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37 Hottest Subscription Box Business Ideas for 2024

Subscription Box Business Ideas

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Picture this: your family has been happier and more connected since you introduced weekly game nights to your routine. 

However, you’re almost done with the last puzzle game you were exploring. What now?

As you rack your brains on what to do, you discover a subscription box business that delivers new games to your doorstep every month. Perfect timing!

This is just a sneak peek into the convenience of subscription box businesses to consumers. Delivering what they need in the nick of time is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Other perks of subscription box businesses that make them an excellent entrepreneurial idea include:

  • Recurring need: It’s possible to predict future income.
  • Personalization: You can tailor them to meet specific customer needs. 
  • Emotional connection: Inspires loyalty in customers. 

But puzzle games aren’t the only options in the venture. Numerous subscription box business ideas are worth exploring.

But how do you decide what to sell? How much will you need to set up a subscription box business? Most importantly, how do you attract and retain customers?

Keep reading to learn everything about this venture in this fast-paced world of side hustles.

What Is a Subscription Box Business? 

A subscription box business is a money-making venture in which customers pay a certain price for goods and services at recurring intervals, such as a month. 

Here’s how this business model works in a nutshell:

  • You choose a niche, e.g., food, self-care, or fitness. 
  • Next, you select the products you’ll offer within your niche to address your target audience’s pain points.
  • From there, you market your business and gain a few customers to subscribe and pay the first installment.
  • It’s time for the first batch of deliveries. You pick out several products unique to each customer and deliver them to their doorsteps. 
  • Your customers receive your products and pay the final installment.
  • You make your next delivery after the agreed period, say a month. 

The main aims of subscription businesses are to provide consumers with high-quality products at affordable prices and expose them to various products they wouldn’t otherwise buy. 

So, how’s this beneficial to you as a business owner?

The subscription box business model ensures a steady, recurring income. Think about how fulfilling it would be to count on a side hustle to deliver a specific revenue every month without going out of your way. 

This business also enables you to interact with customers and get firsthand feedback, which you can use to improve your offerings. 

However, you must find creative ways to spice up your subscription boxes, leaving your audience thirsting for more. For instance, you can incorporate different themes or add accessories. 

Overall, subscription boxes are in high demand, and implementing the tips mentioned in this article can increase your income potential.  

What You Need To Run a Profitable Subscription Box Business

Starting and running a profitable subscription box business requires proper planning and implementing well-thought-through strategies. 

If you’re considering getting into this business model, here are some of the important things you’ll need:

A Niche 

Like any other venture, you must select a niche before starting a subscription box business. Identify your target audience and determine how to meet their needs. 

Choosing a profitable niche is important, but you must also consider your competition. Conduct thorough research on market trends to find ways to stand out. 


A subscription box business is non-existent without products. You’re not just choosing any product here. You’re selecting those that resonate with your target audience. 

You must partner with reputable suppliers to ensure you deliver nothing short of high quality to your customers. 

A Business Plan 

To succeed in running a subscription box business, you must also develop and adhere to a business plan. 

Formulate strategies to handle finances, customer service, deliveries, and future expansion. 


You need a strong and loyal customer base to run a successful subscription box business. Acquiring your first clients may be challenging, but it’s possible if you’re vigilant about marketing. 

Once you acquire the customers, you must provide exceptional customer service and offer various high-quality products to foster loyalty and encourage referrals.  

The Best Subscription Box Business Ideas 

There are numerous options to choose from when starting a subscription box business. 

To avoid confusion, consider your passions, interests, and capital required to narrow your options. 

Also, there’s nothing wrong with testing different products to determine the best-performing one. However, take care not to lose money and time in the process. 

Here are some excellent subscription box business ideas your target audience will love!

1. Books 

Millions of book lovers exist, and the number increases daily. Starting a book subscription box business is an excellent idea because there’s a ready target audience. 

Start by selecting a genre to appeal to a particular audience. Some popular ones include:

  • Mystery 
  • Thriller 
  • Young Adult 
  • Science Fiction 
  • Poetry

You can also include accessories like bookmarks in your box to appeal to your customers. 

