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PlaytestCloud Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

PlaytestCloud Review

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One of the best ways to make quick money is to find an online side hustle. One popular online side gig is signing up for gaming apps that pay.

You’ll find many apps and websites claiming to pay people to play games, but not all of them are legit.

PlaytestCloud is one of the sites where you can get paid to play games. While most GPT sites only reward you with gift cards and coupons, PlaytestCloud pays you cash.

That may sound too good to be true, which is probably why you’re reading this PlaytestCloud review.

In this PlaytestCloud review, I’ll cover everything you need to know before signing up. In the end, you’ll know how it works, how much you can expect to earn, and whether it’s a legit way to make money online.

What Is PlaytestCloud?

PlaytestCloud is a platform or product testing site that pays users to test unreleased mobile games and provide feedback.

Gaming companies are always coming up with new mobile games, and they need testers to make sure their apps are market-ready and user-friendly before they’re released.

PlaytestCloud connects these mobile game developers with testers who can test these apps and provide feedback on the apps’ functionality and overall experience using them.

This way, any app problems can be fixed before they’re released to the market. 


PlaytestCloud is a German-based company that hires testers from the UK, the U.S., and Canada. You don’t have to be a pro gamer to apply for a tester position. 

Most mobile apps are simple games, and the developers are mainly interested in testing their usability. Still, it’s an added advantage if you’re an avid mobile gamer because you get paid to have fun.

PlaytestCloud helps mobile game developers to test their apps in various stages:

  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Soft launch
  • Post-release

These are all important stages of development, and there could be bugs at any stage.

If you’d like to get paid to test apps, then PlaytestCloud is a great platform. But before that, you need to know whether you meet their requirements.

Who Can Join PlaytestCloud?

PlaytestCloud accepts testers from almost any country, but it’s an added advantage if you reside in the U.S., Canada, or the UK.

If you live in other countries, tests may not be available, but you’ll be contacted once opportunities are available.

It’s easy to become a PlaytestCloud tester. Simply visit their official website, and you’ll see the “Become a tester” section.

When you click on it, you’re taken to their registration form, where you’ll fill in personal details like your email address.

You must meet the following requirements to become a PlaytestCloud tester:

  • Age: While it’s not mentioned on their site, you must be 18 or older to have a PayPal account, which they use to pay testers. If you’re under 18, you can have your parent or guardian create an account for you.
  • Device: You need an iPhone 5s or newer or Android 5.0 or newer. You may also need a pair of headphones, a stable internet connection, and a mic.
  • Country: While the company hires testers worldwide, most opportunities go to people in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.
  • Payout requirements: You must have a verified PayPal account.
  • Other requirements: Fluency in English, as most tests are in English.

How Does PlaytestCloud Work?

PlaytestCloud is the bridge between game developers and testers. They give mobile game developers access to testers who meet their particular profiles.

The testers get to earn free PayPal money while the developers get the feedback they need to improve their apps.

If you’d like to sign up as a PlaytestCloud tester, the whole process is straightforward. Follow the following simple steps:

1. Check Your Eligibility

Before you can sign up to be a PlaytestCloud tester, you need to know whether you meet their requirements. 

As we’ve covered above, you must be fluent in English, live in the U.S., UK, or Canada, and have a compatible phone. Additionally, you should be comfortable speaking out loud as you test the games.

Even if you don’t live in the three countries, you can still sign up, and PlaytestCloud will contact you when testing opportunities are available.

2. Sign Up

If you meet all the requirements, you can go ahead and register. On their website, you’ll find the tester section, where you can start your application process.

You’ll be required to provide information like:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • The games you enjoy playing (both mobile and PC games)
  • Your phone’s model
  • Your country
  • Your age and gender

After filling in the information, you must agree to the Privacy Policy and terms of service to submit your application. The application process barely takes two minutes.

3. Take the Qualification Test

Before you’re accepted to become a PlaytestCloud tester, you must pass their qualification test. 

The test is designed to onboard new testers. You’ll learn how to test mobile games and what kind of feedback the app developers expect from you.

This is a short test that won’t take more than 5 minutes. The process is very beginner-friendly.

All you have to do is play the test game and verbally give your thoughts and honest feedback. It’s an unpaid test, so there’s low pressure.

If you’d like to increase your chances of passing the test, talk continuously as you use the app, mentioning the features you like and those you don’t.

Remember to provide honest feedback as opposed to giving positive comments only. The developer needs to know what about their app should be improved.

