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Pogo App Review 2024: Can You Really Earn on Everything?

Pogo App Review

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Cashback apps have always been an excellent way to save money when making everyday purchases. 

You may have come across the Pogo app, which claims to let you earn cashback without having to upload photos of your receipts. All you have to do is link your cards to the app. 

In addition to that, the app also claims to let you earn money by filling out surveys and sharing your data

But is the Pogo app legit? Is it worth your time? I tested the Pogo app to determine its legitimacy and earning potential.

In this Pogo App review, I’ll cover how the app works and how much you can earn from it to help you determine if it’s worth your time. 

What Is The Pogo App?

Pogo is a reward app that lets you earn cashback on purchases. One thing I like about the app is that you don’t have to scan or send pictures of your receipts. 

All you have to do is link your cards, and all cashback is awarded automatically. It’s an excellent source of passive income if you ask me. 


The Pogo app also lets you earn more money by completing short surveys and sharing your phone’s data. You get paid when your data is used for market research and personalized ads. 

Pogo pays you in points redeemable for cash; $1 is equal to 1,000 points. Once you reach the withdrawal minimum of 3,000 points ($3), you can cash out via Venmo or PayPal.

What sets the Pogo app apart from other reward apps is that in addition to helping you make money online, it also helps you save it. 

Is The Pogo App Legit?

Yes, the Pogo app is a legit platform that lets you earn cashback when you make purchases. It also allows you to share your data and complete short surveys for money. The app has an impressive 4.9-star rating on the App Store, plus numerous positive reviews, showing that it is legit. 

Most of the users are impressed by how user-friendly the app is. 

Another upside differentiating Pogo from similar apps is that it automatically awards you cashback; you don’t need to upload your receipts. 

You also only need $3 to cash out. This is quite lower than most rebate apps. 

One way to know if a reward app is legit is by reviewing user reviews. Here’s what Pogo users have to say about the app on the App Store:

  • JonathaaaaanP says: “I like the idea of being able to connect my cards/accounts and it automatically giving me points for my data. It’s a good switch from manually scanning receipts.”
  • JashiFab says: “I love this app! I have searched for apps where I have to do minimum to earn rewards and this is by far the only one I’ve seen out there.”
  • Jayremy! says: “Do Not Download! It Tracks Your Info Long After Deactivation of the APP”
Pogo App Reviews

As you can see from the reviews above, most users are quite satisfied with the app. The 4.9 rating is impressive, and so are the numerous positive user reviews. 

However, there are several negative reviews from users who’ve had a bad experience with the app. 

For instance, one user claims the app asked for his banking password. Honestly, this is a huge red flag since the app isn’t supposed to ask for such private information. 

Another user claims the app continued tracking his activity long after deactivating it. Another claim is that the Pogo app is false advertising since he made less than $1 on the app, while the app claims you can make more. 

Overall, the Pogo app is an excellent way to make money on autopilot. If you already spend a lot of time on your phone, sign up on Pogo and spend the time answering surveys. 

Whether you shop online or physically, I recommend the Pogo app for passive income. If you’re comfortable sharing your phone’s data, sign up on Pogo and get paid for your data.

How Does The Pogo App Work?

I downloaded the Pogo app to determine how it works and its earning potential. Overall, the app is user-friendly and is ideal even for beginners. 

Here’s all you need to know about how the Pogo app works:

1. Download The Pogo App and Sign UP

The first step to earning and saving money on this reward app is downloading the Pogo app. The app is available for both Android and iOS. It’s also free to download. 

Note that you need to reside in the US to sign up. You must also be at least 18 since you must link your credit or debit cards. 

Once you download the app, you’ll be asked to input your phone number and email address. After providing the required information, agree to the terms and conditions, and you’re good to go. 

You’ll receive a 300-point signup bonus once you complete the sign-up process.

2. Link Your Credit/Debit Cards

After downloading the Pogo app, link your credit or debit card for a seamless experience. 

Pogo works through Plaid to link your accounts to the app. Plaid is secure and is used by other rebate apps like Drop.

3. Start Shopping for Cashback

Once you’ve linked your accounts to the Pogo app, it’s time to get paid to shop. 

One thing I like about Pogo is that you don’t need to scan barcodes or upload receipts. The app automatically tracks your purchases and gives you cashback.  

Like any other rebate app, the Pogo app pays you in points. One dollar is equal to 1,000 points. Expect to earn between two and twenty points per transaction. 

While this may seem like a small sum, remember that the Pogo app is a passive income app. You do nothing except shop, which you’d do anyway. So, while it may not earn much, it’s an excellent way to make a passive income. 

One thing that sets Pogo apart from other reward apps is that Pogo rewards you for shopping anywhere, while other similar apps may only reward you for shopping in some stores.

4. Complete Paid Surveys

Another way to make money on the Pogo app is by completing in-app surveys for market research. 

Each survey takes only a few minutes. Some are even just one question. Generally, surveys pay more than the other ways of earning on the Pogo app. 

For each survey, you’ll see how many points you’ll earn and how long it’ll take to complete it. This is helpful since you can tell if a survey is worth it before you start filling it out. 

There’s a screening process before you answer surveys. You may not qualify for all surveys that are available to you. 

If you qualify for a survey, you get to answer it and earn the points. However, if you fail to qualify for a survey, you can’t proceed to answer it. You can search for other available surveys. 

If you already spend a lot of time on your phone, filling out surveys on the Pogo app is an excellent way to make money on your phone. 