A good example is Book of the Month, which offers between 3-12 book memberships, ranging from $59.99 to $199.99.

2. DIY Crafts 

If you’re a Bob the Builder looking to appeal to a similar crowd, starting a DIY crafts subscription box is a fantastic business opportunity. 

Subscription Box Business Ideas

Like with books, you can never go wrong with DIY because there are many options. Some examples include:

  • Crocheting kits 
  • Sewing 
  • Painting 
  • Jewelry-making 
  • Resin art 
  • Scrapbooking 

Adults and Crafts offers DIY kit boxes for team building, motor skills, and grief and coping at $35 monthly.

3. Food 

If you want to appeal to the foodies, this is the best subscription box idea. Like Chefs Plate, you could deliver home-cooked meals for as low as $11.99 per serving. 

The best strategy is to develop a comprehensive menu so that your customers enjoy a variety of options. Also, offering special vegetarian and kid-friendly dishes is an excellent way to cater to your target audience. 

Consider offering additional yummy recipes and preservation tips to keep your customers engaged.

4. Self-Care Kits 

Many people prioritizes self-care. Therefore, you can help them find high-quality products at affordable prices by starting a self-care subscription box. 

Subscription Box Business Ideas

Some offerings to include in your box are:

  • Face masks 
  • Essential oils 
  • Self-help journals 
  • Planners 
  • Gua sha stones 

Looking for a business to draw inspiration from? TheraBox offers self-care goods worth $200 from as low as $34.99. 

5. Beauty Products 

People always seek a better moisturizer or a scrub that addresses their major skin concerns. This is why subscription boxes for beauty products are among the most profitable and popular options. 

The idea is to allow your audience to access high-quality cosmetics at more affordable prices and discover new products. 

If you know your way around the niche, including tips to help your customers spruce up their skincare routines is an excellent way to stand out. 

6. Date Night Ideas 

Do you enjoy helping others rekindle their love and spice up their relationships? You could swoop in and help the clueless partners organize the perfect dates for their significant others. 

Subscription Box Business Ideas

You could include items that set the mood, like scented candles and soft music playlists. Or push things further by drafting romantic notes.

You could borrow a leaf or two from Night In Boxes, which charges $41.99 for a customized date night ideas box.

7. Adult Toys 

Thinking about whether adult toys are in demand? These items are indeed among the hot-selling products in the subscription box space. 

This idea is worth considering as long as your target audience is 18+. 

Add lingerie, costumes, and fantasy kits to appeal to more customers. Get inspired by Mystery Pleasure Box, which prices its offering at $34.99 monthly. 

8. Cocktails 

Give aspiring mixologists a shaker, alcohol,  some garnishes, and a recipe, and you’ll leave them thirsting for more ways to make good cocktails. 

Shaker & Spoon offers about three recipes monthly, starting from $59. 

Offer complementary items and exclusive tutorials, and jazz things up further by introducing themed decorations to your box to spark more interest. 

9. Pickling 

If you’re passionate about pickling cucumbers, carrots, or fruits and vegetables, you can start a subscription box offering different spice selections and international recipes. 

Cratejoy and The Pickling Poet are excellent examples of subscription boxes you can emulate if you’re interested in pickling. 

10. Flowers 

Getting a flower delivery on a Monday morning usually boosts my mood all week. There are many others like me, and flowers are among the best gifts to give someone who already has it all. 

Subscription Box Business Ideas

That said, flowers are your friend if you’re looking for an easy-to-start subscription box business idea. They’re the perfect gift for occasions like Mother’s Day or even no occasion. 

You could give free tips on arrangement and preservation or even offer vases. BloomsyBox offers different flowers for different occasions, starting from $64.99.

11. Health and Fitness 

If you’re passionate about health and fitness, you might want to tap into this niche since it’s constantly in demand. 

You could offer personalized gym memberships and workout routines to meet each customer’s needs. 

Virtual workouts are a gem for people looking for an at-home experience or who are always on the go. 

