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Is Money Well Legit? My Honest Review 2024

Is Money Well Legit

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You may have heard about Money well if you’re an avid gamer. But is Money Well legit? Can you earn real money by playing games on this app?

Money Well claims to be an easy way to make money since they pay you in tickets that you can redeem for cash rewards or gift cards. 

I downloaded the Money Well app to find out its legitimacy. I’ll take you through how the app works and give you first-hand information on what users say to help you decide if it’s worth your time.

Let’s dive in and explore the details!

What Is Money Well?

Money Well is an Android gaming app that pays you to download and play new games on your mobile phone.

The app was developed by justDice, which owns similar reward apps like Cashyy, AppStation, and Cash Giraffe. It has over 10 million downloads and more than 500,000 reviews since its inception.

You can download the app for free on Google Play if you reside in the U.S., Australia, Canada, or Europe.

Is Money Well Legit

Once you download the app, Money Well allows you to play games to earn tickets. These tickets are redeemable for rewards like Amazon gift cards, Google Play credit, and Nintendo vouchers.

You can also earn real cash by redeeming the tickets for PayPal cash.

Aside from playing games, Money Well doesn’t offer other opportunities to make money.

Is Money Well Legit?

Yes, Money Well is legit. This free rewards app offers a means to make Paypal money on your phone by downloading and playing games. It has over 10 million downloads and over 500,000 reviews on Google Play. It also has a 4.3-star rating, which shows it’s legit.

Most people are happy with the app and have given positive reviews. However, there are several complaints about Money Well’s games collection being too shallow.  

Also, you earn less credit the longer you play a game or use the app. Some users report that they stopped receiving cash altogether. Sadly, this is true with most gaming apps, not just Money Well.

There are also a few complaints about Money Well’s customer service not responding to issues. 

Here’s what other gamers say about Money Well on Google Play:

  • Barbara Hoffpauir says: “When I began using the app, I received the proper credit at first. I was even able to receive a couple of small Amazon Gift cards. As you get to higher levels, you earn less, but the big issue is that they stop giving credit at all. I contacted support on several occasions, but received no response. When I tried to cash out for a gift card recently, they subtracted the points but I never got the gift card. I do not recommend.”
  • Toni Pawlowski says: “It was decent. I did cash out. And then they said they needed face verification. Okay cool. I’ve yet to fail one. And it fails. So you contact customer service because there’s no other way to verify. Customer service responds with a bot… And then no one helps you.”
  • R Brown says: “Not a scam. Money went to my PayPal within a few hours. I did notice at times maybe there was a connection issue for the app to track (not on my end). I’m not sure if it was random, or happened when closer to being able to cash out $10 paypal. Also be aware that the longer you play a game, the more the payout rate decreased. I stopped opening the app to check progress, so I hoped I stayed at higher rate, but can’t be sure if it works that way. Overall, I liked the app, and it did what it said.”
Money Well Review

Judging from user reviews, Money Well is legit. However, it’s only suitable for making extra cash, not a full-time job.

If you already spend a lot of time playing games, consider it a fun side hustle that lets you make extra cash during your spare time.

How Does Money Well Work?

Whether you’re familiar with how gaming apps work or not, you’ll find Money Well easy to navigate.

Like other Android games that pay, you’ll only need to download Money Well and start playing games to make cash. 

Earn your first dollar or gift card in the following simple steps:

1. Download the App

You can download Money Well for free on Google Play. The app has no in-app purchases or subscriptions requiring you to use your money.

Unfortunately, the app is unavailable for iOS devices. You can only access it if you have an Android. 

It also doesn’t have a desktop version at the moment.

2. Sign Up

Once you download Money Well successfully, the app prompts you to register.

You can create your account using your email address. You can also sync your Facebook account to sign up.

To sign up, you’ll be required to give information such as your email address, user name, age, and gender. You must also provide a selfie as proof of identity to be eligible for rewards. 

Since Money Well pays you based on the data it collects while using it, you have to grant the app permission to track your usage data. 

