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DoorDash Background Check 2024: How Long Does It Take?

DoorDash Background Check

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If you’re considering becoming a Dasher, be prepared for the DoorDash background check. 

You must consent to a background check when filling out your application. That’s why it’s important to understand how the background check works to ensure you pass and are accepted onto the platform. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about the DoorDash background check, including how long it takes, what it looks for, and how far back it goes. 

What Is The DoorDash Background Check?

The DoorDash background check is a comprehensive investigation process that all applicants must undergo before being accepted as Dashers. 

DoorDash runs this background check as one of the measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of its customers. 

The food delivery service uses Chekr, an accredited background check service provider, to run checks on prospective Dashers. 

The investigation typically examines your criminal history and checks your driving record for major violations like driving under the influence. This process helps DoorDash ensure that the hired Dashers are safe and qualified for the job. 

DoorDash Background Check

When applying for DoorDash, you must provide several identification documents, including your state-issued ID or a valid driver’s license. 

You must also consent to the background check for the process to continue. Based on the information you provide, Checkr checks your license and runs a comprehensive background check. 

It’s vital to provide accurate information to help speed up the process. The screening process also includes reviewing records to confirm your identity, so any discrepancies may cause delays. 

While the background check is a rigorous process, it’s standard practice for gig economy apps like Amazon Flex and Instacart.

Aside from the initial background check, you must also consent to periodic screenings at least once every three years to maintain your active Dasher status on the platform. 

How Long Does the DoorDash Background Check? 

The DoorDash background check takes between 3-7 working days. Most Dashers say it took them 5-10 days to be approved. This is the average, so you may have to wait longer. The approval time depends on factors like the number of applicants and how much information is available. 

You should also note that the process may take longer if you lived and worked in multiple states. There’s no centralized database for criminal records, so it will take longer to run checks in multiple states. 

There isn’t much you can do to speed up the process, but you can prevent it from taking longer by giving accurate information when filling out the DoorDash application forms. 

If you’re concerned about how long the background check takes, you can check its status online. 

For US applicants, you can check your background check status by visiting the Applicant Checkr Portal and filling out the form. If you’re in Canada, you’ll have to email Checkr requesting the status of your background check.

What Does the DoorDash Background Check Look For?

The purpose of the DoorDash background check is to ensure the people hired are aligned with the company’s values. 

So, what does the background check look for? 

DoorDash Background Check

Identity Verification

To work for DoorDash, you must be at least 18 years old. You must also have a valid driver’s license if you plan to deliver using a vehicle. 

The background check ensures the information you’ve provided is accurate and matches the records. 

Criminal Record

The background check also looks for any criminal charges within the past seven years. 

Dashers interact with customers during delivery, so DoorDash must guarantee the customer’s safety by screening delivery drivers for offenses like assault or robbery. 

Felonies in your record will result in your application being flagged and possibly rejected. Whether you’re accepted depends mainly on the type of conviction. 

Misdemeanors will also appear on your background check, but these don’t usually affect your chances.  

Checking whether you’re on the Sex Offender Registry is another part of the background check. Sex offenders are immediately flagged, and their applications are rejected. 

Driving Record

Your driving record is also important to DoorDash because you’ll be on the road making deliveries, and the company needs to ensure you’re a responsible driver. 

The background check looks for violations such as speeding tickets, DUIs, or accidents within the last three years. 

Your application will most likely be rejected if you’ve had three or more traffic incidents within the past three years. 

Drug and alcohol issues in your record may also be cause for disqualification. 

How Far Back Does the DoorDash Background Check Go? 

Checkr complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), meaning the only non-convictions that will appear in the background check are seven years old at most.

Convictions, on the other hand, may appear on your background check even if they happened more than ten years ago. Criminal background convictions are not limited by the FCRA. 

You should also note that the laws that govern how long non-convictions appear on a background check differ from state to state. 

In states like New York, California, New Mexico, and Kentucky, non-convictions don’t appear on your background check. 

Look up your state’s laws regarding how much information can be included in a background check so you know what the process will yield. 

For your driving record, the DMV database check only goes back three years. However, DUIs and other drug-related offenses will appear, even if they occurred more than three years ago. 

These offenses typically go back seven years. If something comes up in your background check that causes disqualification from DoorDash, Chekr will send you an email with details of the incident that’s been flagged. 

DoorDash Background Check Requirements

Before DoorDash runs the background check, you must provide the necessary documents and consent to have your history looked at. 

DoorDash will require you to provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth, as it appears in your state-issued ID or driving license
  • Social Security Number (for US residents)
  • Address
  • Your phone number and email address so you can be contacted if there’s a need
  • A signed consent form that authorizes Checkr to access your records

The first step will be identity verification, so ensure you provide accurate details. Your name should be as it appears on your ID, not a nickname or shortened version. 

Once you’ve provided the information and given consent, the background check process begins. 

DoorDash Background Check Disqualifications

The main reason DoorDash and other driving apps that pay conduct background checks is to ensure they hire safe, compliant drivers. 

So, anything that shows you’re not responsible on the road is cause for disqualification. 

Here are some of the offenses that may result in your application being rejected: 

  • Driving under the influence. Drug and alcohol issues are taken seriously, so any DUIs within the past seven years will most likely result in disqualification. 
  • Numerous moving violations, such as speeding tickets and accidents, may cause your application to be flagged by DoorDash.
  • Felony convictions of violent crimes like assault, robbery, or property damage. 
  • Being on the sex offender registry. 

Note that even if you’re approved, your account can still be disabled anytime if there are safety concerns. 

As a Dasher, you must consent to a periodic screening at least once every three years. 

