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Is Solitaire King Legit or a Scam? (My Honest 2024 Review)

Is Solitaire King Legit

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If you recently came across Solitaire King, you probably want to know if it’s worth your time. So, Is Solitaire King legit? How much can you earn on this game app? 

Solitaire King claims to reward you with cash for playing card games. Since most people are skeptical about these claims, I decided to try the app and share my experience.

So, whether you’re seeking an opportunity to earn extra cash or an avid gamer who wants to enjoy a good card game, this post is for you.

In addition to sharing my first-hand experience in this review, I’ll show you how the Solitaire King app works and how to maximize your income.

If Solitaire King doesn’t meet your expectations, my review also covers some of the best alternatives you can try. 

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What Is Solitaire King?

Solitaire King, by Acerena Inc, is an engaging skill-based card game that rewards you for playing. 

The app is a modern version of classic Solitaire, incorporating a player-versus-player gameplay twist that makes it more captivating.

It’s similar to other popular card games such as Solitaire Cash, Solitaire Clash, and Solitaire Cube. So if you’ve played any of these games before, you’ll find Solitaire King easy to navigate.

Is Solitaire King Legit

Solitaire King is available for free download on the App Store. It has over 10,000 ratings, averaging 4.7 stars out of five. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Android devices. 

Note that there’s a similar app by Mobirix on Google Play; don’t confuse the two. 

Generally, Solitaire King is an excellent way to earn extra cash while playing your favorite card games.

Is Solitaire King Legit?

Solitaire King is a legit iOS gaming app that pays you to face off against opponents in various card games and tournaments. It boasts an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 from over 10,000 reviews. 

If you plan to use Solitaire King to make some extra cash, looking at its game mechanics and user reviews is essential to determine whether it’s legit.

Understanding the game mechanics gives you an idea of where the money they use to pay people comes from. If an app promises to provide money from nowhere, it’s most likely a scam.

Solitaire King generates cash from the prize pools they collect. An entry fee is required to participate in cash tournaments.

However, despite the app’s numerous positive reviews, you can quickly lose your money since you relinquish your buy-in when you lose a game.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue with similar apps like Bingo Tour, Bingo Clash, and Battle Bingo.

Another vital way to gauge legitimacy is by looking at user reviews. Solitaire King has a splendid 4.7 rating, with most people giving positive reviews.

However, some have expressed several concerns, especially when matched with tournament opponents. 

The app claims to match you to players with a similar skill level, but most users claim it’s untrue since they lose too many games in a row. 

Unfortunately, you can’t tell if you’ve been matched to real players or bots. Another common issue is that there’s no guarantee of winning and the possibility of losing more than you invest.

Here are some Solitaire King reviews to give you an idea of what other users think of the app:

  • 1BeeHiveHanging says: “ It’s good but could be better… My dislikes come in to place with the gem games and money games 1) I wish there were more options for the gem games 2) I wish you got more money to play more of the games …”
  • Breezy102881 says: “ Never get a response!… First of all, I do not feel that I have been matched fairly since I started. I repeatedly lose over and over, if I were matched with players at my same skill level the odds that I would lose so many games in a row just don’t add up.”
  • Sunnysunshine48 says: “ Love it! I absolutely love this game!I have not deposited any of my own money into this game. I started by winning the chimes and then won enough until I played the game so that I won $7. It’s what got me started. I’m now up to $35.” 
Solitaire King Reviews

I think the app’s advertising is quite misleading. They promise to pay you to participate in tournaments but don’t explain that you might lose money.

Also, the fact that most players lose games consecutively is a massive red flag. I wouldn’t recommend this app if you aim to make money. 

But if you’re an avid Solitaire gamer, it might be an excellent way to pass the time and relax.

How Does Solitaire King Work?

I downloaded the Solitaire King app and explored it for this review. Overall, the app is easy to navigate, and you can cash out in just a few steps.

This is how to start your income-generating journey with Solitaire King:

1. Download Solitaire King

You can download the Solitaire King app for free on the App Store. 

Unfortunately, Solitaire King isn’t available for Android devices. However, if you’re passionate about it, consider downloading an APK version.