This is the case for most gaming apps that pay. If you’re uncomfortable granting this permission, consider exploring other options for making money.

You’ll receive a sign up bonus of 4,999 tickets once your account is set up. This depends on your location. Some people claim to have received 9,444 tickets. 

The sign up bonus is an excellent way to start since it helps you reach the cashout threshold faster, though other reward apps pay you as much as $5 for just signing up.

 Once that’s done, let’s move on to the next step.

3. Download and Play Featured Games

After signing up, explore Money Well’s offer wall and select games to download and play to make money. 

You must download the games through the Money Well app to qualify for rewards.

Money Well has various game genres like arcade, adventure, casual, and strategic games. The offers available on your account depend on your location.

However, Money Well’s games collection isn’t as good as other apps like Mistplay and Gamehag.

Some of the popular games on the app include:

  • Slotomania
  • Pet Master
  • Farm Heroes Saga
  • Candy Crush

The app tracks your gaming activity as soon as you log in. They then reward you with tickets based on the time you spend playing. 

You may earn about 150 tickets per minute at the beginning of a game.

Depending on your location, you can exchange your tickets for the following gift cards:

  • Amazon
  • Steam 
  • Uber Eats
  • Nintendo
  • Best buy
  • H&M
  • DoorDash
  • Google Play Store
  • Zalando
  • Starbucks 

One major downside of Money Well and other apps that pay you to play games is that your potential income decreases the more you play a game. 

One trick I always use with gaming apps is downloading new games regularly to increase your earning potential. 

Also, download the highest-paying games to maximize your rewards.

4. Invite Friends

While playing games is the primary way to make money online using Money Well, you can also earn extra cash by referring friends to the app.

You earn 250 tickets for every friend you invite to Money Well. Additionally, both of you earn 25% of each other’s earnings.

Generate your referral code in the “My Apps” section. You can share the code with your friends through email or text.

Note that you’re only eligible for referral bonuses if the people you invite use your referral code to sign up.

5. Withdraw Your Earnings

Once you’ve met the minimum withdrawal threshold on Money Well, you can redeem your tickets for cash rewards via PayPal or gift cards.

Several gift cards, including Amazon, H&M, Google Play, and free Steam codes, are available. The specific withdrawal minimum depends on your chosen reward and your location.

Remember that you must provide a selfie to cash out your rewards on Money Well. 

Cashing out your rewards as gift cards can take longer, as most gift cards cost $5 or higher, but with PayPal, you only have to reach $0.50.

If you opt for the PayPal withdrawal method, Money Well mandates that you log into your PayPal account through their app. I think this is unsafe and sketchy to some extent.

How Much Can You Make on Money Well?

The tickets you earn depend on your location and the time you spend playing games on the platform. 

Expect to earn around 150 tickets per minute, though some games may pay higher or lower. You can’t rely on this income since the number of tickets you can earn decreases as you play a game.

Also, you need many tickets to earn a substantial amount of cash. For instance, 19,000 tickets is equivalent to $1. This value may vary depending on location. 

This low ratio of cash to tickets makes Money Well an inefficient way of earning cash. You must spend long hours playing games to make substantial money.

It’s a good idea to keep downloading new games to maximize your earning potential. 

You can also use Money Well alongside other Android games that pay, including Rewarded Play and Mistplay.

Tips for Making More Money on Money Well

Although you won’t get rich playing games on Money Well, these tips can help you maximize your earning potential: 

  • Always opt for the highest-paying games: Each game on Money Well offers different payment rates. To increase your earnings, prioritize playing games that offer the highest payouts.
  • Download new games regularly: Since the earning potential diminishes the more you play a specific game, switch to new games regularly.
  • Refer friends: Another way to boost your earnings on Money Well is to invite as many people as possible to the app. You’ll earn 250 coins for every person you refer, plus 25% of their earnings.
  • Invest your time: You may need to spend long hours playing games on Money Well to make substantial cash. Otherwise, you’ll only get peanuts.
  • Use multiple reward apps: To increase your income, use other reward apps like JustPlay and Mistplay alongside Money Well.