You could also offer special classes designed for pregnant women like PVolve does at affordable rates.

12. Snacks 

The average American snacks about twice daily, so setting up a snack subscription box is worth it. 

Just ensure you have different boxes catering to sweet tooths, but healthy snacks are also hot-selling because people want to indulge without serious implications to their health. 

Incorporate sweet options like cookies, savory ones like fries, and healthy snacks like sweet potato chips, and your boxes will sell out in no time.

NatureBox offers these snacks for as low as $7.99.

13. Clothing 

Have a strong sense of fashion? Why not share with your audience different tips on picking out the best outfit for the occasion and accessorize them to give an elegant flair?

Some people find it hard to choose an outfit, even for casual occasions. This is where you come in to save the day with your comprehensive clothing subscription box tailored to their tastes.

You can also offer sewing tips to alter the clothing for different themes. Stitch Fix is an excellent inspo, and they charge $20.

14. Stationery 

It’s hard to keep track of stationery, especially at the office or if you have schooling kids. A fresh supply at the beginning of the month is exactly what every household needs.

Some common items to include in a stationery subscription box include:

  • Pens and pencils 
  • Notepads 
  • Desk organizers 
  • Calendars 
  • Sticky notes 
  • Planners 

You can offer different subscription boxes for kids and adults to make it more interesting. For example, kids may prefer fandom-themed items, while adults would rather work with plain ones. 

15. Tech Gadgets 

Before you freak out about the capital, you’d need to supply customers with the latest iPhones or MacBooks, hear me out.  

While these are excellent options, they may not be practical in the initial stages of your business. Instead, you can start small with accessories like:

  • Phone cases 
  • Screen cleaners 
  • Smartphone camera lens kits 
  • AirPods 
  • Bluetooth speakers 
  • Chargers 

BreoBox offers tech boxes at $169.

16. Vitamins 

Do you know your way around vitamin supplements? If so, you can offer a variety to your consumers at affordable prices. 

There’s a market for vitamins, from fitness enthusiasts to health-focused individuals. Collect data on your customers’ dietary restrictions and health goals to ensure you provide vitamins that align with their needs. 

17. Photography 

There’s a huge market for photography gadgets and accessories among hobbyists and professionals alike. 

Some product ideas to include in your subscription box are tripods, lens filters, editing software, and nuggets of wisdom if you’re a photographer. 

18. Baby Products 

You can start a baby products subscription box if your goal is to encourage new moms and navigate the parenting journey with them. 

Many new parents will appreciate tips on managing their kids or even picking out the best products based on their kids’ developmental stages. 

Bluum offers a mom-and-baby monthly subscription box for $24.95.

19. Cleaning Supplies 

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are the new trends. You can offer anything from all-purpose cleaners to microfiber cloths and detergents. 

Mixing different eco-friendly products that leave spaces smelling clean and fresh is a nice way to appeal to homeowners. 

You can also include homemade recipes so that they can make their cleaning supplies from scratch. 

20. Women’s Hygiene 

Having essentials and a care package delivered to your doorstep at that time of the month is one of the best things for a woman. 

You can offer anything from tampons to comfort food. However, it’s worth noting that people have different preferences, and what works for one may not work for another. 

That said, it’s important to collect data on consumer preference so that every box is thoughtfully tailored to the specific woman’s needs. 

21. Pet Care   

Another easy-to-start subscription box business is pet care. This is because there’s a wide variety of goods you can offer. 

For instance, you can venture into dog treats, shampoos, or customized name tags. All pets deserve love, and pet owners are always willing to do their best for their babies. 

Cratejoy has an awesome pet care subscription box you can explore for inspiration. 

22. Personal Grooming Kits  

Personal grooming products can sometimes be expensive, so consumers will jump at the chance of receiving high-quality products without causing a dent in their pockets. 

From razors to aftershave balms and facial cleansers, understand your customers before introducing them to new products. 

23. Luxury Bath Items 

A luxury bath subscription box business is your chance to give your clients a spa experience in their homes. People don’t need special occasions to treat themselves to a therapeutic bath time. 

