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Is Left Hand Itching Lottery Luck?

Left hand itching

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You’ve heard a lot about money-related superstitions, and one of the most popular is hand itching. Some believe left hand itching could be a sign that money is coming your way, while others believe you’ll lose money. So if your left hand is itching, should you buy a lottery ticket?

Read on to learn more about hand itching (both right and left), what it means for both males and females, and what it could mean for your finances. Other superstitions related to money are also covered, so stick around till the end.

Left Hand Itching Meaning

An itchy left hand is widely regarded as a good sign for your finances. It’s a popular superstition that left hand itching means money is coming your way. Different cultures in the world have different beliefs regarding itchy palms. Left hand itching in one symbolizes an inflow of cash while the other means you’re going to lose money.

The meaning of an itchy left hand could be different depending on where your palm was when it was happening and whether you’re male or female. While this might seem like a silly superstition to some, the majority of people believe in at least one or two superstitions. So which hand is lucky for money for males or females?

Left Hand Itching Female: What Does It Mean?

According to the Hindu religion, if you’re a female, left hand palm itching means you’ll soon receive some money. This is slightly different from other itchy palm superstitions, where it is believed that left hand itching is a sign that you’ll lose money. However, even according to astrology, it is a positive sign to have your left palm itching as a female.

Left Hand Itching Male: What Does It Mean?

For men, an itchy left palm is an unlucky sign. It signifies the loss or outflow of cash, according to ancient beliefs. So as a man, if your left palm or hand is itching, take time to think rationally and take caution in all matters related to your money. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to avoid gambling, the share market, and the lottery.

In some instances, it’s not a cause for alarm. You might notice your left palm getting itchy the same day you’re supposed to pay a regular bill. It might simply be a sign that you should pay your mortgage, credit card loans or any expenditure due on car maintenance, or other assets.

Left Hand Itching Superstition

Superstition is any belief or practice that makes it possible for you to explain events that may seem random or inexplicable. Believing in superstition gives you a semblance of control over outcomes that are otherwise out of your control. How else would you explain wearing your team’s jersey inside out for good luck, or knocking on wood to ward off bad luck?

Superstitious beliefs are universal. Even in this modern world, people believe in superstitions, regardless of age, religion, or education. Most of these superstitions are deeply rooted in ancient traditions and beliefs.

Like most superstitions, left hand itching has deep roots. Is it just an old wives’ tale? What’s the origin of the left hand itching belief? Is left hand itching spiritual?

The origin of this belief dates back to the Saxons, a Germanic tribe in England that lived in the United Kingdom back in the 5th century. They used to use silver as a cure for most of their topical diseases, so they would rub it on their skin. After a while, the act of rubbing silver on one’s skin transformed into the belief that having an itch meant that you would receive silver or money soon.

Spiritually, having an itchy palm indicates how you’re interacting with the world and the energies surrounding you. We manifest our reality through our hands. Itchy hands could indicate a vibrational shift. So the tingling sensation you get can help you sense an energy shift in your environment.

Your left hand is associated with feminine energy and your intuition, so if you feel your left hand is itching, it might be an indication that you’re tapped into your intuition at that moment. Meditation and journaling are great ways to open yourself up to the universe to receive its messages.

My Right Palm Is Itching: What Does That Mean?

It’s widely believed that an itchy right palm could indicate that you’ll lose money. It’s also believed that you can stop it by putting your itchy palm on a piece of wood. This is actually the source of the saying “touch wood.” Traditionally, touching wood is a way to transfer all the bad energy causing the itch.

While an itchy right palm could be a bad sign for females, it’s a good sign for men. It mostly foretells the future of unexpected money coming in. 

So an itchy right palm for a man could mean you’ll get better deals than you would have expected that day, or maybe your money that was stuck somewhere will come through. If you’re going to do any gambling, market share investment, or the lottery, use discretion to avoid making bad financial decisions.

Causes of Itchy Palms

Itchy palms are mainly related to superstitions, but there could be legitimate medical reasons why your palms are itching. Some of the most common causes include:

Dry Skin

Dry skin can be quite irritating, which often causes itching. This could result from winter weather which makes your skin dry out. You can relieve this by simply applying moisturizing lotion.

