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17 Best Sites Like Redbubble (2024)

Sites Like Redbubble

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If you’ve checked out Redbubble and want to widen your reach by exploring alternative sites, you’ve come to the right place. 

The upsides of print-on-demand are extensive. So whether you want to supplement your income or build an emergency fund, POD is an excellent side hustle idea

Redbubble is among the most popular POD sites out there, so it’s only natural that there’s intense competition. 

Don’t worry if you’ve tried the platform and it didn’t work out. This article delves into the best sites like Redbubble to kickstart your POD business or diversify your portfolio.

These sites offer unique advantages, from better customization of your products to seamless integration with e-commerce platforms and better commissions. 

The Best Sites Like Redbubble

Some factors to consider when looking for a Redbubble alternative include the type of products you want to sell, profit margins, and competition.

You should also be concerned about the platform’s audience, authenticity, and customer service. Look at user reviews to find out what others think and feel about using the site. 

From sites like Sellfy to Zazzle and Gelato, there are many sites like Redbubble worth exploring.

1. Sellfy 

Sellfy is your best option if you’re looking to replace Redbubble. From its easy-to-use interface to instant payments, Sellfy is ideal if you want to make money online.

The platform offers numerous embedding options if you already have a website. No worries if you don’t have one. You can create your online store and customize it to your preference. 

The process is easy, and it takes only five minutes. Simply sign up, add your customized products, and you’re ready to get started.

sites like redbubble

You can sell almost anything, including physical products, subscriptions, digital items, and POD products like t-shirts, hoodies, and hats.

Sellfy lets you integrate your store with your social media platforms, making marketing easy and giving you access to a broader audience. 

On top of that, you can translate your store’s interface to multiple languages to eliminate the language barrier and possibly make more sales.

Plus, according to their website, they have 24/7 customer service support dedicated to making your experience hassle-free.

I also like Sellfy because it offers built-in marketing features, such as:

  • Discount codes 
  • Upselling 
  • Cart abandonment emails 
  • Tracking pixels 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

Payments are made through PayPal or Stripe. You can access this robust selling platform from as low as $29 monthly. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee if the platform doesn’t work for you.

Try out Sellfy!

2. Printify 

Printify is a great idea if you want more control over your store and how much you charge for your products. Plus, it has relatively higher profit margins compared to similar sites.

The site offers over 850 high-quality products, like:

  • Mugs 
  • T-shirts
  • Stickers
  • Hoodies
  • Kitchenware 
  • Pet items 
  • Home Decor 
sites like redbubble

Their free mockup generator lets you add your designs to the platform and customize your items. 

Once your designs are ready for sale, you can integrate your store into e-commerce platforms like Etsy, eBay, Wix, and Shopify. 

A significant advantage of Printify is that it offers a free account, making it perfect for beginners unsure about committing to the platform. 

Once you gain footing and increase sales, you can upgrade to the $24.99/month premium account and get their 20% discount.

Sign up for Printify!

3. Gelato 

Gelato is another good alternative to Redbubble. Whether you’re a large enterprise or new to POD, this site may suit your needs. 

The company has over 130 production partners in 32 countries, making this an excellent option to scale your business to the global network. 

Gelato’s investment in local production also translates to lower shipping fees and faster deliveries.  

Plus, their superior product quality ensures customer satisfaction and encourages repeat clients. Some products you can sell on Gelato include apparel, drinkware, wall art, and accessories. 

Alternatives to Redbubble

Currently, Gelato lets you integrate your store with the following e-commerce platforms:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace 
  • Shopify 
  • WooCommerce 
  • BigCommerce
  • Etsy

The platform offers a free account, so it’s perfect for beginners. What’s there to lose? You don’t have to spend anything before you make a sale. 

However, you must pay for a premium subscription to access perks like shipping discounts, consulting Gelato’s solutions team, and product expansion tools. 

The Gelato+ account costs $24 monthly, while the Gold subscription costs $119 a month.

4. Zazzle 

Another Redbubble alternative worth considering is Zazzle, especially if you’re looking for a well-established, flexible print-on-demand platform.

