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Spark Driver Deactivated? Reasons and How To Reactivate

Spark Driver Deactivated

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As a gig worker, it can be devastating to log into your Spark Driver account only to get a message that your account has been deactivated. 

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, all hope is not lost. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to remedy the situation. 

In this post, I’ll share the main reasons for Spark Driver account deactivation and the steps you can take. 

Even if your account hasn’t been deactivated, it’s helpful to know some of the main reasons that cause deactivation to avoid putting your account at risk. 

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Spark Driver Deactivated? Here’s Why

When you join the platform, you’re hired as an independent contractor and must sign a contract. So, breaching the contract in any way is grounds for deactivation. Your deactivation may result from failure to deliver, violation of the platform’s policy, or involvement in fraudulent behavior. 

While Spark Driver doesn’t have an outlined deactivation policy, there are several reasons why your account may have been deactivated. 

Here are some main reasons your Spark Driver account may have been deactivated. 

1. Violation of Spark Driver’s Terms of Use

One of the main reasons Spark deactivates accounts is a violation of the terms of use. Like most gig apps, Spark requires drivers to read the terms of use and agree to them before onboarding.

Spark’s terms of use define the responsibilities of a Spark Driver and outline the platform’s expectations of you. 

The terms of use incorporate compliance protocols and service level standards to ensure a positive experience for drivers and customers. 

Adhering to the terms of use helps drivers deliver their orders correctly and safely while providing stellar customer service. 

Some of the Spark’s Driver terms of use include the following:

  • Act professionally and treat people with respect and dignity
  • Reliable and not frequently accept and cancel orders 
  • Not to carry passengers along on deliveries
  • Maintain vehicle insurance in accordance with the law 
  • Comply with all food safety requirements during delivery

It’s important to read these terms of use carefully to avoid violating them and risking account deactivation. 

2. Failure To Comply with Spark’s Alcohol Delivery Policy

Like most delivery platforms that deliver alcohol, Walmart Spark has a strict alcohol delivery policy to comply with state and federal laws. 

As a Spark Driver, you’re most likely familiar with the policies that guide alcohol delivery. Failure to comply with the policy could cause account deactivation. 

As the driver, you must be 21 years or older to deliver alcohol. This is also a prerequisite for taking the alcohol certification course. 

When making deliveries, you can only deliver alcohol to customers at least 21 years old. Customers must provide a valid government-issued ID for verification during delivery. 

Spark’s alcohol policy also prohibits the delivery of alcohol to customers who appear to be intoxicated. 

When making deliveries that involve alcohol, ensure you use your best judgment. If there are issues regarding the customer’s age verification or they appear drunk, it’s best to return the order to the store. 

You can always contact Spark Driver Support if you encounter any challenges during delivery. 

3. Using Batch Grabbers 

While Spark Driver is a decent weekend side hustle you can use to make extra cash, sometimes there’s a lot of competition, which means you get fewer jobs. 

Some drivers resort to batch grabbers, bots that automate accepting orders. 

Using a batch grabber can be tempting, especially when you’re having trouble finding orders. However, it’s against Spark Driver’s policy and will lead to permanent account deactivation. 

Batch grabbers and other bots jeopardize site security and may lead to decreased site performance, so you should consider the risk before using them. 

Using bots on Spark Driver is considered abusing the platform, and the company investigates reports of bot use and instantly and permanently deactivates the account. 

There are plenty of safer strategies you can use to maximize your earnings on the platform, such as choosing the best hours to work and providing excellent customer service. 

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4. Serious Customer Complaints

Platforms like Spark Driver are service-based, so they take customer experience seriously, as it determines whether the customer will use their services again. 

So, if there are serious customer complaints against you, chances are your account will be deactivated. 

If customers complain about your delivery service, the complaint is investigated, after which your account is deactivated. 

The severity of the issue is the factor that determines whether the account is deactivated. 

Serious complaints like threatening the customer, driving under the influence, or sexually harassing the customer guarantee deactivation. 

Spark Driver has a zero-tolerance policy for such behaviors, which goes against the platform’s policy of providing safe, trustworthy services. 

It’s important to read all customer guidelines to avoid violating policies and risking your Spark Driver account. 

Acts like contacting the customer after the delivery are prohibited and grounds for account deactivation. 

5. Inactivity

Inactivity is another common reason for Spark Driver deactivation. If you haven’t used your account in a long time, it could be the reason it was deactivated. 

Spark Driver’s system automatically deactivates accounts that have been inactive for long. 

Based on Spark’s terms of use, if a new driver does not complete their first delivery within 45 days, the account is automatically deactivated for being inactive. 

Once approved to join the platform, ensure you do jobs to keep your account active. If your account is deactivated for inactivity, you’ll have to contact Spark Driver Support for assistance. 

Failure to reactivate the account means you won’t be able to use the app and won’t receive any delivery requests. 

6. Low Ratings

As a Spark Driver, you’re expected to meet certain standards regarding your customer rating on the platform. 

Spark promises stellar services to its customers, and it’s your job as the driver to maintain specific behavior standards. 

