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15 Best Jobs Like DoorDash in 2024 (High-Paying Gig Apps!)

Jobs Like DoorDash

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The growth of the gig economy has made it a lot easier to find ways to make money on the side. Jobs like DoorDash currently make up a significant percentage of high-paying side hustles.

Gig apps like DoorDash are popular because they allow you to make money on your schedule.

Flexibility is an important aspect of any side hustle because you have to manage other responsibilities like school, taking care of kids, or your day job.

Whether DoorDash is slow, isn’t available in your area, or you’re on the waitlist, there are many driving apps to make money that you can try instead.

In this post, we’ll look at the 15 best jobs like DoorDash, where you can make extra cash on your schedule.

The Best Jobs Like DoorDash

DoorDash is one of North America’s most popular and leading food delivery services, operating in more than 5,000 cities.

It’s famous as a side hustle because of its relatively high earning potential and lenient requirements. It’s one of the few gig apps where you can make money with your bike.

However, if you’ve tried it and think DoorDash sucks or want to try other gig apps to gauge your earning potential, here are the best DoorDash alternatives.

1. Instacart

Instacart is the go-to grocery delivery service for most people and one of the most popular gig apps similar to DoorDash. 

There are a few similarities between Instacart and DoorDash. They operate in thousands of cities across the United States and Canada.

One significant difference between the two gig apps is that as an Instacart shopper, you shop for and deliver groceries, not fast food and restaurant meals.

Here are the requirements for Instacart shoppers:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must own a smartphone
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Must own an insured vehicle
  • Able to lift 50 lbs
Jobs Similar to DoorDash

When you sign up to work as an Instacart shopper, you can choose from two roles. You can work as a full-service shopper, where you take orders, shop, and deliver them to the customer.

You can also opt to work as an in-store shopper, where you shop and assemble the groceries so they’re ready to be picked up. 

When you sign up as an Instacart full-service shopper, you’re an independent contractor. This means you’re in charge of all your expenses.

If you choose to work as an in-store shopper, you’re hired as a part-time employee.

You should choose your shopper role based on your schedule. Working as a full-service shopper is ideal if you need more flexibility.

If you have no problem going in for shifts at a time, you can apply to be an in-store shopper.

However, Instcart is sometimes slow, so you may want to consider other apps like Instacart during slow days.

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2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery platform under the rideshare company Uber, and it operates almost globally.

It’s one of the most popular jobs like DoorDash and an on-demand service you can sign up for to make money on the side.

Working as an Uber Eats driver entails delivering fast food and restaurant meals to customers within your area.

With Uber Eats, you can deliver food using a car, scooter, or bike. In some markets, you can even deliver on foot, just like DoorDash.

Apps Like DoorDash

Driving for apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats is incredibly convenient because you get to decide when and how much you work.

If you already drive for Uber, it’s easy to get started with Uber Eats. Here are the requirements for Uber Eats drivers:

  • Must meet your city’s Uber age requirement, usually 18-21
  • Must drive a reliable vehicle that’s not older than 20 years
  • Must have a driver’s license and vehicle insurance

One significant difference between DoorDash and Uber Eats is that the vehicle requirements for Uber Eats are slightly stricter than those of DoorDash.

Additionally, Uber Eats operates on a larger scale, so it’s more available to people outside North America.

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3. Amazon Flex

Amazon is another massively popular DoorDash alternative that you can use to make money on the side. It’s one of the ways you can make money on Amazon as an independent contractor.

As an Amazon Flex driver, your job would be picking up Amazon packages from the warehouse and delivering them to the customers within your city. 

One of the advantages of working as an Amazon Flex driver is you choose the Amazon Flex blocks, or shifts, that work for you.

Amazon Flex blocks are usually between 2 and 6 hours, and you can choose a block when you’re available to work.

Jobs Like DoorDash

To become an Amazon Flex driver, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must own a vehicle with insurance
  • The vehicle must be mid-sized or larger
  • Must pass the Amazon Flex background check
  • Must own a smartphone for the Amazon Flex app

Since Amazon Flex requires more scheduling, it’s less flexible than DoorDash. 