If you pass the test, you can start testing games. If you fail, PlaytestCloud will give you feedback on what you can do better to improve your score.

The test is free, and you can take it however many times you want.

4. Receive Test Invites

As an approved tester, you’ll receive emails from PlaytestCloud regarding testing opportunities. These emails are sent irregularly, as they depend on the availability of the opportunities. 

The email you receive will have the following information:

  • The app to be tested and a link you’ll use to download it
  • Instructions on how to play the game and how you’ll upload your recording
  • A post-test survey that you must complete to receive payment
  • Payment information

PlaytestCloud often offers small bonuses for things like talking for a percentage of the test session and uploading your recordings quickly.

So if you want to maximize your earnings, talk as much as possible about the app as you test it, and upload the session quickly.

Some of the things you can mention about the app include:

  • The UI (user interface) elements you like and don’t like
  • Anything that confuses you
  • Any bugs you come across
  • Suggestions about improving certain features

5. Get Paid for Completed Tests

Every email about an app to be tested also has payment information, so you can choose the ones that seem worth it.

You’ll need to install special software on your phone that will record your voice, screen, and touch to provide meaningful feedback to the developers about your experience using the app.

Sometimes the email will also include specific instructions from the client about in-game tasks you must complete. Ensure you follow all the instructions. 

Every testing session will take roughly 15 minutes. There are no deadlines for tests unless specified. However, try to complete the tests as soon as possible to earn bonuses and claim more tests.

After uploading your session, PlaytestCloud will approve it if you provide meaningful feedback. After approval, you’ll be paid for the test via PayPal. 

The payment process typically takes a couple of days after an approved testing session, and there’s no minimum cashout threshold.

Is PlaytestCloud Legit?

Yes, PlaytestCloud is a legitimate app-testing platform that connects app developers with testers. The company has received thousands of positive reviews and payment proof, meaning it’s not a scam. However, the tests can be inconsistent, so don’t quit your day job just yet.

With so many scamming apps and sites, it’s natural to be skeptical of a platform that promises to pay you real cash to play games.

But, with PlaytestCloud, you have nothing to worry about. 

Here are some of the green flags:

  • The company has a physical location in Berlin and has contact information on its website.
  • There are tons of positive PlaytestCloud reviews online
  • They have a privacy policy and terms of service pages
  • You don’t have to pay anything to sign up as a tester
  • They’re upfront about how the platform works and how much you can earn as a tester
  • Payments are made several times a week via PayPal, with no minimum cashout threshold

How Much Does PlaytestCloud Pay?

Our PlaytestCloud review would be incomplete without covering the earning potential. According to their site, you can earn approximately $9 for every 15-minute test session. The longer the session, the higher the pay. 

PlaytestCloud also mentions that testers who consistently provide high-quality work can access higher-paying tests.

The amount is processed a few days after your test sessions have been approved, and you can cash out whatever amount you want.

PlaytestCloud’s true earning potential comes down to how often you’re invited to test apps, which is something you can’t control. It depends on the number of clients your profile matches.

All you can do is provide high-quality feedback for every app to increase your chances at higher-paying testing gigs.

PlaytestCloud claims it sends out more than 100,000 test requests daily, but there are many testers, so you can’t expect consistent invites.

Given the low earning potential, working as a PlaytestCloud tester is a fun side hustle you can do in your free time, not a full-time job.

Still, PlaytestCloud is one of the reward apps with the highest earning potential. Most sites only pay you in skins and gift cards, while PlaytestCloud pays you real cash.

PlaytestCloud Reviews From Real Users

One of the best ways to find out more about the legitimacy of an app is to read reviews from real users.

Use trusted sources like Reddit and Trustpilot, as some scamming sites may have fake positive reviews.

Reddit has tons of honest reviews from PlaytestCloud users, and the consensus is that the platform is legit and it pays out. The main complaint is there aren’t enough testing opportunities.

Here are a couple of PlaytestCloud reviews from Reddit:

  • GoldStandard785 says: “It’s fun if you like games and don’t mind rambling constantly while you play them. My schedule makes it really hard to do most of the tests I get, so I pretty much don’t do anything over 15-20 min, but I’ve always had good experiences. Really quick payouts straight to PayPal. Definitely solid beer money.”
  • Embarrassed_Log_1202 says: “Definitely a good site! Most tests I get sent are between $13-15 for 30 min, so pretty much close to a livable wage.”
  • UnrealWeirdo says: “The tests that’s 30 minutes I get are $10-$20. If it’s an hour or above it’s $50+. I would say I probably get close to 10 invites per month.”
PlaytestCloud Reddit

As shown above, other PlaytestCloud users know it’s legitimate. The only problem is testing invites are not guaranteed, and sometimes you can go for months without an invite.