The downside of the Pogo app surveys is that they aren’t frequent. It may take quite a long time for you to receive a survey to fill out. 

5. Pogo Online Boosts

This is a new feature on the Pogo app. The reward app lets you earn bonus cash through its online boosts feature. 

All you need to do to earn the bonus is shop through the Pogo app’s referral link. If you’ve used reward apps like Rakuten, this concept is quite similar. 

Pogo App Review

The platform works with tons of merchants, including:

  • Walmart
  • Ace Hardware 
  • Nike
  • Gamestop 
  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s
  • Groupon
  • Overstock 
  • Sam’s Club 

Expect cashback between 0.5% and 2%, depending on the store. However, offers can pay between 5% and 10% cashback. 

Once you earn an online boost, your cash is delivered to your account within 90 days because the Pogo app and retailers have to verify purchases. 

6. Share Your Location Data

In addition to surveys and shopping for cashback, another way to make money on this platform is by sharing your location data. 

This is an excellent way to make a passive income. Generally, the app tracks your location through your phone. You then earn points when you pass by or enter certain stores that partner with Pogo. 

You can combine this method with shopping to maximize your earning potential. If you don’t have a problem selling your location data, Pogo is a great way to make money on autopilot. 

7. Email Receipts

Here is another way to make money on the Pogo app: email receipts. First, you must link your email address to the Pogo app. 

Once the app is linked to your email, Pogo will detect any receipts you receive through email. You’ll earn points for these receipts. 

Pogo allows you to link up to three email addresses. Also, you can only earn a maximum of 10 points per email address weekly. 

While this venture doesn’t pay much, it’s still a great source of passive income. 

8. Lower Your Bills 

In addition to letting you earn money, the Pogo app also helps you lower your bills. It lets you compare your monthly bills against other merchants to find a cheaper quote. 

You’ll need to sign in to merchants for bills like phone bills, internet bills, and car insurance. Once that’s done, Pogo compares the rates from different merchants to find the best deal. 

In addition to this, you can find more features within the app to help you lower your monthly bills. 

9. Refer Friends to The Pogo App

You can maximize your earnings on the Pogo app by taking advantage of its referral program. 

The platform rewards you 250 bonus points, equivalent to $0.25, when you invite someone. Note that your referral must link their card for you to receive your referral bonus. 

Your referral also receives 250 bonus points. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer to the platform. You can maximize your earnings by inviting as many people as possible.

10. Withdraw Your Earnings

The Pogo app lets you cash out via PayPal and Venmo once you accumulate 3,000 points, equivalent to $3. 

This is a low cashout requirement compared to similar reward apps. Most rebate apps would require between $5 and $15 to cash out. 

While Pogo doesn’t have the option for redeeming your points for free gift cards, it lets you earn real money.

How Much Can You Make With Pogo?

How much you make on Pogo depends on how much time you invest in the app and your chosen ways of earning money within the app.  

Its earning potential is a bit low, and you’ll have to spend much time on the app to earn a substantial income. 

The highest-paying method is surveys. Some surveys pay up to 1,000 points. However, surveys are hard to come by, and you may not qualify.  

For shopping, expect to earn between two and 20 points per transaction. While Pogo may not be a get-rich-quick scheme, you can make some cash to offset a few monthly expenses. 

Pros and Cons of Pogo


  • You don’t need to upload receipts 
  • Low withdrawal minimum 
  • It pays you regardless of where you shop 
  • Variety of ways to earn money 
  • You can cash out via PayPal and Venmo


  • The earning potential is quite low 
  • You must be comfortable sharing and selling your data

The Best Apps Like Pogo

Pogo is an excellent way to earn passive income, but it doesn’t pay much. You can use it alongside other reward apps to maximize your earnings.

Here are some of the best apps like Pogo to consider:

  • Fetch Rewards: This is one of the leading reward apps. Unlike Pogo, fetch rewards require you to snap your receipt. You can also read my Fetch Rewards review.
  • Drop: Like Pogo, Drop lets you link your cards for automatic cashback.
  • Upside: Lets you save $0.25 per gallon on gas, restaurants, and groceries.
  • Ibotta: This is another leading rebate app. It gives new members a $10 sign-up bonus when you spend $30. 
  • NCP Mobile: This app lets you make money by scanning receipts and sharing your data.
  • Shopkick: Earn kicks for visiting stores, scanning barcodes, or shopping from the comfort of your home. You can also read my post on apps like Shopkick.
  • Capital One Shopping: Compares deals and automatically applies the best coupon at checkout.
  • Dosh: Like Pogo, Dosh lets you link your cards for automatic cashback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pogo App a Scam?

No, the Pogo app isn’t a scam. The app has an impressive 4.9-star rating plus numerous positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play, showing users had a good experience. 

Pogo is a legit app that pays you to shop for cashback, answer surveys, and share your location.

Is the Pogo App Safe?

Yes, the Pogo app is safe. It uses Plaid to connect to your bank. Plaid is a secure connection used by many FinTech companies to handle their customers’ data.

You can securely link your bank account.

Final Thoughts

I hope my review helps you determine if the Pogo app is legit and worth your time. Pogo has a lot of positive reviews and a high rating, but its earning potential is low. 

You’ll have to spend lots of time on the app to earn a substantial income. While Pogo is an excellent way to make money online in your free time, you must have realistic expectations. 

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, and it can’t replace your day job. If you’re seeking a more steady income, I suggest you try these side hustles that pay weekly

Try out Pogo and start earning and saving on everything!

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