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What Can I Pawn For $500 Dollars? (10 Best Things!)

What Can I Pawn for $500?

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If you’re strapped for cash, pawning is one of the fastest ways to get quick money. When many people hear about a pawn shop, they immediately think of dimly lit backrooms with shady dealers out to rip them off.

However, pawning is a legitimate way to make extra cash, especially when an unexpected expense arises and you cannot get a personal loan.

Today, modern pawn shops with online services make it even easier to raise money without leaving your house.

If you’re wondering, what can I pawn for $500 dollars? Then this article is for you. I’ll cover the best things to pawn for $500 and more.

What Is Pawning and How Does It Work?

Pawning refers to putting up an item of value as collateral for a loan. When you pawn something, you use it as security to get a  cash loan from the pawn shop.

So, how do pawn shops work?

Pawn shops are establishments where people can borrow money against the value of the item they own.

This is usually a short-term loan with a 30-day repayment period. Once you hand over the item, the pawnbroker appraises the item and gives you a quote.

The business is out to make a profit, so they’ll usually offer you about 40% to 60% of the item’s market value. The loan comes with interest, and failure to repay it on time means the pawnbroker has the legal right to sell your item to get their money back.

Pawn shops also buy and sell items, so you can sell some of your old possessions to a pawn shop instead of getting a loan.

What Are the Best Things To pawn for $500?

In most cases, pawn shops accept high-value items in exchange for a loan. Here are the best things to pawn for quick cash:

  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Luxury watches
  • Firearms
  • Antiques
  • Musical instruments
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • High-end sports equipment
  • Designer clothing, shoes, and handbags
  • Precious metals like gold and silver

What Can I Pawn for $500 Dollars?

Since most pawn shops will only give you 40 to 60% of the item’s market value, you need high-value items to get a $500 loan.

Here are the top 10 best items to pawn for 500 dollars.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is among the most popular items to pawn, given its high value, ease of storage, and ease of selling.

Pawning your jewelry can fetch you a good loan amount, provided the jewelry is genuine. If you have pearls, diamonds, gold rings, or silver jewelry, you should consider pawning them off.

What Can I Pawn for $500 Dollars

Appraising your jewelry before taking it to the pawn shop is a good idea. This way, you know the actual value and won’t be ripped off.

For instance, a large, colorless diamond commands a very good price because it’s rare and highly valuable.

2. Firearms

If you own pistols or rifles, you can consider pawning them off.  Firearms are a popular pawn item because they retain their value in the shop compared to other items.

The amount you get for the firearm depends on its value and condition, but you can quickly get $500 for an expensive model that isn’t too worn out. Antique guns, for example, will fetch you top dollar.

Before pawning off your firearms, ensure your pawnbroker is licensed to sell firearms. Additionally, you’ll need documentation proving you’re the firearm’s rightful owner.

3. Collectibles

Collectibles are easy to pawn off, given they have a large market of buyers. For this reason, the pawnbroker won’t have a hard time selling them in case you default on the loan.

The collectible must be of high value to fetch $500. The rarity and condition of the items will determine the amount you can get.

The best course of action is to research the value of the items before going to the pawnshop.

Some of the most valuable collectibles include:

4. Designer Items

If you own designer fashion like bags, shoes, or clothing, you can pawn them for $500, depending on the price.

Designer brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or Prada value price their items in the thousands, so you can easily get a $500 loan from pawning them off, provided the item is in mint condition.

Beware that there are many fake items in the market, so it’s essential to ensure your piece is authentic before visiting the pawn shop.

In most cases, the pawnbroker will require you to prove the authenticity of the designer piece, so if you have a receipt, that’s a plus.

5. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is an excellent item to pawn for 500 dollars, considering it’s not something you always use.

If you own items like golf clubs, kayaks, jet skis, mopeds, or mountain bikes, you can use them to get a $500 loan at your local pawn shop.

It’s advisable to clean them up and do a little repair or maintenance before taking them into the shop, so they’ll fetch a reasonable amount.

6. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments like guitars, clarinets, violins, or pianos can fetch top dollar in pawn shops. If you have one of these or any other musical equipment, you can make $500 or more pawning them. 

If the instrument is antique, you stand to get a higher amount. Provided the instrument is in good condition, pawning it for $500 should not be a problem.

It’s advisable to do any necessary repairs and clean the instrument before taking it to the shop. Additionally, taking it in its original packaging or adding accessories helps increase its value.

7. Luxury Watches

Like jewelry, luxury watches can fetch decent money at a pawn shop.

Watches are quite popular because they’re associated with wealth and class, so sophisticated watches sell for top dollar. People who can’t afford a new watch often look for bargains in pawn shops.

Pawnbrokers love items like these, as they’re assured they can resell them in case you default.

If you have a luxury brand watch like a Breitling or Movado, you can easily get a $500 loan at a pawn shop. High-end brands like Rolex and Hublot will easily fetch you over a thousand bucks.

8. Electronics

Electronic items are popular pawn shop items, as they are highly valued and easy to sell.

You can consider pawning off one of your electronic devices if you have a good collection. Laptops, desktop computers, and high-end TVs will fetch you a $500 loan.

It’s important to note that with tech items, you’ll need the latest versions to make the most out of them.

For instance, a two-year-old television won’t be worth as much as a new model. But in some cases, vintage technology will fetch you a good amount because it’s considered a collectible.

9. Power Tools

You don’t need to rack your brain wondering, what can I pawn for $500 when you have a garage full of tools you rarely use. You can use these tools as collateral to get a loan.

Not all pawn shops accept tools, so you must do a little research before packing them.

Some tools you should consider include:

  • Generators
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Lawnmowers
  • Drill sets

The value and condition of the tools will determine the amount you’re eligible for.