Keep in mind that you must be above 18 to use this app. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app successfully, create an account and an avatar. You must also create a username which will be displayed in tournaments.

Solitaire King may also require you to provide personal information, including your email address and payment details.

2. Play Free Solitaire Games

After signing up, you’re taken through a tutorial to show you how the app works and how to play.  

You can participate in free tournaments if you aim to play games without depositing or earning any money. 

If you accumulate enough gems, you can use them to enter some cash tournaments to win cash prizes.

However, since the cash prizes for such tournaments are small, the only way to earn s significant amount is to deposit your money to buy into the cash tournaments.

If you plan to compete in cash tournaments but aren’t conversant with Solitaire, free games offer an excellent opportunity to practice and hone your skills.

3. Compete in Cash Tournaments

Its multiplayer cash tournaments are the primary way to earn cash on Solitaire King. As mentioned, these tournaments require an entry fee to participate.

You can deposit your buy-in through PayPal or a credit card. Luckily, the app offers various deposit discounts you can take advantage of.

The tournaments typically involve around 8-20 players, and the buy-in cost ranges from about $10 to $20. 

The entry fee amount determines the cash prize. Some may be as less as $5, while other prize pools may amount to as much as $100.

Each round in a tournament takes about five minutes. Your aim is to clear the cards on the tableau and arrange them in descending order, from King to Ace, before time runs out.

Each player is given the same deck to ensure a fair game. Also, you’re matched to players with the same skill level as you. The top three players split the cash prize while the rest lose their buy-in.

Therefore, to succeed in this game, your gameplay strategies must be carefully thought through to avoid losing cash. 

Participating in and winning paid tournaments can earn crowns that improve your leaderboard ranking. 

A higher rank means you get access to cash tournaments with larger prizes. Some contests have prize pools as high as $10,000. 

You must be among the top three in every game to maintain a high rank to win high cash rewards.

4. Earn Bonuses

In addition to participating in cash tournaments and playing free games to accumulate gems, you can maximize your income on Solitaire King by earning bonuses within the app. 

You can earn free money and gems by:

  • Logging into Solitaire King daily to collect daily rewards
  • Watching in-game ads for money
  • Spinning the Bronze wheel
  • Maintaining a high rank on leaderboards
  • Referring friends.

While these are great ways to make extra cash, they don’t pay much. Relying solely on these methods isn’t an effective strategy.

Furthermore, you must be among the best players to earn the leaderboard rewards, which is hard to achieve since the chances of getting on the leaderboard are slim. 

You must be willing to invest significant time in the app to secure a spot on the leaderboard.

The most effective method of making money on Solitaire King is depositing cash to buy into paid tournaments.

5. Withdraw Your Earnings

Solitaire King allows you to cash out once you reach the withdrawal minimum of $3. The primary cashout method on the app is PayPal.

The upside is that PayPal is reliable, so the process of cashing out on Solitaire King is straightforward.

How Much Can You Make With Solitaire King?

The amount you can earn on Solitaire King mainly depends on the tournaments you choose to participate in and their respective entry fees. 

The cash prizes in free tournaments are small, typically between $1 and $3 per game. Cash tournaments are the real deal since they have more significant cash prizes. 

Most tournaments with entry fees between $10 and $20 have prize pools ranging from $5 to $100.  

Besides, if you play your cards right and maintain a position among the top three players on the leaderboards, you can enter tournaments with prize pools of up to $10,000.

Generally, Solitaire King is an excellent way to earn free PayPal money. However, it’s more of a gamble than a game based on skill. 

One risk factor associated with Solitaire King is that losing a game means forfeiting your buy-in, which may result in losing more than you earn.

Plus, the cash prize is divided among the top three players. So even if you win the tournament, you may earn less than expected.

