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Is Apex Focus Group Legit? (Honest 2024 Review!)

Is Apex Focus Group Legit

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Are you interested in participating in focus groups but unsure how and where to begin? Apex Focus Group claims to connect you with paid focus groups. 

Whether you need extra cash to pay off a debt or supplement your income, you can share your opinion and participate in clinical trials for money. 

But the question remains: Is Apex Focus Group legit? How do you sign up, and what’s the earning potential? 

I tried the Apex Focus Group for this review. I’ll give an account of my experience with the site and share insights on navigating the platform.

I’ll also delve into the site’s earning potential to help you determine whether it’s the right path suited to your needs. 

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What Is Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group is a company that links you with different paid focus group opportunities near you. 

Most people don’t understand that the company doesn’t conduct market research. It helps you find focus groups, clinical trials, and paid surveys offered by third-party research firms.

Is Apex Focus Group Legit

According to their website, Apex Focus group has over 1000 market research opportunities and 824 participants across 41 states.

This is an excellent side hustle idea if you want to influence products and brands and get paid for your opinion. 

Sign up on their website to find money-making opportunities. Unfortunately, Apex Foxus Group doesn’t have a mobile app.

Is Apex Focus Group Legit?

Yes, Apex Focus Group is a legit company that links you to firms requiring users to participate in market research. You can land different income-generating opportunities through the company, including focus groups, paid surveys, and clinical trials. 

While Apex Focus Group offers a nice way to make quick cash, their advertisements are misleading. 

From their adverts, you’d think they provide these money-making opportunities themselves. However, this isn’t the case. 

Apex Focus Group connects you to other companies that conduct market research. Once you sign up, they send you links to join these focus groups. 

The problem is that most of these sites are accessible to anyone on the web. Plus, you may not always qualify for the opportunities. I wish they were clear about this from the start.

Before I tried the site, I reviewed user feedback on Trustpilot and BBB. The site has a 3.0 rating on Trustpilot. While the app isn’t a scam, there are some disturbing red flags. 

For instance, most users complain that Apex Focus Group collects too much personal data during signup. Also, most of the sites they direct you to require personal details. 

I’m personally not comfortable with providing my details on numerous sites. If you don’t mind sharing your data for money, try the Apex Focus group. 

Another reason users are unhappy with the site is you get bombarded with emails from different sites partnering with Apex Focus Group. It may be a waste of time if you don’t qualify for the focus groups. 

Apex Focus Group isn’t accredited by BBB. Although many legit platforms aren’t BBB accredited, this may be a red flag. 

Another common complaint among the users is getting ripped off by the research companies to which Apex Focus Group linked them. In this case, the company fails to take responsibility for anything that happens outside Apex Focus Group. 

They also have an unresponsive customer service team.

Let’s look at what some users have to say on Trustpilot:

  • Divya Pothula says: “Takes lots of personal details and keeps directing to more and more links and sites. Haven’t earned anything but very disturbing as it has collected personal details. Started having spam messages and calls on phone. ABSOLUTELY SCARY!! NEVER RECOMMEND IT.”
  • Riadhul Badiah says: “… I am very happy to join this platform.”
  • David Blair Graham says: “Literally just a site that collects your info, and keeps asking you to sign up endlessly. If your lucky, you might one day earn 20 bucks for your 10 hours of constant forms to fill out.”
Is Apex Focus Group Legit

As you can see from the reviews above, most Apex Focus Group users are unhappy with the site. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

The site does connect you to focus groups and other earning opportunities like paid surveys and clinical trials. 

There are some positive reviews on Glassdoor from users who’ve managed to make money through the site. I tried the app but didn’t qualify for studies or focus groups. 

Since the site is unreliable, I wouldn’t recommend this venture if you’re seeking a steady or fun side hustle idea. With Apex Focus Group, you’ll get a lot of invitation emails to focus groups you may never qualify for. 

I recommend sites like Branded Surveys and YouGov if you want to make money by sharing your opinion.

How Does Apex Focus Group Work?

I tried the Apex Focus Group for this review. Overall, the site is easy to navigate. You only need to provide a few details about yourself upon signing up to qualify for focus groups and surveys. 

As I mentioned, the company doesn’t offer focus groups or paid survey opportunities. It merely connects you to market research companies. 

Let’s look at how the platform works in detail:

1. Create an Account 

Signing up on Apex Focus Group’s website is the first step to making money with your phone. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t have a mobile app.

