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Is DoorDash Safe in 2024? (For Customers and Drivers)

Is DoorDash Safe

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Is DoorDash safe? If you’re considering driving apps to make money or are a customer planning to order food with DoorDash, it’s natural to think about your safety and security. 

When ordering food with DoorDash, you need to be guaranteed that the food won’t be tampered with and will arrive in the same condition as when it left the restaurant. 

If you’re considering driving for DoorDash to make money on the side, you need to know what measures the platform has taken to guarantee your safety. Additionally, you also need to consider steps you can take to keep yourself safe. 

In this post, we’ll go over DoorDash’s safety rules and protocols, which are put in place to ensure the security of both customers and drivers. 

With the information here, you should be able to decide whether DoorDash is a suitable side hustle or delivery service for you.

Is DoorDash Safe?

Yes, DoorDash is safe for both customers and delivery drivers. It has plenty of safety rules and precautions that ensure the Dashers are protected on the job, and the food gets to the customer without tampering.

The DoorDash background check is one of the measures that ensure only vetted people are driving for DoorDash. This helps to put the customer’s mind at ease.

The platform also has very strict rules for handling food, which ensures the customer’s order is not tampered with.

DoorDash also has a Dasher rating system where customers and drivers can rate their delivery experiences and report any abusive drivers or customers. This way, all disputes are handled and the proper measures taken.

Is DoorDash Safe for Customers?

As one of the biggest food delivery platforms in North America, DoorDash has measures in place to ensure the safety of its customers. Overall, DoorDash is just as safe as other food delivery platforms.

One way to tell whether DoorDash is safe for customers is to look at reviews on trusted sites like Reddit and Trustpilot to see what customers say about their experience with the platform.

Here are a few comments from DoorDash customers on a Reddit thread:

  • Mala14: “It’s very safe! I order often and don’t have problems with tampering! There’s always going to be the very very few that do tamper, very low chance of somebody tampering with your food!”
  • Daddysgirl967: “Most places seal their bags so drivers can’t mess with food anyway. But most people are just here to make money. They don’t know you and have no desire to hurt you. They just want a tip.”
  • Puffybudgie: “As a dasher and a person who orders Uber Eats, I think it’s safe to say that you don’t need to worry about it. The worst-case scenario would be that a dasher eats your food and doesn’t deliver it. Unless you got a hit man tracking you down, you’re safe!”

Customer safety is one of the top priorities, which is why DoorDash has tons of precautions and safety practices. 

Here are some of the DoorDash safety practices that ensure customer’s safety:

Dashers Must Pass a Background Check

Every DoorDash driver must pass a background check before they’re approved to start driving for DoorDash.

DoorDash partners with Checkr, a company that checks both criminal history and vehicle history. Candidates with a problematic criminal history or a major vehicle infraction in their background are not accepted.

These background checks are one of the measures that put customers at ease, as DoorDash only hires safe and reliable drivers.

Food Is Delivered in Sealed Bags

Most restaurants seal their food orders in the bag before it’s given to the driver, which makes it a lot harder for the Dasher to tamper with the food.

The bag is usually sealed with a sticker or stapled shut. While there’s still a chance that the driver might touch the food, it’s more difficult when it’s sealed because the customer will see that the food has been opened.

Additionally, Dashers are prohibited from tampering with the customer’s food, and they wouldn’t risk getting a low rating, as this affects their earning potential. 

Most Dashers are dedicated to providing excellent services to improve or maintain their rating and get a good tip.

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Customer Information is Hidden

While Dashers can call the customer to ask questions about the order, the customer’s actual phone number is hidden. 

When a Dasher makes a call, it is sent through the DoorDash system, and they only see a DoorDash number.

This system works both ways, so even the customer won’t see the Dasher’s number. The customer does not have to worry about getting harassed or receiving spam calls from the drivers.

Most DoorDash scams involve receiving texts claiming to be from DoorDash about a payment problem or delivery issue.

DoorDash keeps customer information, including payment information, hidden. Any texts from anyone claiming to be a Dasher or DoorDash customer rep should be treated as spam.