Possible Outcomes of the DoorDash Background Check

After signing up for DoorDash and providing the necessary information for the background check, you can track your progress on the Checkr website. 

What are the possible outcomes? Here are the statuses and what they mean:


This is the first step in the background check process. The name might be confusing because it implies the process has been finished. 

However, the Complete status on Checkr means the company has received the information needed to check your criminal history. 

Essentially, it means the screening process for criminal records can start officially. 


This status means your background check is still in progress, and Checkr is waiting for more information to complete the process. 

It may take a few more days for Checkr to complete the screenings. Sometimes, it takes longer, depending on the information you provided in your application. 

You may be required to provide additional information for the checks to be finalized. Ensure you remain alert for any communication from DoorDash so you can help move the process along. 


If you check your progress and your status is clear, it means the process is complete, and you’ve passed the background check. 

You can start working for DoorDash immediately. You’ve been approved, and your Dasher account is now “live.” 

If your background check status is clear, you can expect a welcome email from DoorDash stating that your account is now active. 

If you opted for the virtual orientation, DoorDash will send you the activation kit, and you can connect your Red Card to your Dasher account in preparation for work. 


A Consider status on your DoorDash background check means the company found a few issues in your criminal or driving history that may be a red flag for DoorDash. 

If your background check status shows Consider, it means DoorDash is taking time to evaluate your information to determine whether you’ll be accepted. 

DoorDash will consider all the details of the record, including factors like the nature of the offense and whether it’s relevant to their service. 

A Consider status doesn’t mean your application will be rejected. It means DoorDash needs to evaluate your information before deciding whether you’ll be accepted. 


This status means you didn’t pass the background check. Still, DoorDash gives you up to 30 days after receiving the notification to review your background check and dispute any inconsistencies or errors. 

Tips To Pass the DoorDash Background Check

While there isn’t much you can do about your history, you can do a few things to increase your chances of passing the background check. 

Here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Verify your details for accuracy: Any inaccuracies in the information you provide will raise red flags. Ensure you take time to fill out your details carefully to ensure they’re accurate. The first step of the background check is verifying your identity. 
  • Run your own background check: In preparation for the background check, you can run a check on yourself to see if any issues arise. If you have arrest records or misdemeanors in your history, you’ll see if they appear in your background check. 
  • Expunge a past DUI from your record: If you have a DUI in your driving record, you can have it deleted by talking to your attorney or contacting the local DMV. Depending on your specific circumstances, this may be a viable option.
  • Remove violations from your driving record: If you have points on your driving record due to moving violations, you can have them removed. You’ll have to ask your local DMV if you’re eligible to have the points taken off. You may have to attend a DMV-approved driver improvement school, after which the points will be removed. 
  • Answer the questions honestly: It’s important to answer questions honestly since the background check will bring up everything anyway, and dishonesty may result in disqualification. 

What To Do If You Fail the DoorDash Background Check?

If you fail the background check, DoorDash will notify you via email. The company gives you up to 30 days from receiving the notification to dispute the results in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

So, what do you do if you fail? Here are some of your options:

Dispute the Results

DoorDash sends you a pre-adverse notice with details about why you failed the background check. 

Here, you’ll find information about how you can view the investigation materials that DoorDash used to decide to reject your application. 

If you go through this information and find that the contents of the background check are incomplete or inaccurate, you can visit the Checkr applicant portal to dispute the check. 

You may also need to contact the specific government office responsible for the inaccuracy. It could be a clerical error that can easily be fixed. 

Ensure you review all the details of your background check results so you don’t miss out on an employment opportunity due to something insignificant. 

Consider Other Gig Economy Apps

If you don’t qualify for DoorDash, you can still apply for other gig economy apps like Amazon Flex, Instacart, or Walmart Spark

Keep in mind that other apps also have background checks. If you have serious driving violations or major offenses, you may not qualify for other jobs like DoorDash

While you may not qualify for DoorDash or Uber Eats if you have a criminal record, you can consider other side hustle ideas that don’t need background checks. 

You can try odd jobs like yard work, providing moving help, or selling crafts in stores like Etsy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I DoorDash If I have a DUI?

No. DoorDash takes major violations like DUIs seriously, so having one significantly reduces your chances of getting hired. 

Fortunately, you can have your DUI expunged from your record in some situations. You can contact your local DMV for information about how you can have your driving record cleared. 

While this is not always the case, you can sometimes have points removed from your driving record, depending on your circumstances. 

You can talk to an attorney for legal advice and guidance on the way forward. 

Can a Felon Do DoorDash?

Yes, a felon can work for DoorDash. The company hires felons, but it depends on the type of conviction. In most cases, you can deliver for DoorDash if you have minor charges in the past. 

DoorDash does not hire felons with major criminal charges like robbery or assault. Being on the sex offender registry is also grounds for disqualification. 

The company has to guarantee the safety of its customers, so Dashers must undergo vetting to ensure only safe, responsible people are hired. 

Can You Reapply for DoorDash?

Yes. If you fail the DoorDash background check, ensure you go through the details of the results to confirm why you failed. 

If it’s due to inaccuracies, you can simply have this cleared up and reapply. 

If the disqualification was due to moving violations, you can have the points removed and any DUIs expunged to clear your name and then reapply for DoorDash. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the DoorDash background check is all about, hopefully, you’re prepared for the process.

You’re one step closer to delivering for DoorDash and earning money as a Dasher. You know the steps to take to avoid disqualification, giving you a competitive advantage. 

If you notice your background check is taking longer than expected, you can use some of the tips shared here, like checking the status of your background check on the Checkr website. 

Lastly, being disqualified by DoorDash is not the end of the road. You can always apply for other apps or try other side hustles that don’t involve driving, like flipping money

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