Upon signing up, you’ll need to provide a few personal details, including:

  • Age 
  • Date of birth
  • Email 
  • Gender
  • Employment status
  • State 
  • Household composition 
  • Zip code
  • Education level
  • Type of smartphone
  • Interest in higher education
Is Apex Focus Group Legit

The site uses this information to match you to paid focus groups and survey opportunities. Filling this first questionnaire honestly is essential to get matched to as many opportunities as possible.

After answering all questions, you must accept the terms and conditions and verify your email to proceed. You’ll receive a link for this purpose. The platform also emails you instructions for applying to the first research assignment. 

My assignment link sent me to a third-party site, Branded Surveys, where I had to sign up again to access money-making opportunities. 

This was the case with almost all the links I tried. You must sign up separately on individual third-party sites. 

2. Join Focus Groups

The primary way of making money on the platform is by joining focus groups by affiliated market research firms. 

Focus groups involve giving your opinion on a service or product in a group. 

After completing the registration process, you’ll find such opportunities on your dashboard. Note that you don’t automatically join a focus group. You must apply for those you’re interested in and wait to be accepted if you meet their criteria.

Generally, the application involves answering more demographic questions. There’s no assurance of qualifying, and Apex Focus Group takes no responsibility for anything that happens off their site. 

The focus groups cover topics ranging from women’s clothing to health and wellness and pet products. On average, expect to earn between $50 and $300 per session if you qualify for a focus group. 

Is Apex Focus Group Legit

Some focus groups are conducted in person, while others require online participation, allowing you to work from the comfort of your home.

Payment varies based on the type of research being conducted. Payment is mainly made through PayPal, Visa, and gift cards to Amazon and other retailers. 

These are some of the focus group opportunities I came across:

  • Health and Wellness: $400
  • Alcoholic beverages: $125
  • Tattoo artists: $150
  • Medicare: $250
  • Diapers: $100

Most opportunities on my page were accessible nationwide. However, some focus groups may be specific to some states or cities. 

While you can’t be sure that every opportunity on Apex Focus Group is legit, it’s a great way to earn if you qualify for a focus group.

You must do your due diligence to determine if an opportunity is legit before applying to any focus group and providing personal details on third-party sites.

Most earning opportunities will be sent via email. Therefore, checking your inbox regularly ensures you get all focus group opportunities.

3. Apply for Clinical Trials

Another way to make money through Apex Focus Group is by applying for clinical trials by their affiliates. Clinical trials involve testing new treatments and medications.

Like in the case of focus groups, you’ll receive an email when there’s a clinical trial available in your area that you’re likely to qualify for. 

However, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll qualify for any opportunity. Simply sign up and provide the required details for a chance to participate. 

Is Apex Focus Group Legit

Generally, the pay for clinical trials is higher than for focus groups. This is because clinical trials usually have more stringent requirements.

A common belief is that you must be sick to qualify for a clinical trial. However, some tests may require healthy subjects. 

You may earn between $100 and $1000 per clinical trial based on the requirements and length of the study.

Some of the clinical trials I came across include the following:

  • Eczema – Payment up to $3000
  • Psoriatic Arthritis – Payment varies
  • Thyroid – Payment up to $1300
  • Chronic Pulmonary Disease – Payment up to $85 per visit

4. Join a Paid Survey Panel

In addition to focus groups and clinical trials, you can join paid survey panels through Apex Focus Group to make money on your phone.

Like the first two earning opportunities, Apex Focus Group emails you if there are new paid surveys to complete. 

There’s no way of telling how many invites you’ll get or how many surveys you’ll qualify for. You just have to be patient to earn through this site.

Since most research companies affiliated with Apex Focus Group are based in these countries, you’ll likely get more invites if you reside in the UK or the US. 

They ask about your interest in paid surveys during registration. Respond yes to this if you’d like to be matched to surveys. 

Payment varies based on the type and length of the survey. The average pay ranges from $1 to $5. However, some longer surveys may pay more. 

Check out other paid survey sites like Opinion Outpost, Crowdtap, and FocusGroup if you want to make money sharing your opinion.

5. Get Paid

After successfully participating in a focus group, paid survey, or clinical trial, it’s now time to get paid. 

Most sites partnering with Apex Focus Group offer payments through cash, PayPal, and Visa cards. You can also cash out via dozens of gift cards to companies like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart 
  • Target 
  • Kohl’s 
  • DoorDash

Payment schedules and requirements vary from site to site. It’s essential to review the payment policies of each study before applying to avoid getting scammed. 