Amazon Flex is an ideal option if you’re looking for a structured side hustle with stable pay. Besides, you can use Amazon Flex bots to grab blocks faster.

One of the challenges with signing up for Amazon Flex is you may find yourself on the waiting list. Plus, Amazon Flex doesn’t hire drivers in as many markets as other jobs like DoorDash.

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4. Shipt

Shipt is a grocery delivery service that works like Instacart. You can sign up for the platform to work as a shopper.

The platform is available in over 5,000 cities across the U.S., so it should be easy to get started.

As a Shipt shopper, your job would be to assemble grocery orders and deliver them to customers. You may also complete prescription runs for orders from Target and CVS.

The good thing about being a Shipt shopper is that you select your own shifts, which makes the platform a flexible side hustle. You can work around your other responsibilities.

If you’d like to sign up for Shipt, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Own a reliable vehicle
  • Have a driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • Ability to lift at least 45 lbs

Shipt also has Shipt Driver roles, where you don’t shop for groceries. You simply pick up pre-assembled orders and deliver them. 

The Shipt Driver role is only available in select cities, as it’s still a new offering.

5. Postmates

Another job similar to DoorDash is Postmates. It’s an on-demand delivery platform to make a few extra dollars during your spare time.

As a Postmates driver, you deliver various items, ranging from food and drinks to home essentials and office supplies.

Like most gig apps, Postmates is very flexible, and you can conveniently work on your schedule.

You can use a car, scooter, or bike to make Postmates deliveries. 


Postmates has the following requirements for drivers:

  • Must have access to a vehicle
  • A high school diploma
  • A valid driver’s license

The amount you make on Postmates will depend on factors like your job type and location. The average hourly rate for Postmates drivers in most cities is $18. 

Before accepting a Postmates order, you’ll see how much you’ll make for delivering it. Their policy is drivers keep 100% of customer tips.

Postmates makes payments weekly, on either Wednesday or Thursday. You can use the app to track your earnings. 

6. GrubHub

GrubHub is a food delivery platform that works just like DoorDash. The service is currently available in dozens of cities in the U.S.

The platform partners with local restaurants in the cities it operates in, and you can sign up to deliver meals to customers in your area. 

If you want to become a GrubHub driver, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a government-issued ID
  • A legitimate driver’s license
  • Must pass a background check

When you start working for GrubHub, you can choose your schedule. You can log in and start working or sign up for pre-scheduled shifts.

The amount you make on GrubHub will depend on time and mileage. Your pay is calculated based on the distance you cover to pick up and deliver the order to the customer.

GrubHub drivers make an hourly rate of approximately $10 to $15 per hour and get to keep 100% of their tips. The payment is made every week via direct deposit.

7. Roadie

If you’re still looking for jobs like DoorDash, Roadie is a perfect alternative to consider.

Roadie offers delivery services in general. The app connects people needing delivery services with available drivers in their area.

As a Roadie driver, you’ll be paid to deliver items like appliances, furniture, luggage, food, and groceries.

If you have a cargo van or pickup truck, this is the best platform because you’ll often be delivering large packages.

But even if you have a smaller vehicle, you can still sign up for Roadie and deliver small packages.


Once approved to work for Roadie, you can start applying and bidding for delivery jobs in your area.

Every job displays the packages to be delivered, the delivery distance, and how much you’ll get paid.

Roadie has the following requirements for their drivers:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must maintain a 4-star rating on the platform

You can expect roughly $13 an hour for local deliveries and up to $650 for long-distance deliveries with large packages. 

8. Gopuff

Gopuff is another platform you should try if you’re looking for jobs similar to Amazon Flex. The delivery service enables customers to order snacks, food, drinks, alcohol, and more. 

