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23 Best Digital Products To Sell Online in 2024

Best Digital Products to Sell Online

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Imagine waking up to a notification that someone has purchased a pack of printables you made about a year ago. How awesome is that? 

Digital products have one significant advantage: the ability to sell repeatedly without constant reinvention.

If you still listen to The Beatles, Bob Marley, or Elton John, then you’re familiar with the timelessness of quality content. These artists still make money from songs they released over 10 years ago.

Having a passive income source that lets you make money while you sleep is the American dream. If you’ve found this article, you’re a few steps away from realizing your dream.

With the allure of digital products in mind, let’s dive into the best products to sell online, each offering flexibility, passive income, and financial independence. 

From ebooks to music and audio, these items present profitable opportunities if you wish to harness the power of digital commerce.

What Is a Digital Product?

A digital product is anything that can be created, sold, and accessed through online avenues like computers and smartphones. 

Some common examples include eBooks, stock photos, printables, and digital art. While these items are intangible, some, like printables and coloring pages, can be printed into physical items. 

However, the concept remains: ownership is transferred digitally. For instance, when you purchase a budgeting template, you’ll receive a download link to use to access the template.

The convenient access allows you to receive your product immediately without waiting for shipping or asking for a refund when the product is damaged while in transit.

Another perk is that they’re flexible and versatile since you can access them on any device, even while on the go. 

Why Should You Sell Digital Products?

Picture this: your photo frame’s value is $50, but you set it to $70 to cover shipping costs. A customer is interested but complains that the price is too high. 

After a long conversation, you close the sale at $60 because you desperately need the money. 

The next time you log into your selling app, you realize the buyer is demanding a refund because the frame got chipped during shipping.

Such frustrations and inconveniences highlight why selling digital products offers a superior alternative to physical goods. 

With electronic wares, there’s less risk of damage since you transfer access to the buyer via a download link, and they can access it from anywhere.

Another perk is the low overhead costs since you don’t need a brick-and-mortar shop. You can create and sell your items online from the comfort of your home. 

Online content is flexible, so you can update it according to current trends to maintain relevance and increase sales. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to store inventory, thus eliminating additional costs associated with storage and the chances of goods getting damaged due to poor storage.

While selling digital products has numerous advantages, there are numerous limitations you need to watch out for:

  • Susceptible to copyright infringement: Content theft is common, but you can add a layer of protection by incorporating watermarks, encryption, and registering your material with the relevant authorities.
  • Competition from free content: There’s abundant free content in this age of technology and social media. You can overcome this by offering unique value, establishing a solid brand, and focusing on quality.
  • Market saturation: The low barriers to entry in the digital space make it highly competitive since more people are turning to selling digital goods. However, by building a unique brand and offering high-quality products, you can stand out from the crowd.

The Best Digital Products To Sell Online 

Here are some of the best digital products you can sell to make money online:

1. Printables  

As the name suggests, printables are digital downloads you can print for physical use. They include:

  • Planners 
  • To-do lists 
  • Calendars 
  • Coloring pages 
  • Invitation cards 
  • Journal sheets 
  • 30-day challenges
  • Recipes  

These are among the simplest items you can create and sell online. I like that you don’t have to be artistically inclined to succeed as a printables seller. 

Research your target audience to determine what they need, and present a solution to them on a printable. It’s that simple!

Best Digital Products to Sell Online

The E-Printables course by Gold City Ventures offers a step-by-step guide on selling printables on Etsy

They have a free workshop to help you determine if this gig is for you and how to pick the right item to sell. 


  • Easy to make 
  • It doesn’t require complicated skills 
  • Low time investment 


  • Requires a high volume of sales for consistent income 
  • Stiff competition from free resources 
  • Subject to content theft 

2. Music 

Music is popular across generations. You only need to determine your target audience and find ways to speak to their souls. 

You don’t have to be popular like Rihanna or Beyonce. Earning top dollar is possible by producing high-quality content your target audience finds intriguing. 

Music isn’t limited to singing; you can curate mix tapes, beats, sound effects, or instrumentals to make extra cash.


  • Numerous platforms to showcase your talent 
  • Platforms offer analytics, which you can use to improve 
  • Music appeals to almost everyone 


  • Stiff competition in the industry
  • Prone to piracy 
  • Digital distribution sites take a percentage of earnings.

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3. eBooks 

The ebooks market is expected to grow to $14.61 billion by 2025. You can tap into this market by offering advice in your area of expertise. 

For instance, you can write an ebook for beginners on starting a blog or getting into social media marketing. 