It’s important to highlight that payment isn’t done by Apex Focus Group. The company that conducts the study is responsible for all payment procedures.

How Much Does Apex Focus Group Pay?

Most focus groups pay between $100 and $400. Clinical trials pay higher, some up to $3000.

Surveys pay lower, ranging from $1 to $5. However, surveys are easier to qualify for than focus groups and clinical trials. 

You can make decent cash if you qualify for these opportunities. The downside is that it’s not guaranteed you’ll qualify for them. 

Also, it’s worth noting that Apex Focus Group doesn’t pay you for participating in studies. They act as a middleman, so payment is made by the company conducting the survey.

I noticed that Apex Focus Group’s advertisements are somewhat misleading. They claim you’ll earn as much as $750 weekly, which is unrealistic considering you’ll not always qualify for opportunities. 

Pros and Cons of Apex Focus Group

Consider these upsides and downsides if you want to join the Apex Focus Group.


  • There are plenty of earning opportunities
  • You can earn a decent amount if you qualify for a study
  • Most opportunities are available nationwide


  • Apex Foxus Group is a middleman
  • They may send referral links instead of earning opportunities
  • Customer service is unresponsive

The Best Apex Focus Group Alternatives

If you’ve tried Apex Focus Group and are seeking more earning opportunities, plenty of alternatives are worth exploring. 

Consider stacking some of these sites with the platform to maximize your earnings. Also, consider exploring these sites if you feel that Apex Focus Group doesn’t cater to your needs. 

Unlike the platform, most of these alternatives aren’t intermediaries. They pay you directly for sharing your opinion in focus groups and surveys. 

Plus, at least with these apps, you’ll only need to sign up once instead of on multiple platforms, as with Apex Focus Group.

  • Branded Surveys: This is one of the best-paid survey platforms worldwide. They offer a free $1 when you sign up.
  • FocusGroup: This site lets you make money by sharing your opinion in focus groups.
  • YouGov: This is one of my favorite survey sites since it offers exciting topics, including politics and current affairs. 
  • Opinion Outpost: Besides answering surveys, Opinion Outpost lets you make money by watching ads and testing products.
  • Crowdtap: You can withdraw your earnings on Crowdtap once you accumulate $5.
  • Pinecone Research: This is among the highest-paying survey sites. They pay up to $3 per survey.
  • Respondent: Like Pinecone Research, Respondent is also a high-paying survey site. You can earn as much as $200 per hour for participating in studies. 
  • Ipsos iSay: Most surveys on Ipsos iSay pay between $1 and $2 each. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apex Focus Group a Scam?

No, Apex Focus Group isn’t a scam. The platform connects you to opportunities like paid focus groups, surveys, and clinical trials. 

However, the site is misleading in its advertisement, making it look scammy. Also, they may spam your email with promotional emails instead of sending real money-making opportunities. 

You can earn up to $3000 a month if you qualify for a clinical trial or focus group.

Is Apex Focus Group Trustworthy?

Apex Focus Group isn’t transparent about what its site offers. They connect you to focus groups and surveys you may never qualify for. 

Plus, instead of sending invites to earning opportunities, they may send tons of promotional emails from which they benefit. 

While Apex Focus Group is legit, I recommend platforms like Branded Surveys, SayMore, and Toluna if you want to make money by sharing your opinion.

How Does Apex Focus Group Pay You?

It’s worth mentioning that Apex Focus Group doesn’t pay you for participating in focus groups and other earning opportunities. 

The site is a middleman between you and market research companies. Therefore, the company conducting the study makes the payment.

Most companies pay you via cash, Visa, PayPal, and gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Walmart. 

Is Apex Focus Group Worth It?

The site is worth it if you qualify for studies since you can earn up to $3000. However, it’s not reliable since qualifying for opportunities isn’t guaranteed. 

I recommend sharing your opinion for cash on platforms like Prime Opinion and Springboard America.

Final Thoughts

I hope my article clarifies whether Apex Focus Group is legit. Consider the site if you’re patient enough to apply to different studies regularly. 

If Apex Focus Group doesn’t meet your needs, explore the alternatives outlined in this post. Always research a site or study before signing up and providing personal information. 

Overall, Apex Focus Group is legit and you can earn good money if you qualify for a focus group or clinical trial.

Lydia is a personal finance expert and the founder of Sproutinue, a personal finance site helping you find legit ways to make money, save money, and achieve financial freedom. She has been featured on various major financial publications, including Investopedia, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, and more.

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