Allergic Reactions

If you touch something you’re allergic to, you may experience itchy palms. In some cases, the itching will start way after you touch the allergen. Luckily, you can easily treat this using an antihistamine or allergy medication. You can also use an antihistamine lotion.

Skin Damage

There are certain chemicals and substances that can irritate your hands’ skin, which is quite sensitive. You can also damage your skin by brushing or scrubbing, which causes dryness and itching. You can prevent skin damage by avoiding harsh chemicals or brushing your hands too hard.


This is a common skin condition that causes the uncontrolled growth of skin cells. The extra skin cells cannot slough off naturally, so they accumulate on your skin surface. This does not typically affect the palms. You can treat the condition using lotions and over-the-counter steroid ointments.


Eczema, also known as Atopic dermatitis, is a condition that causes skin itching. It may also cause colored skin patches in the affected area. In severe cases, a person may develop tiny bumps that burst and leak fluid. This is a condition that often comes and goes. Eczema can also be treated using lotions and steroids. In some cases, the condition will require prescription medications.

Itchy palms are uncomfortable and irritating but rarely indicate an underlying medical issue. Taking good care of your skin is enough to prevent itchy palms.

Winning Lottery Numbers for a Left Hand Itching

A woman named Mary Shammas, 73 shocked people when she won $64 million in the lottery. She was on the bus when her palm started itching, so when she got off, she bought a lottery ticket, believing the itchy palm to be a good sign, and it was!

People were then interested to know what numbers she used to win the lottery. In her case, she used 5, 14, 17, 19, and 24, based on the birthdays of close family members. If you feel your left hand itching and believe you might win the lotto, try using your family’s birthdays, and you might be just as lucky.

Cases of Itchy hands and Lottery Luck

It’s understandable to be skeptical of this belief. After all, there is no logical connection between an itchy palm and financial luck. This is a personal belief, but some people swear by it, having won the lottery themselves.

A Baltimore woman by the name of Lucy won $50,000 in the lottery after three of her daughters told her that their hands had been itching that day. The family believes that itchy palms are a sign of good luck, so she went out and bought a lottery ticket immediately. When she got home, her daughter scratched off the ticket, and to their surprise, Lucy had won the top prize of $50,000.

Another couple in Silver Spring, MD, also won $50,000 in the lottery after having itchy hands. The wife’s hand began itching at night, and when she told her husband, he said he had been experiencing the same thing. So the next day, he bought a $5 ticket and later gave it to his wife to scratch off. They were only doing it for the laughs, and could not believe it when they won $50,000.

The West Australian also covered a story of a man who won $928,000 in the lottery. The man said he remembered his palms being itchy the night before the draw, but he didn’t really think much of it. There was only one WA winner that weekend, and it turned out to be him. He only told his wife the great news after confirming with the Lotterywest HQ.

In another interesting story, Jacquette Prater, a Flint, Michigan resident, told the lottery officials her hand was itching that Tuesday night’s drawing when she won. She had been playing Mega Millions for a couple of weeks before the fateful night.

There is no way to guarantee that you will win the lotto every time your hand itches, but many people believe in superstition. So even doing it for fun is reason enough. On the plus side, you could end up winning thousands of dollars.

Other Body Parts Superstitions

What if other parts of your body itch? Here’s what they mean:

  • Itchy forehead: This could mean luck or sickness.
  • Itchy eyes: An itchy right eye is a good sign, while an itchy left hand is bad luck.
  • Left eyebrow itching: An itching left eyebrow means someone is wishing you ill.
  • Itchy nose: When your nose itches, it means you’ll meet a new person soon.
  • Itchy lip: It could be a good and bad sign. Someone is about to kiss you or speak ill of you.
  • Itchy chin: This is believed to happen before life changes. 
  • Itchy neck:  An itchy neck could mean illness in your family. 
  • Itchy thumb: It could mean money is coming to your or intuition sign of evil.
  • Itchy ring finger: You will get married soon.
  • Itchy wrist: This is also a sign of losing or receiving money. It could also mean you should set boundaries if your right wrist itches or let nature happen if your left wrist itch.
  • Itchy elbows: This means you’re likely going to get a new partner or build a strong relationship with someone. 
  • Right knee itching: An itchy right knee means your journey will be a happy one, while an itchy left knee means you’ll have a bad journey.
  • Itchy back: This means disappointment is coming your way.
  • Itchy feet: Having itchy feet mean you’re about to travel somewhere.