Other ebook ideas include:

  • Cookbooks 
  • DIY crafts 
  • Romance stories 
  • Fiction books 
  • Self-help books 
  • Instructions books 

From there, format your ebook to make it presentable and then sell it on your website, blog, Etsy, or Amazon. 


  • Low production costs 
  • Worldwide reach 
  • Environmentally friendly 


  • Building a brand may be difficult 
  • High competition from free books 
  • Limited revenue unless you have a broad customer base

4. Spreadsheets 

Tracking your spending and income is one of the most effective strategies for proper financial management. 

If you have found a convenient way to do it, why not share your knowledge with others by creating an expense tracker spreadsheet?

And why stop there? You can diversify your income by creating the following spreadsheets:

  • Wedding planning trackers 
  • Inventory management resources  
  • Meal planning spreadsheets 
  • Goal-tracking templates


  • Wide audience
  • Low capital  


  • Market saturation 
  • Low prices, from $5-$10 
  • High-quality spreadsheets may require expertise in software like Excel.

5. Online Courses 

If you’re an expert in a particular field, creating an online course is the most lucrative venture you can explore. 

You can sell our courses on platforms like Thrivecart, Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera. 

Chef Nic DeMuth prices his course, Healthy Cooking Fundamentals, at $54.99 on Udemy. So far, 23,845 students have purchased it, accumulating over a million dollars. 

This shows you don’t have to stick to conventional topics like business and blogging to succeed. You can venture into any topic as long as you provide value to your target audience.

Here are some ideas:

  • A language course like English
  • Starting an e-commerce business
  • Starting a blog 
  • Mastering stock trading


  • You can establish yourself as an expert 
  • Low startup costs 
  • Requires no specific qualifications 


  • Time-consuming 
  • Revenue share
  • Need for constant updates 

6. Stock Photos 

Selling stock photos is the best idea for you if you have an eye for photography. 

Several niches are worth exploring as bloggers, websites, businesses, and companies continue to purchase stock photos to advertise their products and services. 

You can sell on your website or platforms like Getty Images, Shutterstock, or iStock Photos. 

Making as much as hundreds and thousands of dollars per photo over time is possible, depending on quality and expertise. 

Some of the ideas that sell well include:

  • Landscape images
  • Food photos 
  • Family moments
  • Diverse travel images 


  • Wide global audience 
  • You can diversify by selling on different platforms 
  • Freedom to explore different niches


  • Highly competitive 
  • Low income 
  • Dependency on third-party platforms 

7. Digital Services 

Digital services often go hand in hand with digital products. For instance, if you have an ebook on starting a blog, you could offer content creation or SEO services. 

You can also offer online tutoring services that align with your online courses. Offering digital services is the ideal way to make money online and maximize your income.


  • You can work from anywhere 
  • No strict requirements 
  • Global reach 
  • High income if you’re well-established


  • Competition 
  • Overreliance on digital devices 
  • Low revenue initially 

8. Memberships 

People like paying top dollar for convenience and exclusivity, which is why selling digital memberships is an excellent business idea.

The best part is you can create digital memberships in whichever venture you explore. 

For example, if you’re a musician, you can create a community with access to exclusive playlists, discounts, and behind-the-scenes content at a fee. 


  • Flexible in pricing 
  • Scalable without significant additional costs 
  • High income if well-established 


  • You must create engaging content constantly 
  • Meeting client expectations may be challenging
  • Building a client base may be challenging initially

9. Social Media Templates 

Individuals always struggle to create high-quality posts on social media, especially non-conventional sites like Pinterest. 

Even those who know how to do it choose templates because they’re convenient, fast, and easy to use. 

With some Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrator knowledge, you can create and sell high-quality templates for Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. 

Other ideas include:

  • Ad templates 
  • Post templates 
  • Poll templates 
  • Cover photo templates 


  • Easy to make 
  • High demand 
  • Low capital 


  • Prone to theft 
  • Limited income 
  • Constant updates to trends 

10. Craft Patterns 

Do you enjoy crocheting, sewing, or knitting in your free time? If you already do that for a living, selling patterns alongside your products is a fantastic strategy to increase your income. 

Sarah Zimmerman, from Repeat Crafter Me, has made thousands of dollars from her crochet patterns. 


  • High demand 
  • High income with a good client base
  • Worldwide reach 


  • Limited control over the distribution and use of your patterns 
  • Limited income if you don’t have a loyal client base 
  • Requires constant updates 

11. WordPress Themes 

With a basic understanding of HTML, PHP, and CSS, you can create world-class WordPress themes that integrate seamlessly with businesses. 

Some ideas include feminine chic themes, travel themes, and nature.

