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Cash Alarm Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Cash Alarm

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If you like playing mobile games like me, you probably always search for more games. What if I told you there are several apps that pay you to play games? That’s possible with apps like Cash Alarm. 

Cash Alarm allows you to play various mobile games and earn free PayPal cash and gift cards to major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. 

But is Cash Alarm legit? Can you really earn money playing games on the app? At the end of this Cash Alarm review, you can tell if Cash Alarm is legit, its earning potential, and if it’s worth your time before downloading it. 

What Is Cash Alarm?

Cash Alarm is a Hamburg-based gaming company under JustDice GmbH. It was founded in 2015 as a gaming company focusing on video games before branching into a get-paid-to-play app. 

Today, JustDice provides apps and games in over 100 countries and has paid over $40 million worth of rewards since the company’s inception. 

Cash Alarm

You can download the Cash Alarm app on the Google Play Store. The gaming app is unavailable on iOS, Samsung, and other platforms like Steam. 

Since its inception, the app has had over 10 million downloads, 4.4 out of 5-star ratings, and a whopping 243,000 reviews, making it one of the most popular mobile gaming apps. 

But being available on Android devices only makes it accessible to a limited number of users. So who can join Cash Alarm?

Who Can Join Cash Alarm? 

Cash Alarm is available and accessible from any part of the world. It’s not restricted to specific people or locations, meaning anyone can download it. 

However, to use the app, you must be of the universally accepted legal age, 18 or older. This is because the games featured in this app are rated 18+. 

To get started, you must download and install the app. Next, sign up with your Facebook or Google account. Alternatively, you can use your login credentials to sign up.

After signing up, you’ll be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions. I recommend reading the fine print before tapping “Agree.” 

Once you’re done with registration, Cash Alarm will direct you to a dashboard, where you’ll receive a notification that you’ve received a sign-up bonus. The number of bonus coins you’ll receive will vary. Some people may earn a  few thousand coins, while others can receive as much as 9,000 coins. 

The welcome bonus is a great starting point since you’ll need thousands of coins to earn a substantial amount to cash out via PayPal. 

How Does Cash Alarm Work?

If you’ve used apps like Mistplay before, using Cash Alarm is relatively easy. It’s much like similar gaming apps, only the features differ slightly. 

To make money with Cash Alarm, you only need to follow these simple steps: 

  • Download the Cash Alarm app & sign up
  • Play games on the app
  • Earn coins
  • Invite your friends
  • Get Paid

To understand how Cash Alarm works, let’s review these steps in great detail.

1. Download the Cash Alarm App & Sign Up

The first step entails downloading the app from Google Play Store. Note that Cash Alarm is unavailable to iOS users, so your device must be an Android 5.0 version or more. 

Next, sign up and log into your account using Gmail, Facebook, or private credentials. Once registered, you’ll need to enter your name and gender. This is necessary so the app can recommend the most relevant games. 

The last step is to go to settings and allow the app to track your usage. If you’ve used similar apps like Rewarded Play and Gamehag, you’d already be familiar with these processes as they’re the same. 

The reason for enabling app usage tracking is to allow the app to track how long you play various games to determine your reward. So if you want to make money with Cash Alarm, you must permit the app to track your usage. 

2. Play Games

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, it’s time to play games and earn rewards.

Go to the Cash Alarm feature tab and download various games. Although the app is available worldwide, the number of games you can access depends on your location. 

For example, if you’re in Canada, you can access “Coin Master.” If you’re in the U.S., you can access Casual, Strategy, Arcade, Puzzle, Action, and Adventure, among other games.

The most popular games you can access on the app include:  

  • Slotomania
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Guns of Glory
  • Dragon City

You’ll find these common games in apps like AppStaion, App Flame, and Testerup.

3. Earn Coins

Cash Alarm works nearly the same way as other get-paid-to-play gaming apps. 

You get paid for every minute you spend playing different games on the app. Let’s say you’re playing Coin Master; you’ll start earning at least 69 Cash Alarm coins per minute. 