As shown above, other PlaytestCloud users know it’s legitimate. The only problem is testing invites are not guaranteed, and sometimes you can go for months without an invite.

Pros and Cons of PlaytestCloud

If you’re considering signing up for PlaytestCloud, weigh the pros and cons of the platform to make an informed decision. 


  •  Free to sign up
  • Relatively high earning potential
  • You earn actual cash via PayPal
  •  Quick payouts
  • No cashout threshold
  • Accepts users from many countries


  • Limited to a few countries
  • Limited earning opportunities

Other Apps Like PlaytestCloud 

If you’re looking for other apps like PlaytestCloud to boost your earnings potential, here are some options to consider:

  • UserTesting: A platform that rewards users for testing websites and mobile apps (not just games). Like PlaytestCloud, you must speak aloud as you conduct the tests.
  • TryMyUI: Website usability testing platform where you’ll get paid to test apps and websites. It’s a safe and legitimate platform where you can earn money by giving honest feedback to developers.
  • Game Tester: This is a game testing and user research platform where you can sign up to test games and help developers improve them before release.
  • Userlytics: A UX-testing platform that helps government agencies, startups, non-profits, and enterprises optimize user experience by connecting them to testers.
  • Appen: This platform is slightly different from the rest, as it’s more about model evaluation, data annotation, and data sourcing. You’ll need to conduct in-depth internet research.
  • UserCrowd: This is a testing website where you provide honest feedback on new apps and websites, just like TryMyUI.
  • TestingTime: Become a paid UX test user on TestingTime. The platform matches you to clients based on your profile.

If you’d like to get paid to download apps, try sites like Rewarded Play. You can also sign up for paid survey sites like Branded Surveys to make extra cash in your free time.

To maximize your earnings, sign up for several testing gigs to always have options when PlaytestCloud is slow.

TryMyUI and UserTesting are two of my favorite PlaytestCloud alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PlaytestCloud Safe?

PlaytestCloud is safe to use. You don’t have to provide a lot of personal information; they clarify what the app developer sees when they receive completed tests from you.

This information includes your first name, age, country, gender, and the games you play.

Can You Earn Money from PlaytestCloud?

Yes. PlaytestCloud pays its users’ real cash via PayPal. Payments are processed thrice a week, and you can cash out whatever amount you want.

Once you complete a test and it’s approved, payment is processed within a few days, and the amount will reflect in your PayPal account.

Is PlaytestCloud Real or Fake?

PlaytestCloud is a real, legitimate platform where you get paid to test mobile gaming apps.

Based on positive reviews from real users on reputable sites like Reddit, PlaytestCloud is a trustworthy platform that actually pays you to test games.

What Is the Payment Method for PlaytestCloud?

All PlaytestCloud payments are made through PayPal. You need a verified PayPal account to sign up as a PlaytestCloud tester.

Once you complete a test and it’s approved, you can expect to be paid within three days.

Does PlaytestCloud Record Your Face?

PlaytestCloud employs a special software that records you as you play the game and share your thoughts and feedback.

This software records your screen, voice, and sometimes your face.

Is PlaytestCloud Worth It?

If you’re a fan of mobile games and you have extra time to spend, then PlaytestCloud is the perfect platform for you. You get to make money doing what to enjoy.

However, you shouldn’t expect to earn thousands of dollars as the testing opportunities can be few and far between.

How Does PlaytestCloud Make Money?

App developers who need their games tested pay PlaytestCloud, and the company shares a portion of the amount with you as the game tester. 

When you sign up, you’re not a PlaytestCloud employee but an independent contractor. PlaytestCloud only serves as the bridge between developers and testers.

Final Thoughts

PlaytestCloud is a safe and legitimate platform where you can sign up to get paid for testing new mobile gaming apps.

If you enjoy mobile games and don’t mind sharing your opinions with developers, PlaytestCloud is worth it.

While PlaytestCloud’s pay is pretty decent, it’s not the best idea for a lucrative side hustle.

If you want to make a lot of money, pair it with other GPT sites and apps or try gig economy apps like TaskRabbit and DoorDash.

Lydia is a personal finance expert and the founder of Sproutinue, a personal finance site helping you find legit ways to make money, save money, and achieve financial freedom. She has been featured on various major financial publications, including Investopedia, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, and more.

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