Spark Driver has three color-coded levels as the rating system for drivers. The codes are interpreted as follows: 

  • Green: You’re surpassing expectations on the platform
  • Orange: If your scores fall in the orange level, it means you’re meeting the expectations
  • Red: If your scores are in the red zone, it means your services aren’t meeting the required standard, and you risk account deactivation. 

You must be honest and accurate when communicating and ensure timely and safe deliveries. 

If you’re permanently in the red zone for any of the specified categories, your account will probably be deactivated. 

Your customer rating must also remain above 3.8 stars out of 5 to avoid deactivation. Meeting the specified requirements helps you provide excellent customer service to your customers. 

Your drop rate is another important factor that may contribute to account deactivation. Your drop rate must remain below 20% for your account to stay active. 

7. Fraud

Fraud is not taken lightly by delivery platforms, including Spark Driver. Fraud takes many forms, from falsifying documents to tampering with the customer’s order. 

Providing inaccurate or fraudulent information when signing up is a severe offense, and being caught results in permanent deactivation. 

When signing up for the platform, it’s crucial to provide accurate, up-to-date information that can be verified easily. 

Another common form of fraud is manipulating the referral system to take advantage of it. To avoid deactivation, read the terms of the referral system and other reward programs to ensure you’re eligible for them. 

8. Invalid Documents

It’s vital to keep your documents current to avoid getting deactivated for expired documents. 

Documents like your driver’s license, insurance, and registration must be up to date if you want to continue delivering for Spark. 

If your account is suspended for expired documents, you can easily solve the issue by presenting your current credentials and contacting Spark Driver Support. 

9. Failed Deliveries

As a Spark Driver, the company counts on you to make on-time, safe deliveries for the orders you accept. 

Failure to do so is in direct violation of the terms of use you accepted when signing up and is grounds for account deactivation. 

Timely delivery is essential to your job, so you should do your best to deliver the customers’ orders within the specified timeframe. 

Spark Driver does not hold drivers liable for late deliveries caused by long wait times at Walmart or client locations. 

You should use insulated bags for safe delivery when delivering food and other temperature-sensitive items. 

Delivering orders safely and on time is a great way to maintain a high rating on the platform and keep your account. 

How To Reactivate Your Spark Driver Account

If your Spark Driver account has been deactivated, you can take steps to reactivate it. Note that the success of the appeals process depends on the reason for deactivation. 

When your account is deactivated, the first step is to contact support to find out the reason. While you may start the appeal process without knowing the reason, it’s better to have all the details before starting. 

Here are the steps to follow according to Spark Driver’s terms of use: 

  • Fill out the appeal form.
  • Include all important details and provide a short explanation to help the appeals team as they review your case.
  • Wait for a response from the appeals team.
  • You’ll receive an SMS once the appeal has been reviewed to notify you that the process is over.

Once you know the reason for the deactivation, you can defend yourself with screenshots or pictures to help your case. 

For issues like expired documents, all you need to do is update them, and your account will be reactivated. 

It may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to hear back, so it’s important to remain patient. Only send one appeal request, as duplicate submissions cause a delay in response time. 

What To Do When Your Spark Driver Account Is Permanently Deactivated

Unfortunately, the appeals process doesn’t guarantee success, and you may find your account deactivated permanently, depending on the reason for deactivation. 

So, what do you do if your Spark Driver account is permanently deactivated? For one, you can consider other driving gigs. 

Here are some of the top alternatives to Spark Driver: 

  • DoorDash: You can make money as a Dasher, delivering food to customers in your city via car or bike. 
  • Uber Eats: You can work for Uber Eats and make money delivering food from fast food chains and restaurants to customers within your city. 
  • Instacart: This platform pays you to shop and deliver groceries to customers. You can work as an in-store or full-service shopper, depending on your flexibility needs. 
  • Shipt: This is a delivery gig like Instacart where you can get paid to shop and deliver groceries and other essential items. 
  • Amazon Flex: If you’d like to make money delivering Amazon packages as an independent contractor, you can sign up for Amazon Flex. 
  • Roadie: You can sign up for Roadie and make money by offering delivery services for individuals and businesses in your area. 
  • GoShare: If you own a truck or van, you can make money helping people move.

You can experiment with the different platforms to find the perfect fit for you. Additionally, you can use more than one platform at a time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get My Spark Driver Account Reactivated?

Depending on the reason for deactivation, you can get your Spark Driver account reactivated. The platform highlights the steps you can take to appeal the deactivation. 

You can start the process by contacting support to find out the reason for deactivation so you can fix the issue. 

Can You Have Two Spark Driver Accounts?

No. Spark Driver allows drivers to only create one Spark Driver account. Having more than one account is considered fraudulent and is grounds for deactivation.

Can You Use Someone Else’s Spark Driver Account?

No. Sharing accounts with many drivers is strictly prohibited. You can only use the Spark Driver account you created. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you know what to do if your Spark Driver account is deactivated. In most cases, you can reactivate your account by contacting the Support team. 

Now that you know the main reasons Spark deactivates accounts, you can ensure compliance to avoid deactivation. 

Always ensure you read and understand the terms of service for any platform you sign up for to avoid accidentally violating their policy. 

Complying with the Spark Driver terms of use will help you avoid deactivation so you can keep making money on the platform. 

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