However, the more you play, the more your coins start to reduce with each minute. It’s a common tactic most gaming apps use to encourage users to play more games and stay longer on the app. 

The more games you play, the higher your chances of earning more coins which translates into more rewards. So if you can’t access more games, your earning potential will be limited or reduced to just one game. 

It’s important to note that you must launch games using the “My Apps” tab to make money on the app. This will help the app track when you start and stop playing partner games to determine the appropriate rewards.

4. Invite Your Friends

You can boost your earning potential by referring your friends and inviting them to join the app. The Cash Alarm referral program works in two different ways: 

  • You earn 25% of all the coins earned by the people you refer to the app. This is known as “Your Rewards.”
  • Your referrals earn 25% of all the coins you make on the app. This is referred to as “Referral Rewards.” 

The Cash Alarm referral program is decent and fair, except the number of coins you earn reduces the more you play. However, it doesn’t sound encouraging that someone will have to take 25% of it. 

5. Get Paid

As you play and earn your coins, they’re automatically deposited into your account, so you won’t need to wait for the money to reflect. You can redeem the rewards for PayPal cash or gift cards to major retailers.  

Again the redemption option available to you depends on your location. In my region, I can only redeem via PayPal money. The minimum number of coins you can withdraw is 2,000, translating into $0.20 in PayPal cash. 

Below is how many coins you can earn and the amount you can cash out via PayPal:

  • $0.20 = 2,000 coins  
  • $0.40 = 3,959 coins
  • $1 = 9,701 coins
  • $2 =18,826 coins
  • $4 = 37,275 coins
  • $6 = 55,354 coins
  • $8 = 73,067 coins

If you live in the U.S., you can redeem your rewards for Amazon gift cards, free Steam codes, or free Google Play credit. 

What I like about the Cash Alarm redemption program is its low cash-out requirement. You don’t need a lot of coins to redeem. 

However, the amount of money you can earn with this app is a little, so it’s not a get-rich-quick venture or sustainable side hustle idea you can depend on. 

However, you can earn some extra cash by playing games on the app during your free time.

Is Cash Alarm Legit?

Yes, Cash Alarm is a legit gaming app that lets you earn PayPal cash and gift cards to major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. The app has over 10 million downloads and thousands of positive reviews. 

However, Cash Alarm is not a game. Instead, it offers access to games created by other developers. It then collects data on the time you spend in each game and rewards you in coins.

It would be best to familiarize yourself with the app by reading and understanding its terms and conditions before getting your hopes high. In the T&C, the company clearly states that the payouts are not guaranteed, so getting paid is a matter of luck or chance.

Some users have reported not receiving coins or payments, which is why many see it as a scam. In one of the reviews, one user furiously wrote that she played for more than an hour only for the app to track her playing time to 34 minutes.

Cash Alarm Reviews

From my experience, these are recurrent problems with Cash Alarm and similar get-paid-to sites. In another review, most people reported that with each app update, they’d have their games deleted, and the app would stop tracking the games played. 

But the major drawback, according to some users, is the app crashing when they try to redeem their rewards. Suffice it to say that you need more coins to cash out, without which you won’t withdraw any money. 

In their Terms and Conditions, the company states that once an award has been issued, they reserve the right to payouts, and the user has no choice but to oblige. That means the ability to redeem your coins and obtain a payout rests on Cash Alarm, not you, the user. 

In other words, receiving your rewards is not a guarantee. This is despite Cash Alarm claiming otherwise. Most users feel the platform should delete the payout guarantee statement if they cannot pay everyone. 

Another setback is that the app will only show you its privacy policy, not its detailed terms of Use, during registration. It’s only later, after accessing the app, that you’ll learn more about these terms. 

So, while the application itself is legit, its drawbacks frustrate many users who find it unreliable.

How Much Can You Make on Cash Alarm?

The app tracks the time you spend playing games and rewards you with coins per minute. For example, if you play Bingo Blitz, a partner game for two minutes, you can earn up to 607 coins.  Coin Master also offers 2,386 coins for four and a half minutes of your playtime. 