Pros and Cons of Money Well

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using money Well to make extra cash:


  • Money Well has a low withdrawal minimum of $0.50
  • You can earn real PayPal cash
  • The app is user-friendly
  • There are numerous gift card options
  • The app is free


  • Money Well is only available for Android
  • Earning is limited to gaming
  • The pay decreases the more you play 
  • You must provide a selfie and log in through Paypal to withdraw your earnings
  • The earning potential is low
  • Verifying your account may be difficult

The Best Apps Like Money Well

Several shortcomings make earning a substantial income on Money Well almost impossible. 

For instance, the opportunity of making money is limited to playing games. Also, their gaming variety isn’t great, and their earning potential is extremely low.

If you want to make money playing video games and doing other micro-tasks, several get-paid-to sites are worth considering. 

Here are the best Money Well alternatives:

  • Kashkick: Earn money by playing games and taking paid surveys with this app.
  • Buff: This is one of the best platforms to use to earn money on autopilot by playing games. You only need to let the app run in the background while playing your favorite games.
  • Mistplay: Like Money Well, Mistplay is an Android-only app that rewards you for playing games on your smartphone.
  • Swagbucks: One of the upsides of Swagbucks is its numerous earning opportunities. In addition to gaming, the GPT site pays you to complete simple tasks online, like shopping for cash back, answering surveys, and surfing the web.
  • Cash Giraffe: Another app developed by justDice that allows you to make money by playing games on your phone.
  • Rewarded Play: The gaming app lets you earn gift cards by playing popular games like Solitaire on your phone. Unlike Money Well, Rewarded Play doesn’t offer PayPal money.
  • AppStation: This legit platform lets you earn gift cards and money by playing mobile games. You can easily use it alongside Money Well to increase your income potential.

While these apps won’t make you rich or earn enough to replace your full-time job, they’re an excellent option to earn a few dollars in your free time. 

If you’re an avid gamer who already spends the whole day gaming, this could be a great side hustle.

If Money Well doesn’t meet your expectations, explore these alternative apps to find the best. Consider using multiple apps simultaneously to maximize your earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Money Well a Scam?

No, Money Well isn’t a scam. This Android-only app is legit and truly pays you to download and play various games on your mobile phone.

Besides, Money Well has over 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.3 stars out of five on Google Play.

As you play, you earn tickets which you can exchange for gift cards to your favorite retailers, including Amazon and Google Play. 

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $0.50, you can redeem your tickets for real cash via Paypal.

Money Well has a low earning potential, but that doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

Who Can Join Money Well?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old can join Money Well. If you reside in Australia, the U.S., Canada, or Europe, you’re eligible to sign up on Money Well.

Is Money Well on iPhone?

Money Well is exclusively available for Android devices. Therefore, you can’t use it on an iOS device.

Final Thoughts

If you wonder whether Money Well is legit, I hope my review answers your question. It isn’t different from other gaming apps in the market.

While its earning potential is limited, it’s an excellent gaming app for anyone who wants to make a few extra dollars. 

However, I must warn you that this may not be the right app for you if you’re looking for an app to make a full-time income. You may need to spend long hours on the app to make as little as $1.

If you haven’t tried Money Well, I recommend exploring it to determine if it’s the right app for you. At least it has no in-app purchases or deposits, so you have nothing to lose. 

If you already use it, consider stacking Money Well with other GPT sites like Swagbucks to maximize your income.

Finding an app that provides additional earning opportunities alongside playing games can be even more beneficial.

If you’re looking for apps that pay better, I recommend you use Kashkick or Mistplay.

Lydia is a personal finance expert and the founder of Sproutinue, a personal finance site helping you find legit ways to make money, save money, and achieve financial freedom. She has been featured on various major financial publications, including Investopedia, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, and more.

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