What Are Other Money-related Superstitions?

While most people claim they don’t believe in superstitions, you must admit you feel a little scared when a black cat crosses your path, or when you break a mirror. So what are other money-related superstitions you can incorporate into your life for good luck?

1. New Year’s Eve tradition

There is a tradition in Latino culture where you should have money in your hand the moment the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s. This way, you prosper economically in the coming year. So next time you’re counting down to the new year, how about having some money in your hand for good luck?

2. Wishing Well

The wishing well is quite a popular superstition. This is one of the rare instances where money is leaving you in a good way. You throw money in the well and make a wish. You’re not supposed to tell anyone what you wish for, or else it won’t come true.

3. Avoid Putting Your Purse on the Floor

This is an ancient tradition among the Chinese. According to them, putting your handbag or purse on the flow signifies disrespect for your money. They have a saying for it: “A purse on the floor is money out the door.”

So if you tend to leave your purse lying around anywhere, you might want to reconsider, just in case. Come to think of it, handling your money with respect is a good show of discipline when it comes to money management. You can’t really accrue wealth if you treat money recklessly.

4. Do Not Pick up All Pennies

We’ve all heard that picking up a penny is a sign of good luck, but not all pennies bring good fortune. According to tradition, you’re only supposed to pick up pennies that are lying heads up. Picking up a tails penny brings you bad luck instead.

5. Money Attracts Money

The meaning of this saying has been expanded and applied to financial principles, but it is based on an old Greek tradition. If you want more money in your wallet or pocket, consider keeping a few coins in there. If your pocket or wallet is empty, then get ready to lose money. So it’s a good idea to always keep a little something in your pocket or wallet.

6. A Bird Pooping on Your Head

It’s a widely held belief that if a bird poops on your head, it’s a sign of good luck. This is based on an old Italian belief. While this is not the most appealing of ways to have good fortune, it might cheer you up the next time you find yourself on the business end of bird poop.

7. Keeping Certain Foods in Your Wallet

In some cultures, certain types of food are good for your finances. A good example is lentils. In the Czech Republic, it’s believed that eating lentils on New Year’s brings you good fortune in the coming year. Italians eat lentils and sausage on New Year’s Eve for good luck.

The Czech also have an interesting custom: they put fish scales under their dinner plates or table cloth. It’s believed that since fish scales are similar to silver coins, they symbolize prosperity and will bring wealth to the home.

The French also believe that handling bread the wrong way brings you hunger and poverty.

8. Whistling While Working

In Russia, it’s believed that whistling at home scares away the guardian angels that protect you. If they leave, you won’t have anyone preventing your fortune from leaving you.

In Russia, it’s also believed that being optimistic about future financial success invites financial bad luck, so it’s best to remain silent.

9. Spilling Coffee

The Greeks believe that spilling coffee is a sign that you’ll be rich soon. So the next time you’re berating yourself for being clumsy, keep in mind that it could be a good sign.

10. Keeping the Toilet Lid Down

Feng Shui experts believe that keeping your toilet lid closed puts you in a mindset where you can prevent prosperity from “going down the drain.”

Final Thoughts

There are countless superstitions all over the world that give us a sense of control over our future and fortune. It is up to you to choose what you believe in and how you’ll act based on those beliefs. If your left hand itching makes you feel lucky, then by all means, go buy a lottery ticket.

All superstitions seem to have one thing in common: you must be open to receiving good fortune or good luck for it to happen. Do what you have to do and embrace whatever the universe has coming your way. Still, it’s important to exercise caution to avoid making costly mistakes.

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