Gopuff is available in over 600 cities in the U.S., and you can sign up if you meet the following requirements:

  • 21 or older
  • Have a driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • Pass an alcohol delivery course in some cases

Gopuff is more similar to Amazon Flex than DoorDash because Gopuff drivers pick up all the items from a central pickup location, just like Amazon drivers go to the warehouse.

Additionally, Gopuff allows you to schedule your shifts ahead of time, or you can choose to deliver packages on demand.

When you’re ready to work, you’ll drive to any of Gopuff’s fulfillment centers and then deliver the packages to the customer.

Every order shows how much you’ll make for completing it before you accept it.

9. Drizly

If you’d like to make money running errands and not necessarily delivering meals, you can try Drizly, a delivery platform focusing on alcohol and late snacks.

Another significant difference between Drizly and other apps like DoorDash is with Drizly, you work at one store at a time, with a single retailer for each shift.

This means you only drive back and forth from that store and the customers’ locations. Since the stores vary with each shift, your income also depends on where you work for that shift.

You must be 18 or 21 years old to work for Drizly. The age requirement varies depending on the local laws in your city.

You can schedule your shifts weeks in advance for convenience. Drizly drivers make approximately $13 per hour on average.

10. Caviar

While Caviar is less popular than other jobs similar to DoorDash and Instacart, it’s a company that has been in business for over six years. 

Cavia is a legitimate company and reliable platform that you can use to earn a few extra bucks as a delivery driver.

The catch with this platform is it’s only available in select cities, so it’s not as available as Uber Eats or Instacart.


Before signing up for Caviar, ensure the service is available in your city. If the service is available where you live, you can sign up if you meet these qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • At least 2 years experience as a rideshare driver
  • Own a smartphone for the Caviar app
  • Pass the background check

Caviar drivers make up to $25 an hour for deliveries

While most DoorDash alternatives pay weekly, Caviar pays drivers immediately after each delivery.

11. Cornershop

Another DoorDash alternative to consider is Cornershop, a relatively new grocery delivery service. 

Uber Eats owns the platform and currently operates in dozens of cities across the U.S. and Canada. 

With Uber, you can drive, shop, or deliver, all within one app. Cornershop is a budding branch where you can make money shopping and delivering groceries. 

The platform works like Instacart in that you sign up to shop for and deliver groceries to customers.


To work for Cornershop, you must:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have access to a car
  • Have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance

Once approved to work, you can browse the app for grocery orders, accept and shop for the order, and then deliver them to the customer. 

While Cornershop may not be as popular as gigs like DoorDash and Uber Eats, it’s a good choice for anyone looking for a flexible side hustle.

As a Cornershop driver, you’ll make approximately $16 an hour and keep 100% of your tips.

12. Point Pickup

Point Pickup is another delivery service you can sign up for as a driver. The platform partners with local and national businesses to provide same-day delivery services. 

As a Point Pickup driver, you pick up and deliver orders within your designated territory. 

Apps Similar to DoorDash

To become a Point Pickup driver, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Consent to and pass a background check
  • Have a clean driving record

Once approved, you’ll be free to schedule the hours you want to work for your convenience.

13. SkipTheDishes

If you live in Canada, SkipTheDishes is the best alternative to DoorDash. It’s a Canadian food delivery platform that operates in several cities in nine provinces.

The company was founded in 2012 and has grown significantly since then. The platform allows customers to order restaurant meals and have them delivered to their preferred destinations.

SkipTheDishes has pretty standard requirements for drivers:

  • Access to a reliable vehicle with auto insurance
  • A valid driver’s license
  • A smartphone for the SkipTheDishes app
  • Thermal bags
Jobs Like DoorDash

The amount you’ll make as a SkipTheDishes driver will depend on the number of orders you complete and the distance you cover for each delivery.

SkipTheDishes lets you keep 100% of your delivery fee and any customer tips you get.

On average, you’ll make $12 to $18 per hour on the platform. The app shows you the total earnings of an order before you accept it.

14. Saucey   

Saucey is another delivery app like DoorDash, which works similarly to Drizly. The platform offers alcohol delivery services across the nation.

