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Can You Use Fake Receipts For Fetch Rewards To Earn More Points?

Fake Receipts for Fetch Rewards

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If you often use reward apps to save money on everyday purchases, then you’ve probably used Fetch Rewards. It’s one of the most popular cash-back apps that rewards you for shopping online.

People try different ways to maximize their points, so maybe you’ve heard of others using fake receipts for Fetch Rewards to earn more points. While this is a popular Fetch Rewards hack among Fetch users, it might not be the best idea.

In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about using fake receipts for Fetch Rewards. I’ll also discuss Fetch’s policy and the risks of using fake receipts so you can decide whether they’re worth using.

In addition, I’ll cover a few safer alternatives, so stick around to find out.

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What Are Fake Receipts for Fetch Rewards?

These are doctored or fabricated receipts that people create and upload to the Fetch Rewards app to earn extra points. It’s one of the Fetch Rewards tricks that has been gaining popularity.

The idea behind using fake receipts is you get free points, so you don’t have to spend anything to earn rewards.

Fake receipts are common among apps like Fetch Rewards, as people try to game the system to their advantage. However, fabricating or altering receipts is illegal and goes against Fetch Rewards’ terms of service.

Fetch is aware of the problem, so they have measures and tools in place to detect fake or doctored receipts. If you’re caught uploading fake receipts, your account will be banned instantly, and you won’t use the app again.

While faking receipts is a popular hack among Fetch Rewards users, it may not be worth the risk.

Types of Fake Receipts for Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards works simply. You upload receipts for purchases ranging from grocery stores to restaurants, and they award you points.

You can scan and upload physical receipts or use e-receipts to earn points. After accumulating the points, you can cash them out for gift cards to Amazon and other popular retailers.

Since Fetch Rewards supports two kinds of receipts, there are two types of fake receipts:

1. Fake Digital Receipts

These are the most popular fake receipts because they’re relatively easy to fabricate or alter.

For fake digital receipts, people typically use photo editing software to doctor original receipts and make counterfeits. Tons of online software and tools make it possible to generate fake receipts in a matter of minutes.

After creating the counterfeits, they scan them physically and upload them to the Fetch Rewards app to earn points.

Generating fake receipts requires photo editing skills, but counterfeit receipts are often very convincing. This is one of the reasons why the method is so popular.

It may be tempting to generate counterfeit receipts, especially since they can be pretty convincing, but Fetch Rewards has sophisticated tools that can detect fake receipts.

If you’re caught by the system trying to upload fake digital receipts, your account will be banned permanently.

2. Fake Paper Receipts

While these are less popular than fake digital receipts, fake paper receipts are still used by some people looking to game the system.

For fake paper receipts, people manipulate and upload altered copies of paper receipts. The text and logo of the receipts are typically altered so people can take advantage of offers they may not qualify for.

Fake paper receipts are usually easier to spot than fake digital receipts, and many people have been caught. In fact, Fetch Rewards has a page where they upload the funniest fake receipts they’ve received.

If in doubt, check the page to see how Fetch Rewards detects fake receipts from people trying to take advantage of their system.

Can Fetch Rewards Detect Fake Receipts?

Like most receipt scanning apps, Fetch Rewards has measures to detect and prevent the submission of altered or fabricated receipts.

With image analysis algorithms, it’s easy to detect alterations, discrepancies, or inconsistencies in the images submitted.

Fetch can also detect fake receipts by verifying the receipt details, like the date, the name of the store, and the items purchased. This helps to confirm that they’re legitimate receipts.

Sometimes the app’s team also manually reviews receipts that raise red flags, so it’s pretty hard to bypass the system.

Some Fetch Rewards users claim to earn free points from fake receipts, but the risk of getting banned may not be worth it.

Here are some warnings from Reddit users:

Fake Receipts for Fetch Rewards

As you can see, chances are high that the fake receipts won’t work, and your Fetch Rewards account will be banned.

You may get the free points, but it’s easy to get caught when attempting to cash out your points for gift cards.

With so many passive income apps out there, spending so much time uploading fake receipts for Fetch Rewards is pointless.

How To Make Fake Receipts for Fetch Rewards

Before looking at how to make fake receipts for Fetch Rewards, it’s important to mention that it’s not the best idea.

Fetch Rewards is a legitimate platform that rewards users for their purchases, and engaging in fraudulent activities could lead to account termination.

There are many safer Fetch Reward hacks that can help you maximize your points without resorting to uploading fake receipts.

With the understanding that uploading fake receipts is illegal and will get your account permanently banned, here are the steps to follow when generating fake receipts:

1. Collect Information

When creating a fake receipt, the first thing is to gather the necessary information. For it to look convincing, it must resemble genuine receipts as much as possible.

You’ll need information such as the store’s name, date of purchase, phone number, address, prices, and any applicable promos or discounts.

For the receipt to appear more authentic, it’s better to go with a popular store.