10. Vehicles

Pawning your vehicle might not be a welcome idea, but it may be a good idea if you need cash urgently. 

The terms of your agreement will depend on your pawnbroker and your state.

In some states, you’ll get a title loan, which means you can keep your vehicle provided you keep your payments current. In other states, the pawnbroker holds on to the vehicle until you repay the loan.

The vehicle must be in your name, be in good condition, and not have any auto loans. Discuss your options with your pawnbroker and ensure you understand the terms and conditions before signing any paperwork.

What Can I pawn for $100?

To get a $100 loan from a pawn shop, the item should be worth at least $300. Here are some things you can pawn for $100:

  • Entertainment systems: A sound entertainment system will fetch you $100, provided it’s in good condition. Speakers like Yamaha, Bose, and JBL are well-known brands you can easily pawn.
  • Mountain bike: Good mountain bikes cost up to $300, so you can expect a good deal at the pawn shop. Be sure to fix any mechanical issues before taking it to the shop.

What Can I Pawn for $200?

If you want to make $200 fast, here are some items you can pawn:

  • Gaming consoles: The high demand for gaming consoles drives up their value. If you’re in a fix, your PS5 or Xbox One can come in handy. Make sure the item is functional and includes accessories.
  • High-end sneakers: Sneakerheads will pay anything for a good pair of sneakers, and pawnbrokers know that. The secret is to sell sneakers currently in high demand to fetch the best price. Name-brand sneakers like Jordans and Yeezys are always in demand, so if you have a pair, you can make $200 fast.

What Can I Pawn for $300?

If you need a $300 loan, you should consider pawning items like vintage tech devices in working condition. Some of the items to pawn for $300 include:

  • High-end smartphones in excellent condition
  • Late-model Apple devices
  • Precious metals

What Can I Pawn for $1000?

Can you really get $1000 in cash from a pawnshop? Yes. The amount you can get depends on the value of your item, so high-value items can easily fetch you $1000. Here are some of these items:

  • High-end laptops: If your laptop retails at thousands of dollars, you can get $1000 at a pawn shop. A Macbook Pro in excellent condition is a perfect item to pawn for $1000. All you need is proof of ownership.
  • Gaming computers: Building a gaming PC takes up thousands of dollars, which is why gaming computers are highly valued. If your PC is in mint condition, you can make $1000 in 24 hours.

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Pawn

It’s expected that only high-value items can be pawned, but you can pawn everyday items you don’t need or no longer use. Here are some items you didn’t know you could pawn:

  • Clothing
  • Unused gift cards
  • Books
  • Vintage toys
  • Board games
  • Cookware
  • Artwork
  • Holiday decorations
  • Wine bottles and corks
  • Pet supplies

Tips To Negotiate the Best Deal With Pawn Shops

The value of your items won’t be the only determinant of the amount you’ll fetch from the pawnbroker. Most of them will haggle with you, so you must be good at negotiating. Here are some tips to help you level the playing field:

  • Conduct research beforehand: Even before going to the shop, do your research to determine the value of your items so you’re not ripped off.
  • Visit multiple shops: Don’t settle for the first amount you’re offered. Shop around and get quotes from multiple pawn shops to find the best deal.
  • Be confident: The pawnbroker has been negotiating for years, so they know what they are doing. However, this should not scare you. You’re the one with the valuable item, so you have the upper hand. Be calm and engage with confidence.

Pros and Cons of Pawning Items


  • You get cash immediately, which is great for emergencies
  • You don’t need good credit
  • Defaulting will not affect your credit score
  • The collateral is an item you can afford to lose


  • Relatively short loan repayment period
  • Interest rates are often relatively high
  • The amount you get is sometimes way below the value of the item

Pawn Shop Alternatives

If you need cash but pawning items isn’t too appealing, there are several alternatives you can consider. 

  • Personal loans: You can take a loan from a lender like Upgrade or open a rewards checking account and earn a $200 sign up bonus.
  • Credit cards: You can also use your credit card to cover urgent expenses. While this isn’t the best option, in some cases, the credit card terms of repayment are better than the pawnshop terms.
  • Selling the items: If you no longer need the item, you can easily part with it through the several apps available. From classic sites like Craigslist and eBay to new apps like Mercari, you won’t have a problem finding buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Items Are Pawned Most?

People pawn pretty much everything, but the top five most commonly pawned items are electronics, jewelry, watches, power tools, and musical instruments. This is because they are valued highly and can easily be resold.

What Can I Pawn for Quick Cash?

Typically, the best items to pawn are high-value items like jewelry, power tools, collectibles, musical instruments, and electronics like high-end computers or laptops.

What Will a Pawn Shop Not Buy?

Pawn shops do not accept replicas of designer items. Most pawn shops also don’t accept clothing or books unless they are highly valuable.

Some pawn shops also don’t accept vehicles, so do your research before visiting the shop.

How Do Pawn Shops Determine Value?

Pawnbrokers mostly rely on experience. After years in the business, they can appraise items with their eyes.

The value is usually dependent on the item’s technical features, like the weight of jewelry or the components of electronic devices.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have the answer to “What can I pawn for $500?” For a long time, pawning has been seen as a shady way to access quick cash.

However, it’s a legitimate way to make money, especially when you’re in a fix and need cash quickly.

It’s easy to get a $500 loan from a pawnbroker, provided you know the value of your item, and it’s in great condition.

Lastly, your negotiation skills greatly influence how much you’ll get for your item.

Lydia is a personal finance expert and the founder of Sproutinue, a personal finance site helping you find legit ways to make money, save money, and achieve financial freedom. She has been featured on various major financial publications, including Investopedia, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, and more.

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