Bath bombs, candles, robes, oils, and salts are common pampering products to include in your subscription box. 

Luxe Bath Bridal offers a monthly soap subscription box at $30.

24. Games 

As a gamer, I’m always excited about exploring a new game, especially with my family. You can enhance these family times by offering competitive games for people to bond over. 

From puzzles to racing games, you can never go wrong in this niche if you know what your customer needs. Adding complementary products like playmats, miniature figurines, and dice sets is a good idea. 

Game Haven is an excellent example which offers classics like Dungeons & Dragons.

25. Vintage Finds 

If you’re a collector yourself, you might appreciate the nostalgic feeling that vintage items have. 

From watches to retro outfits, you can quench the thirst of people who enjoy adding timeless classics to their homes. 

26. Coffee 

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages globally, making this an excellent idea for a subscription box business. 

Subscription Box Business Ideas

Even better is introducing your customers to new international varieties every month. Trust me, they’ll love it!

Check out BeanBox if you’re interested in this subscription box business idea.

27. Tea 

Like coffee, tea is also a superb subscription box business idea because many people consume it. But do people know all the flavors available and their health benefits?

You can use your subscription box business to educate your clients on tea while offering them the exquisite feeling of exploring tea flavors from all over the world. 

28. Sports 

Some products to offer in your sports subscription box include:

  • Water bottles 
  • Energy supplements 
  • Sports merch
  • Workout guides 
  • Healthy snacks 

29. Chocolate 

Here’s another opportunity to appeal to sweet tooths. Chocolate lovers will definitely appreciate a monthly supply of Assorted chocolates, spreads, truffles, and treats. 

Check out Jackie’s Chocolate, which offers chocolate goodies from $19.95.

30. Hair Care 

Healthy hair is like a crown, so it’s no surprise that many people are obsessed with hair care. However, finding the right product that aligns with your texture and hair type is challenging. 

You can leverage your hair skills to provide oils, shampoos, masks, and supplements that promote healthy hair. 

31. Fandom 

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the thrill I would get from receiving a monthly Marvel-themed subscription box. 

Fandoms are the best target audiences because you’ll tap into an already-built, loyal fanbase. All you need to do is curate products that people will find interesting. 

32. Essential Oils 

Essential oils can be pricey, so people may jump at the chance to discover different options at affordable prices.

Offering international essential oils or providing a home-made recipe is an excellent way to stand out. 

33. Digital Products

The digital products subscription space is worth exploring, especially if you’re a creator. Consider bundling your creations and selling them as regular subscriptions. 

Some excellent options include: 

34. Kids 

Are you aspiring to empower kids? You can provide kids with different DIY crafts and educational materials to help them discover their interests. 

35. Gardening 

From gardening tools to seeds and garden decor, starting a gardening subscription box is an excellent idea. 

GreenThumb Nursery offers monthly subscription boxes at $11.66.

36. Nail Art 

Some common items for your nail art subscription box are:

  • Nail polish 
  • LED nail lamps 
  • Nail art tools 
  • Accessories 
  • Glitter 

37. Wine 

Exquisite wine is an excellent stimulator for taste buds, and this alone is enough motivation for wine lovers to want more. 

Incorporate different flavors and wine selections from all over the world and watch your business bloom. Including education tips and accessories like corkscrews in your box is also wise. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Subscription Box Business

Here are some useful tips to remember as you start your subscription box business: 

Consider Your Passions and Interests 

Choosing a niche you’re passionate about opens you up to more creativity, especially in product customization. 

It also ensures you remain motivated and focused on your business when things get hard. It’s also important to venture into a skill you already possess. 

For instance, if you’re a chef, consider starting a subscription box with cooked meals, recipes, and secret ingredients. 


Research is crucial in business, and the subscription box model is no exception. It’s important to conduct market research to determine what your target audience is likely to purchase. 

Identify popular niches and assess your competition to gain insight into starting your business, pricing your items, and the best suppliers in the industry.

Consider Packaging and Shipping Logistics 

A subscription box business revolves around shipping, so you might want to find a reputable fulfillment program that aligns with your business’s needs. 