High-quality custom themes usually sell for $50-$200, and you can easily make more if you establish your brand in the industry. 


  • High demand 
  • Easy to make 
  • You can build brand recognition


  • Requires more technical knowledge 
  • Need constant updates 
  • Providing customer support may be time-consuming

12. Software and Apps 

Software and apps are highly profitable among digital products. You can create an app on anything as long as you’re solving a problem for your clients. 

For instance, an app that lets students access past exam papers will sell well among them. You can also create a game or a budgeting app. 

You can earn thousands of dollars over time, especially if you incorporate subscriptions.  


  • High revenue 
  • Potential for earning millions 
  • Potential for brand recognition 


  • Time-consuming 
  • Requires technical input 
  • High capital investment 

13. Premium Content Libraries  

If you’ve considered selling ebooks and online courses, you can maximize your income by bundling up your content to produce premium content libraries at a fee. 

As a case in point, consider bringing together similar courses on blogging and selling them on Shopify or your website for a $100 monthly subscription. This could yield over $100,000 annually from just one user!


  • High-income potential  
  • Building a loyal community of clients is possible  
  • Brand establishment 


  • Time-consuming 
  • Capital intensive 
  • Need for constant updates 
  • Market saturation 

14. Workbooks 

Workbooks are superb if you don’t want to create an online course or an ebook. You can also use them to complement your courses and ebooks to make extra cash.

Here are some workbook ideas:

  • Financial planning workbook 
  • Goal setting workbooks 
  • Journaling workbooks 
  • Study workbook


  • High revenue potential 
  • Diverse audience 
  • Easy to make 


  • High competition 
  • May be time-consuming 
  • Competition from free resources

15. Build Plans 

If you know a thing about renovation, tiny houses, and landscaping, selling build plans might be profitable, especially with the rise of DIY projects. 

You could offer detailed construction plans for homes or major into smaller structures like playhouses, gazebos, and kitchen renovations. 


  • High-income potential 
  • Global reach 
  • Plans can be customized for different environments


  • Requires a lot of marketing 
  • Changing trends may render build plans less relevant 
  • Time-consuming 

16. Party Games 

Who doesn’t enjoy timeless classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Uno? You can spice it up by creating original games for kids and adult parties. 

Other great ideas are icebreaker games for corporate events, scavenger hunts, and escape room adventures. 


  • Low capital
  • High demand 
  • Long-term sales potential 


  • Market is competitive 
  • Subject to trends 
  • Copyright infringement 

17. Business Logos 

Still looking for ways to appeal to the business world? Many startups don’t have the resources to hire expert graphic designers. 

You can use free sites like Canva to create simple business logos or create templates they can access at cheaper prices.


  • Low capital investment 
  • Global audience 
  • High demand 


  • Competitive market 
  • Competition from free content 
  • Establishing your brand may take time 

18. Product Mockups 

Businesses use product mockups to visualize the appearance of items before manufacturing. They use these mockups to pitch concepts to potential clients. 

Here are some product mockup ideas you can sell:

  • Home decor mockups 
  • Apparel mockups 
  • Jewelry mockups 
  • Electronic devices mockups 


  • Growing demand 
  • Opportunities for customization 
  • Worldwide appeal 


  • Require attention to detail 
  • Susceptible to shifting trends 
  • Time-consuming 

19. Graphic Design Elements 

From fonts to illustrations and clipart, graphic design elements have a global appeal, offering a unique opportunity to make extra cash.

If you’re a design guru conversant with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, this gig is for you. 


  • Wide market 
  • High demand 
  • Diverse options 


  • It may be affected by trends 
  • High competition 
  • Market saturation 

20. Emojis 

Communication is always more engaging with visual expressions like emojis. You can create custom, creative emojis to make money online.


  • Wide market 
  • Universal appeal 
  • Low capital 


  • Copyright infringement 
  • Competition 
  • Challenging for new creators 

21. Plugins 

Selling plugins online can be profitable, especially if you produce high-quality items that provide a solution to your target audience’s problems. 

Some ideas include:

  • Social media sharing plugins 
  • Security plugins like two-factor verification
  • SEO plugins like meta tags 
  • Analytic plugins 


  • Highly profitable 
  • Global market 
  • Brand recognition 


  • High competition 
  • Requires vast technical skills  
  • Copyright infringement 

22. Digital Artwork 

There’s a high demand for digital prints that people can use online or print out for home and office decor. You can sell on your website, Shopify, or Etsy.


  • Brand recognition 
  • High-income potential 
  • Wide market 


  • Building a brand may be challenging 
  • High competition 

23. Research Data 

Different organizations, brands, and individuals use data for academic purposes, decision-making, and analysis. 