The minimum payout amount you can request from the app is $0.50, which translates into 4,999 coins. This can be about the same amount you get as a welcome bonus when you sign up. 

Payouts range from $1 for 9,898 coins, and the maximum is 182,667 coins for $20. If you prefer gift cards, you can redeem your coins for a specific voucher, such as a Google Play voucher worth $10 for 93,188 coins or an Xbox gift card worth $50 for 456,668 coins. 

To earn $20 or more on Cash Alarm, you’ll have to spend more hours playing different games on the app. 

Such pay doesn’t make Cash Alarm a lucrative side hustle. However, you can diversify your income potential with this app by referring others to join and get a reward of up to 25% of their coins.

In addition, Cash Alarm payouts will only be deposited into your PayPal account as Euros, and the amount you’ll withdraw depends on the current exchange rates. That means you’ll receive less than the amount initially deposited into your account. 

How Long Does Cash Alarm Take to Payout?

It takes five business days for Cash Alarm to process your payout. However, some users have reported not receiving their payouts despite sending the request and waiting over a month. Once you request the payout, you can’t cancel.

The greatest challenge with Cash Alarm is that it’s a game of diminishing returns. You play more for less, and the availability of featured games differs from location to location. 

You can access more games if you live in the U.S, Canada, and the UK. 

Pros and Cons of Cash Alarm


  • It’s a free app; anyone above 18 can join
  • Easy to register and use
  • Provides substantial bonus rewards 
  • Rewards each minute of your playtime with PayPal money and gift cards


  • Low earning potential 
  • Not available on iOS 
  • Offers diminishing returns, more playtime with less pay
  • Your location determines the games you can access and pay rates

Other Apps Like Cash Alarm

If you feel Cash Alarm is not worth your time or need other similar apps to boost your earnings, here are some options:

  • Bingo Tour: An iOS game that lets you play free bingo games and cash tournaments.
  • Bingo Clash: Bingo Cash provides fast-paced actions where you join tournaments and play against other users in real time. However, you need some coordination skills to play games on Bingo Cash.
  • Bubble Cash: This app focuses on bubble shooting games that you can play for free or register for paid tournaments. The more points you earn, the more cash you’ll redeem through the app. 
  • Buff Gaming: Play your favorite games and earn gift cards to major retailers, gaming gear, and free steam codes.
  • Solitaire Clash: Solitaire Clash is for card gaming enthusiasts who have what it takes to compete in tournaments and earn cash and prizes. 
  • Bingo Cash: With Bingo Cash, you earn points by filling out your card as quickly as possible. You can redeem the points you earn into cash or gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Cash Alarm Safe?

Yes, Cash Alarm is a safe gaming app. The registration and sign-up process is easy. You can safely and conveniently play for as long as you want. Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, you can redeem them for Payal cash or gift cards.

While Cash Alarm is not a scam, it’s important to note that the company doesn’t guarantee payouts as indicated in its terms and conditions. Many users complain about not receiving payments, so they call Cash Alarm a scam.

Is Cash Alarm Worth It?

If you enjoy playing mobile games during your spare time, Cash Alarm is worth it, as you can earn a few bucks doing what you love. However, if you’re looking for a side hustle idea to make a sustainable passive income, something other than Cash Alarm may work better for you.

How Does Cash Alarm Make Money?

Cash Alarm partners with game developers who want to market their new video games or increase their visibility. The platform gets revenue from these game creators, who pay to make their new games accessible to as many users as the platform can attract. 

The longer you play various games on the App, the more coins you earn, which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

Final Thoughts

From this review, you can now confirm that Cash Alarm is not a scam but a legit site offering pays you to play various games on the app. 

You can also earn rewards for referring people to download the app and sign up. You can earn 25% of coins if you refer someone and they sign up with your referral link.

Payout requests are accepted within five business days; after that, payment is made after 24 hours. Therefore, Cash Alarm is a legitimate app and can be a good source of earning some pocket money if you are okay with the low payout. 

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