore are the most valuable items in this category. 

30. Watches 

Depending on brand and condition, you can profit from flipping watches. Most watches may require you to invest in restoration, but the profit offsets these costs.

Some may only need a little time and effort to restore. You may need to replace the batteries or broken glass.

Stick to high-end designer watches to maximize profit.

31. Car Parts

You can pick up scrap car parts for as low as $50 and then resell them at a profit. People may also pay you to take an old car off their hands. 

You can acquire these cars and then sell them in parts for more than you bought them for.

You can make good money from flipping parts if you have a large space to store used cars.

32. Cufflinks 

While cufflinks may not make you a fortune, they’ve become quite popular. It’s, therefore, a great flipping opportunity to venture into.

The advantage is that you don’t need to invest much money restoring cufflinks.

33. Cookware 

Cookware like pots, dishes, and pans are widely used. Therefore, you’ll likely find many buyers if you start flipping them.

You can find good items at garage sales and household clearances. Clean the items and polish them up to maximize profit.

Vintage cookware brings in more money than standard ones. It also helps if you can find sets instead of individual items.

34. Clearance Items

Reselling discounted home goods can be a great way to make extra profit.

You can find discounted products at clearance sections in local retail stores like Walmart or Home Depot.

You can then resell the items online for cash. The best-discounted items to flip are limited edition goods, popular brands, and everyday home goods.

You can resell the items using Amazon FBA, so you won’t need to store inventory. 

35. Sporting Equipment

Many people will be willing to buy secondhand sporting equipment because new ones are expensive. Look out for gently used sports items at thrift stores.

Some sports equipment you can easily flip for cash include:

  • Golf clubs
  • Rackets
  • Skiis
  • Hockey equipment
  • Ice skates

Check to ensure all items are in good condition to maximize profit.

36. Lego Sets

Lego sets are an excellent item to flip because the toy is still in style. 

Find these items at house clearance sales. You can also get new ones at reduced prices during sales seasons.

You can resell these items on platforms like eBay. You can also get local buyers on Lego forums on Facebook Marketplace.

37. Vintage Rugs

The last item on my list of best items to flip is vintage rugs. These items may sell for hundreds of dollars, and you only need the right ones.

You can find cheap vintage rugs at house clearance, yard sales, or on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

You can resell the vintage rugs on eBay or Etsy for maximum profit.

How Does Flipping Work?

Flipping refers to purchasing an asset and reselling it at a higher price. It generally involves holding on to the item briefly to increase its value.

Many items can earn you good money. Some examples of the best items to flip include:

  • Electronics
  • Fitness equipment
  • Houses
  • Land
  • Antiques 

As a flipper, your main concern should be maximizing profit. Ensuring all items are in good condition to earn a maximum profit is important.

If any item is damaged, repair it before flipping it. 

Some items, like discounted home goods, may require little starting capital, while others, like land, may require a massive amount. It’s important to consider this before choosing what to flip.

Where To Find the Best Items to Flip

Now that you know the best items to flip, let’s discover where to find the best items to flip.

The best place to find items to flip is your home. You might be surprised by the value of items you consider valueless.

This is a great place to start if you don’t have enough money to invest in the flipping business. It’s also an excellent way to make extra cash while decluttering your home.

You can also find items to flip in the following places:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Yard Sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Auctions
  • Craigslist
  • Flea markets

Where To Flip Items for a Profit

Whether you prefer selling online or locally, there are plenty of places to flip items for cash. You can resell on the following platforms:

You can also organize garage and yard sales to flip your items locally.

The key to successfully flipping your items online is to take clear photos and add catchy descriptions. Tell the buyer why they should purchase your item.

Tips For Flipping Items for a Profit

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to flip items successfully.

  • Sell items you know: It’s important to deal with familiar items to avoid getting ripped off.
  • Flip products with good profit margins: Before deciding what to flip, research the most profitable items.
  • Avoid competitive niches: It’ll take longer to sell a product if too many sellers sell the same product. This may also lead to reduced profits. 
  • Negotiate your price: If you can negotiate a better deal while buying an item, take it. Every dollar you save increases your profits.
  • Research before listing your item: It’s important to search for similar products on online marketplaces to see how other sellers are pricing them. This will help you avoid overpricing or undervaluing your item.
  • Add clear photos to your listings: Take bright photos from all angles. Ensure the buyer gets a good first impression to be encouraged to purchase your products.
  • Be honest: Disclose all important information about your product. If something is damaged, be straightforward about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Most Profitable Item to Flip?

If you’re looking to start flipping items as a side hustle, there are many profitable items to flip for cash. They include:

  • Antiques
  • Sneakers
  • Watches
  • Designer handbags
  • Vintage clothing
  • Musical instruments
  • Concert t-shirts

The key to making the most profit is to ensure your items are clean and in good condition. 

Also, try to get a good deal when purchasing the items. The lower the price of the item, the larger the profit margin.

What Are the Best Items to Flip on Amazon?

Some of the best items to flip on Amazon include:

  • Yoga mats
  • Selfie sticks
  • Gift boxes
  • Wooden utensils
  • Electronics
  • Bicycles
  • Power tools
  • Furniture 
  • Vintage items
  • Books

What Are the Best Items to Flip on Facebook Marketplace?

Some of the best items to flip on Facebook Marketplace are:

  • Books
  • Sports gear
  • Photography equipment
  • Furniture
  • Collectibles
  • Power tools
  • Baby items
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Musical instruments

What Are the Best Garage Sale Items to Flip?

Some of the best garage sales items to flip include:

  • Vintage items
  • Antiques
  • Car parts
  • Musical instruments
  • Home decor
  • Electronics
  • Clothing 

Final Thoughts

Flipping is a good venture you can pursue either as a side hustle or a full-time business. You can make the most money if you buy goods at low prices.

The best part about flipping is that everyone can do it. Most of the time, the initial capital required is low.

If you’ve been wondering what the best items to flip are, I hope this article is helpful. Research different niches before you find the best one for you.

As you embark on your flipping journey, keep the tips mentioned here in mind.

Happy flipping!

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