However, research might be time-consuming and expensive, so they resort to purchasing data instead. A good example of an organization that sells data is Statista.


  • High revenue potential 
  • High demand 
  • Good passive income 


  • Research can be time-consuming 
  • Requires legal compliance 
  • High competition 

Other Best Digital Products To Sell

There are numerous options in the digital space. You only have to explore to find the best idea for your needs. Here are other examples of best-selling digital products:

  • Newsletters 
  • Web assets 
  • Podcasts  
  • Wallpapers 
  • Email templates
  • Animation sets 
  • Party banners 
  • Stickers 
  • Documentaries 
  • Comics 
  • Animation videos 
  • Affirmations
  • Digital paper 
  • Procreate brushes 
  • Masterclasses 
  • Lightroom presets   

Where To Sell Digital Products 

Now that you know what digital products sell well, where can you sell them? Stay tuned!

  • Your website: This is the best place to sell your products if you want control over branding, pricing, and distribution.
  • Shopify: This e-commerce platform integrates seamlessly with social media to help you market your products and build a customer base. 
  • Etsy: Are you thinking of selling printables, digital artwork, or craft patterns? If so, Etsy is the ideal marketplace.
  • Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram offer the opportunity to showcase your products and services to a worldwide audience.
  • Upwork: If you’re selling digital services like graphic design, you can scout for gigs on Upwork to make extra cash.
  • Patreon: This is the best platform to offer memberships and subscription tiers. 

Tips To Sell Digital Products Online 

While the digital space is highly lucrative, it’s equally competitive. So, how can you stand out and establish your brand? Let’s find out!

Choose a Niche 

Selecting a profitable niche is important because it can be a deal-maker or breaker. Find out what is lacking in the market and determine how to fill the gap.

Focusing on one niche helps you lay a solid foundation for your brand and establish a loyal customer base, which may translate to higher income. 

Research Your Audience 

Are you targeting students, business people, or bloggers? What kind of digital products is your target audience likely to purchase? How can you improve your products to meet their needs?

These are crucial questions when researching your target audience. Understanding their consumption patterns will help you tailor your items to their needs. 

You can collect data by running polls on social media, providing consulting services, and talking to individuals.

Build an Email List 

I’m sure your mind wandered to the spam in your inbox, and you might be wondering how that is a sales strategy. Hear me out: email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build your audience.

Start by creating a lead magnet related to your niche that you can offer for free to appeal to new followers. 

For instance, if you’re in personal finance, you can create free newsletters on financial management,  investment strategies, or tips for starting a business. 

If utilized effectively, email marketing offers a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise to potential clients. 

Platforms like Convertkit enable you to organize your email list according to tastes and preferences. This is useful in tailoring content for each consumer’s needs.

Leverage Social Media 

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. It’s a powerful tool for marketing your products and establishing your brand. 

We keep talking about the global reach of e-commerce goods, and social media is the ideal tool to tap into this audience. 

Create social media accounts using your business name, then link your accounts to your website or eCommerce store. 

From there, all you have to do is create high-quality content consistently and engage with your followers. Consider collaborating with influencers to boost sales. 

Use Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is another excellent way to boost sales. Moreover, you don’t need upfront capital since commissions are based on results. 

Commission rates usually range between 5% and 30%. You can also offer incentives to make your marketers work harder. For instance, you can offer a higher rate for sales above 100.

You can find affiliate marketers through:

  • Affiliate networks like Impact Radius 
  • Social media 
  • Reaching out to your audience
  • Blogs and podcasts 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Really Make Money Selling Digital Products Online?

Yes, you can make money by selling digital products. Your income depends on factors like quality, marketing skills, and demand. 

Consider diversifying your offerings to increase your income. 

Which Niche is Best For Digital Products?

There are many profitable niches, and you succeed depending on demand, skills, target audience, competition, and expertise. 

Some common best-selling niches include:

  • Online Education 
  • Personal Finance 
  • Technology 
  • Crafting and DIY
  • Health and Fitness 

Is Selling Digital Products on Etsy Worth It?

Yes, selling digital products on Etsy is worth it. The platform lets you customize your storefront to match your brand and taste. 

Furthermore, it easily integrates with social media platforms like Pinterest, enabling you to market your products to a wide audience.

Final Thoughts 

There are many digital products that sell well online. Delving into different ideas may be lucrative, but focusing on one niche is a nice way to establish your brand and gain expertise. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t diversify. Consider offering different products within your niche to maximize your income.

After settling on a niche and sales platform, employ social media, email marketing, and affiliate marketing to boost sales.

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