2. Choose a Receipt Generator Tool

There are many receipt generator software tools online, and they make the generation process a lot easier.

With these tools, you simply need to input your information, and they’ll generate a realistic receipt automatically for you. Some even come with customizable receipt templates to make your work easier.

Some receipt generator tools are free, while others charge a fee, so keep that in mind when selecting your generator tool.

You can even make receipts from scratch if you have good photo editing skills.

3. Create the Receipt

Once you’ve chosen your preferred receipt template, you can customize it using the information collected earlier.

Ensure that all the details included, such as the store name and address, are consistent. You should also pay attention to the colors, fonts, and formatting used in the original receipts.

4. Add the Purchase Details

Ensure you add realistic purchase details to make your receipt more believable.

Ensure their quantities and prices are accurate. Additionally, don’t forget to include applicable promos and discounts.

Always double-check the information so there are no errors or discrepancies.

5. Save the Receipt

After you’ve added all the details and confirmed the accuracy, you can save your receipt or print it out. If printing the receipt, ensure it looks as professional as possible and is as high-quality as the original.

The presentation of your receipt plays a key role in its authenticity. Always ensure the receipts you submit are high-quality and meet Fetch Rewards’ requirements.

The app has sophisticated technology for verifying the authenticity of receipts, so it’s crucial to ensure your fake receipts closely resemble genuine ones to avoid getting detected.

The Best Alternatives To Fake Fetch Rewards Receipts

As mentioned, I don’t recommend using fake receipts to earn extra points on Fetch Rewards. Here’s what you can do instead to maximize your earnings on Fetch:

Use Multiple Reward Apps

There are many apps like Fetch Rewards that reward you with gift cards and even free PayPal money for shopping online.

Here are some of the top cash-back apps you can try:

  • Upside: A receipt-scanning app that rewards you for buying groceries, gas, and other essential items.
  • Pogo: A cash-back app that rewards you in actual cash for shopping. You can cash out your Pogo points via Venmo or PayPal.
  • Drop: An app that rewards you for spending at specific retailers. You can use the Drop app to earn points which you will redeem for gift cards.
  • Rakuten: A popular cash-back app that gives you access to exclusive deals and offers and rewards you for shopping at partner brands.
  • Checkout51: A reward app you can use to find offers and exclusive deals when shopping. Checkout51 also offers cash-back rewards.
  • Capital One Shopping: This shopping extension gives you credits when you make purchases from specific merchants. It applies free coupon codes to help you save as you shop.
  • BeFrugal: This app rewards you in cash for shopping online. You can redeem your cash via Venmo, PayPal, direct deposit, gift card, or mailed check.

Make Use of Fetch Reward Hacks

There are plenty of legitimate Fetch Reward hacks that can help you maximize your points and earn more. Here are some of the top hacks:

  • Refer friends and family to earn bonuses
  • Hit the weekly receipts limit
  • Enter sweepstakes
  • Activate e-receipts
  • Use GoodRx to refill prescriptions
  • Join clubs
  • Use the Fetch app to shop

Use GPT Sites To Get Free Gift Cards

Aside from cash-back sites, you can use get-paid-to sites to make a few extra bucks.

GPT sites reward you for simple tasks like scanning barcodes, watching videos, answering surveys, or playing mobile games.

Here are some of the best GPT websites you can try:

  • Branded Surveys: Earn gift cards and PayPal money for sharing your opinion.
  • Kashkick: Make money by taking surveys, playing games, and trying out new apps and offers.
  • Toluna: Answers surveys and get rewarded for sharing your thoughts.
  • YouGov: Get paid to share your opinion.
  • Opinion Outpost: Answer surveys and earn free gift cards and PayPal cash.
  • Swagbucks: Complete surveys, play video games, surf the web, and read emails for money. And right now, Swagbucks gives new members a $10 sign up bonus.
  • InboxDollars: Get paid to take surveys, shop online, play games, and read emails. It also offers a $5 sign up bonus

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fetch Know if You Use Fake Receipts?

Yes. Fetch Rewards has sophisticated tools and employs various methods to detect fraudulent activities, such as fake receipts.

Using fake receipts is unethical and goes against Fetch Rewards’ terms of service. So, it’s advisable to use the app honestly and use legitimate hacks to earn more points.

Is It Illegal To Use Other People’s Receipts for Fetch Rewards?

It’s not illegal to use other people’s receipts. However, according to Fetch Rewards’ terms of service, you can only scan and upload receipts for purchases you made personally.

Using other people’s receipts is considered fraudulent and could result in your account being suspended or banned.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has shed more light on using fake receipts for Fetch Rewards and why I don’t recommend it.

Using fake receipts to earn points worth $10 is not worth the risk of having your account banned permanently.

There are plenty of legitimate ways to maximize your points on Fetch Rewards, such as referring friends and family or trying multiple receipt-scanning apps.

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