Contactless Delivery

As a customer, you have the option for contactless delivery, where the Dasher delivers the order to your doorstep and sends a notification that it has arrived. 

You can then pick up the order without interacting with the dasher.

This is a safe way to collect delivery and is more convenient for some people. It’s a simple system that works for most people without the risk of the order being delivered elsewhere or stolen.

Drivers Carry Insulated Food Bags

Every dasher is supposed to use an insulated delivery bag when delivering temperature-sensitive orders. 

This helps to keep the food warm, so the customer doesn’t have to worry about cold meals.

Using an insulated delivery bag is one of the DoorDash driver tips that virtually all dashers use. It helps them provide better customer service and ensure customer satisfaction.

Safety Tips for Customers

While DoorDash has measures to ensure your safety as a customer, you can also take some steps for your peace of mind. 

Here are a few safety tips for DoorDash customers:

1. Check the Delivery Time

The delivery time of your meal is important. If the food is delivered more than two hours after being prepared, you should contact DoorDash about the issue, even if it feels warm.

The meal should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to reach you to avoid spoilage issues. You can reheat the meal based on your preference if it’s not warm enough. 

If you’re not planning to eat the meal immediately, refrigerate it immediately.

2. Look for Signs of Tampering

Restaurants usually seal the order to avoid tampering, so you should check the seal before opening the package. 

If the food appears tampered with, it would be safe to avoid eating it and contact DoorDash with the problem instead.

You should also check the food for any signs of spoilage, such as an off odor or mold. If you notice these signs, contact DoorDash or the restaurant.

3. Don’t Give Out Your Information

You may receive fake texts claiming to be from DoorDash about your order or a payment issue. Sometimes these texts promise a free meal if you click on a link.

These texts are usually from scammers looking to access your information. Don’t click on any links. Also, contact DoorDash immediately so they can help you resolve the problem.

Is DoorDash Safe for Drivers?

If you’re looking for a lucrative side hustle where you work on your schedule, then DoorDash should be one of your top choices. 

And if you have concerns about DoorDash safety, rest assured that measures are in place to ensure your safety while on the job.

DoorDash is a safe delivery platform in general, but you should also consider what other Dashers have to say. Here are a few comments from Dashers on Reddit:

  • Spring_King: “I’ve been doing driving jobs since I was about 18. Mostly in my city so I’m familiar with the bad areas and know what to look out for while driving/delivering.”
  • Hittman13: “It depends on the area you’re working, but I think it’s usually safe during the day in most areas.”
  • Jonn1017: “Know your areas, avoid bad ones at night. Always try to lock the car after getting out to drop off the food.”

While there are risks with any driving job, DoorDash has precautionary measures to help dashers feel safe. 

Here are some of the measures to help keep you safe as a DoorDash driver:

Safety Call Features

DoorDash has a safety policy called SafeDash, an in-app feature that allows Dashers to make emergency calls in case of a problem. 

This safety platform is designed to address any problems that may come up during delivery.

If you’re delivering and find yourself unsafe for any reason, you can use the feature in two ways:

  • Safety Reassurance Call: By pressing a button, you can request a call from an available ADT agent. The agent will remain on the call with you until you’re safe. If, for some reason, the situation escalates, the agent will contact 911 and give them your GPS location.
  • Emergency Assistance Button: When you hit this button, an ADT agent immediately contacts 911 on your behalf and provides your GPS location. The agent also discreetly stays in contact with you via text, so you don’t have to call attention to yourself if you’re feeling unsafe in your current location.

You can access the SafeDash feature by tapping the little blue shield symbol on the Dasher app.

Contactless Delivery

The contactless delivery system is a safety measure for both the customer and the driver. 

There’s less danger of an altercation or a problem arising if you don’t interact directly with the customer.

Hidden Information

DoorDash hides your personal information, which is a safety measure. Even when you call a customer, they won’t be able to see your phone number. 

This way, you won’t be harassed via phone or text by the customer after delivery.