You must also consider shipping costs to determine how to factor them into product pricing to avoid losses. 

Leverage E-commerce Platforms 

Technology has made everything easier these days, so don’t overwhelm yourself with single-handedly managing all aspects of your business. 

You can leverage e-commerce platforms to manage payments, client data, inquiries, and subscriptions. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Subscription Box Business 

If you’ve heard about failed subscription box businesses, you’re probably afraid of it happening to you. 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when starting your subscription box business:

Not Niching Down 

When starting a new business, it’s common to think that appealing to everyone is the best way to garner a large customer base. However, that’s not always the case. 

Niching down may seem like limiting your business to a specific demographic, which may never translate into sales. But I’m here to change that mindset. 

Subscription box businesses foster a sense of community, familiarity, and personal appeal in customers. The best way to do that is by customizing your offerings to their specific pain points. 

However, customization will be challenging if you have a broad spectrum, and you may fail to resonate with your consumers. 

Identify your target audience: teenagers, females, gamers, parents, or cooking enthusiasts. From there, explore product options that resonate with them to maximize sales. 

Not Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies 

Marketing is crucial to the subscription box business, especially in the initial stages. People are unlikely to subscribe to your boxes if they don’t know your business’s existence. 

Utilize marketing channels like:

  • Social media 
  • Email marketing 
  • Blogging 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Partnering with influencers 

You don’t need to go straight to paying influencers if you don’t have the capital in the initial stages of your business. You can always start with free channels like social media, then upgrade as you gain footing. 

Offering Too Many Options 

The more products you offer, the more sales you’ll make, right? Wrong. Offering too many options isn’t always the answer to maximizing your business’s income potential. 

Don’t rush into developing product offerings. Instead, start with a few items and collect customer feedback on other products they’d want added to the subscription. 

Not Engaging Your Customers 

Most people think running a successful business entails high-quality goods and prompt deliveries. 

However, the subscription box relies significantly on the customers’ emotional needs. Fostering community and engagement will make them feel heard and seen.

You can engage your customers through social media by responding to comments and encouraging them to post photos or videos of them using the products. 

Starting a community where customers interact and discuss useful tips about your products is also a fantastic way to create fandom for your business.

Not Offering Complementary Products 

Offering complementary items along with your products is an excellent way to increase value and inspire loyalty in your subscribers. 

For instance, if you’re starting an essential oils subscription box business, you can offer accessories like diffusers. 

Accompanying a meal subscription box with additional recipes is a fantastic way to spark interest in your audience and ensure they look forward to the next box.  

Pros and Cons of Subscription Box Business

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons to help you determine if getting into the subscription box space is the best idea:


  • Low starting capital 
  • Steady, recurring revenue 
  • It’s easy to collect consumer feedback 
  • There are numerous innovation opportunities
  • Easily scalable  


  • Jumping from trend to trend may be tedious
  • High churn 
  • Shipping may be tedious 
  • Building a loyal customer base may be challenging 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Selling Subscription Boxes Profitable?

Selling subscription boxes is profitable if you choose your niche and target audience wisely and endeavor to satisfy your customers’ needs. 

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Subscription Box Business?

The startup costs for a subscription box business can be between $5,000 and $100,000, depending on your scale of operation. 

Some factors that determine your capital investment are: 

  • Products
  • Marketing costs 
  • Packaging and shipping options
  • Website developments 

Final Thoughts 

There are many subscription box business ideas worth exploring. It won’t hurt to try several options but take care not to lose money while at it. 

Instead, I recommend conducting market research and analyzing trends to determine in advance the most profitable options in the space. 

However, note that your success won’t entirely depend on your niche’s profitability. Rather, it’s based on how well you know your target audience. 

So, take time to identify and learn everything about your potential customers so that you can leverage your skills to address their specific pain points.

Lydia is a personal finance expert and the founder of Sproutinue, a personal finance site helping you find legit ways to make money, save money, and achieve financial freedom. She has been featured on various major financial publications, including Investopedia, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, and more.

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