Since you’ll be delivering alcohol, you must be 21 or older and have a valid driver’s license.

As a Saucey driver, your job is to deliver alcohol between 12 p.m. and 1 a.m. According to the company’s policy, all orders must be completed within 30 minutes. 

DoorDash Alternative

Sometimes you may also be required to deliver other items like cigars, snacks, and other Saucey goods.

Saucey drivers make approximately $10 per hour, which is on the lower side, but it’s still a good DoorDash alternative.

15. Eaze

Eaze is a platform that provides delivery services for Cannabis related products. It’s an on-demand service where customers can order THC and CBD products.

Just like Drizly, Eaze drivers are hired by specific retailers. But in this case, these are retailers licensed to sell cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Alternative to DoorDash

If you live in a city where cannabis is legal, you can sign up for Eaze and deliver these products to customers who need them.

Eaze is not as widely available as other jobs like Uber Eats, given the legality of cannabis, so you may be unable to sign up in your area.

Tips for Making More Money With Jobs Like DoorDash

If you would like to work as a delivery driver for any of the mentioned platforms, here are a few tips to help you maximize your earnings:

Track Your Expenses

When you sign up for jobs like DoorDash, you work as an independent contractor, meaning you’re in charge of all your expenses.

DoorDash doesn’t track mileage or pay for gas, so it calls for responsibility on your part.

Expenses like gas and vehicle depreciation can significantly eat into your earnings, so you should track your expenses. 

You can claim these work-related expenses to lower your income tax when filing your taxes.

Apps like Everlance and Hurdlr can automatically track mileage and expenses.

Sign Up for Multiple Gig Apps

There are no rules against using more than one delivery app, so you can sign up for multiple delivery gig apps to maximize your earnings as a driver.

One app may be popular nationwide, but there’s another with a bigger market share in your city, so take your time to do a little research.

Work Efficiently

One of the best DoorDash driver tips is to work efficiently. This means being intentional about the orders you accept based on criteria you’ve determined yourself.

You should also familiarize yourself with the stores and restaurants you pick up orders from to shop quickly and more efficiently.

The faster you complete your orders, the more orders you’ll complete and the more you’ll earn.

Work During High Demand Times

You can also maximize your earnings by determining the best times to DoorDash in your area.

You should try delivering during high-demand times like lunch and dinner time. You’ll get more orders and be paid higher.

Find Ways to Save on Gas

Gas is one of the biggest expenses for delivery drivers, so finding a way to save on gas will significantly lower your expenses.

You can use gas apps like Hurdlr that help you check and compare the price of gas in different stations within your city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Make $100 a Day Doordash?

Assuming you make $25 an hour, you can make $100 daily on DoorDash if you work for four to five hours.

Remember that other factors will affect your earnings, such as the demand and type of orders you complete.

Which Gig App Pays Better Than Doordash?

According to data from salary review sites, Instacart and DoorDash are two of the highest-paying food delivery platforms.

You can try other delivery gig apps like Roadie and TaskRabbit if you’re looking for a higher earning potential.

These apps charge differently based on the type and size of orders you complete.

What Other Best Delivery Jobs With Your Own Car?

There are tons of delivery platforms you can sign up for where you will deliver using your own vehicle.

You can try food delivery services like Instacart, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub.

You can also sign up for moving delivery platforms like Roadie or Bellhop, where you get paid to help deliver big packages.

If you’d like to work for Amazon, you can sign up for Amazon Flex and use your vehicle to deliver packages to people within your area.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen above, there are dozens of jobs like DoorDash where you can make a decent income on your schedule.

If you’re looking for a flexible side hustle to balance your other responsibilities, any of these DoorDash alternatives would be a good fit for you.

When choosing a delivery gig app, consider factors like earning potential, flexibility, availability, and market share in your area.

You may not replace your day job driving with most of these apps, but they’re a great way to supplement your income.

If you want a side hustle, you can turn it into a full-time job, consider driving for Amazon Flex or delivering for Instacart.

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