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Safety Tips for Dashers

Even with the safety precautions in place, it’s also important to take your own measures to ensure safety as you deliver. 

Here are a few safety tips you can use as a Dasher:

1. Use SafeDash

As mentioned above, DoorDash has a safety measure that allows you to call 911 within the app. 

If you ever feel unsafe or threatened while on a delivery run, don’t hesitate to call for help immediately.

2. Practice Sound Judgment

If a delivery order seems sketchy to you, you don’t have to take it. DoorDash allows you to turn down orders, so you don’t have to risk your safety. 

You can even cancel a delivery if you feel unsafe for whatever reason.

Using your judgment will keep you safe as you make deliveries. If you’re ever uncomfortable or in a situation where you’re in danger, contact DoorDash immediately.

3. Always Lock Your Doors

While this may sound like a no-brainer, a simple mistake like leaving your car door unlocked could endanger you.

Ensure you keep your car locked when picking up the order from the restaurant, dropping it off at the customer’s doorstep, and immediately after getting back in.

4. Avoid Dangerous Areas

You should also avoid sketchy neighborhoods. You can look at a map of your city to check the areas with the highest crime rates. 

This way, you can decline orders in those areas, especially at night.

When delivering meals at night, you should also take precautions like wearing a helmet and reflective clothing. You can decline the order if you feel unsafe when delivering at night. 

You shouldn’t risk your safety to increase your DoorDash acceptance rate.

5. Avoid Cash Orders

Try your best to avoid cash orders, as they can expose you to the risk of theft or robbery. If you get an order that involves cash payment, turn it down and take other orders.

6. Stay Alert

As a delivery driver, it’s important always to be aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of any potential threats in your immediate surroundings.

Take time to look around before approaching the customer’s house, and be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary that could pose a danger. 

Sometimes there are dogs in the neighborhood that bite.

7. Use Strong Passwords

When signing up for DoorDash, you should use strong passwords to protect your account and keep it safe from unauthorized parties. 

A hacker may get into your account and use it to extract your personal information, like your home address and financial details.

Ensure your online bank accounts are secured with strong passwords and two-factor authentication where applicable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DoorDash Safe to Use?

Yes, DoorDash is a safe food delivery platform to order meals from your favorite restaurant or fast food chain. DoorDash has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of its customers. 

Based on customer reviews, you shouldn’t have any safety issues using the app.

Is Doordash Safe To Work For?

Many DoorDash drivers have testified that working as a Dasher is safe. The platform has safety precautions that help keep the Dashers safe as well. 

One of the features, SafeDash, is particularly useful in situations where an emergency arises. Dashers are advised to remain vigilant and avoid dangerous situations.

Is Doordash Safe at Night?

While any delivery job at night could be risky, DoorDash is generally safe at night. Both the Dasher and the customer must take safety precautions to ensure their own safety. 

Dashers should remain aware of their surroundings, especially when delivering to dangerous areas. If you feel unsafe, call for help immediately using SafeDash.

Can You Trust Doordash Drivers?

DoorDash drivers must pass a background check before they start delivering meals for the company, so yes, you can trust them. 

Additionally, since the drivers have a rating system, most provide excellent services to get a high rating.

Does Doordash Tamper With Food?

DoorDash has policies that explicitly prohibit the Dashers from tampering with food for whatever reason. 

Dashers are trained to handle every order carefully and deliver the meal to your doorstep fresh and untouched.

Is DoorDash Worth It?

DoorDash is worth it if you’re looking for a flexible side hustle where you make $14 or more per hour. 

It’s a great way to make money on the side, but don’t expect to make enough to quit your day job. 

Your DoorDash earnings are also largely dependent on where you live, so that’s a factor you should consider.

Final Thoughts

Overall, DoorDash is a safe food delivery platform for both customers and dashers. 

As one of the top food delivery services, DoorDash has a reputation to protect and many safety precautions that help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for customers and drivers.

As with any delivery job, there’s still potential for danger, so it’s important to use your judgment and take safety precautions when making a DoorDash run or ordering food.

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