Tips for Making More Money With Solitaire King

Here are some tips for maximizing your income on Solitaire King:

  • Utilize in-game power-ups: Take advantage of the power-ups offered within the Solitaire King games to maximize your earnings. Some useful ones include undo, extra card, and the bomb.
  • Maintain a high leaderboard rank: A high rank on the app gives you access to more significant rewards and tournaments. Also, you only get a portion of the cash prize if you’re among the top three players.  
  • Complete the game in time: Since Solitaire King is a race against time, completing the game before the time runs out is vital to increase your chances of winning. You also get additional points for finishing a game early.
  • Play free games to hone your skills: To avoid losing money in cash tournaments, acquiring a suitable skill set to win games is crucial. Consider playing free games to practice and improve your skill for better chances of winning games.
  • Earn bonuses: Another way to maximize your earnings on Solitaire King is using the app’s incentive system. The app rewards you for logging in daily, referring your friends, and spinning the wheel. The bonuses are usually minor, but they offer a great opportunity to increase your earnings.

Pros & Cons of Solitaire King


  • The Solitaire King tournaments are fun
  • The app is free
  • The withdrawal minimum is low
  • Cashing out via PayPal is easy
  • There are no ads


  • You may lose your money if you lose a game
  • Most players claim to be matched to bots instead of real players
  • You must invest a lot of time to maintain a high leaderboard ranking
  • Solitaire King is unavailable for Android devices
  • You must invest your money to enter cash tournaments

The Best Solitaire King Alternatives

While Solitaire King offers a great opportunity to make money with your phone, especially if you enjoy playing card games for cash, the fact that you have to risk your money is a huge downside for me. 

If you’re unwilling to buy into cash tournaments, you can play free games, but the disadvantage is that these games have small prize pools. 

You may earn just a few cents in free games since even if you win, you must share the cash prize with the players who come in the second and third places. 

There are many get-paid-to websites that pay you to complete a few tasks online, like playing games, answering surveys, and shopping. 

With these GPT sites, you don’t have to risk your money. Here are some of the best Solitaire King alternatives:

  • Branded Surveys: This reward app lets you earn PayPal money by answering online surveys.
  • Kashkick: A website that allows you to make money by downloading and testing apps. You can also use this app if you’re an avid gamer since they have great gaming offers for up to $125. 
  • Swagbucks: One of the best reward apps to try is Swagbucks. It provides numerous ways to make money, such as shopping, playing games, surfing the web, and answering surveys. You earn a $10 sign-up bonus when you create an account.
  • InboxDollars: Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars provides diverse money-making methods. For instance, you can make money on this app by playing games, reading emails, and taking surveys. Plus, they have a $5 sign-up bonus.
  • Money Well: With Money Well, you can play various cash games, ranging from adventure to casual, for PayPal money and Amazon gift cards.
  • Mistplay: This is one of the best Android gaming apps that pay you to play your favorite games. 
  • Cash Giraffe: Are you an avid gamer seeking ways to make money online? Cash Giraffe has an exciting variety of games ranging from strategic to arcade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solitaire King a Scam?

No, Solitaire King is a legit gaming app that pays you to face off against opponents in solitaire games. The game has many positive App Store reviews, showing it pays.

The main disadvantage of Solitaire King is that you must be willing to risk your money to earn a significant income. 

Cash tournaments are the primary way to earn money on the platform, but you must pay an entry fee. 

You must be skilled and have an excellent strategy to avoid losing money. The best part is if you master good gameplay skills, you may win a cash prize of up to $10,000.

Can You Win Real Money on Solitaire King?

Yes, winning money on Solitaire King is possible with the right gameplay strategy. However, remember that you lose your money if you lose a game. 

How Do You Play Solitaire King?

Solitaire King is a captivating modern version of Klondike Solitaire. Generally, the aim is to stack your cards by suit, from Ace to King, into the foundation piles at the top left of the board.

The tableau is made up of seven piles. You must drag the cards within the tableau to create stacks arranged from King to Ace and alternating colors.

Once you’ve used all your face-up cards, you can use the cards in your stockpile to complete building the foundation stacks.

Each round is five minutes, so you must stack your cards quickly to earn more points. Finishing early earns you a time bonus.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering if Solitaire King is legit, I hope my review has answered your question and helped determine if it meets your expectations. 

Before you venture into this app’s money-making possibilities, it’s essential to consider the risk of losing your money. 

However, this can be a fun side hustle if you enjoy risks and challenges. If not, I recommend using other GPT sites that don’t take your money.

You can increase your earning potential by using multiple apps simultaneously.

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