The site has over 30 million users, giving you access to a broad and diverse audience. You can utilize the unlimited potential by signing up and showcasing your artistic designs.  

Zazzle also boasts robust customization features that let you deliver high-quality personalized designs to your customers. 

Redbubble Alternative

This isn’t your average POD site. Zazzle provides several ways to make money online, including:

  • Manufacturing your products 
  • Earning royalties on design templates 
  • Promoting and advertising your original work
  • Affiliate marketing 

You can earn up to $15% per sale through Zazzle’s affiliate marketing program. They also have a refer-a-friend program where you can earn $25 for inviting a friend. 

Zazzle is a personal favorite because of its pricing flexibility. Each item has a base price, so it’s up to you to decide your royalty percentage. 

This feature gives you more control over your profits and is worth exploring, especially during peak shopping seasons.

I also like that you can access all Zazzle perks without upfront costs by signing up for a free account. This way, you have nothing to lose if the app doesn’t work for you.

5. Society6

From user reviews on Trustpilot, most users commend this site for their high-quality products and supportive customer service. 

Society6 has over 3 million monthly traffic, making it one of the best Redbubble alternatives, especially if you want to expand your reach.  

The site was founded in 2009 and has become famous for connecting buyers and sellers worldwide.  

There’s an array of products you can sell on Society6. The most common ones include: 

  • Home decor
  • Furniture
  • Clothes 
Sites Like Redbubble

The availability of many products enables you to diversify your artwork and increase your chances of making sales.

The site offers numerous practical tools that help you customize your products to your customers’ tastes, thus further building good customer relationships. 

Society6 has a free account if you want to explore before committing. 

However, on this account, you’ll earn 10% of the value of all products except art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints. You can choose your profit margin when you sell the mentioned exceptions. 

You can enjoy advanced features like setting prices and exclusive discounts by signing up for the basic or pro subscription plans. 

The basic account costs $4.99 a month, and the pro account costs $12.99 monthly.

6. Printful

Printful is another site like Redbubble that’s worth your time. Whether new to POD or not, this is the best place to scale your business. 

The Printful interface is easy to use. It has numerous built-in tools to make your design process seamless and less time-consuming. 

The site also lets you integrate your store with:

  • Etsy
  • TikTok
  • Shopify
Sites Like Redbubble

There are two subscription plans: Printful Growth and Printful Business. 

The Growth account gives you access to exclusive discounts, unlimited stores, and personalized product transfer assistance at a fee of $24 monthly.

On the other side, some exclusive perks on a Printful Business account include priority support and free digitization for embroidered products.  

7. Spring 

Like Redbubble, Spring lets you bring your ideas to life and personalize them to align with your customers’ needs.

The site was formerly known as Teespring since it specialized in t-shirts. But now, it offers a broader variety of items. 

Simply sign up for free on the website to access over 180 physical and digital products, including:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Puzzles
  • Home decor
Sites Like Redbubble

All you need to do is upload your designs, engage with customers, and let Sring handle the rest. 

Another perk is you can easily connect your account to your social media platforms for a wider audience and more sales. This feature makes the site useful to content creators and social media influencers.  

In addition to the mentioned advantages, Spring gives you complete control over your pricing. Also, the site takes nothing more than the base price. You get to keep 100% of your profit.

Being a popular platform, Springs receives millions of visits monthly. Therefore, it’s one of the best ways to expand your reach.

8. Design By Humans 

Founded in 2007, Design By Humans allows artists, musicians, gamers, and YouTubers to make quick cash by selling custom art online. 

Here are some examples of items you can sell on the site:

  • Wall art 
  • Phone cases 
  • Fashionable t-shirts 
  • Tank tops

One discouraging characteristic of numerous POD sites alike is high levels of competition. Design By Humans reduces competition by having people apply to join the platform. 

The site ensures access to an exclusive audience and high-quality products by approving select users. It’s an opportunity to stand out more as a unique and talented artist.

Plus, I like how supportive the Design By Humans community is. You can upload your design to the community forum for helpful feedback before posting your items.

You can also increase your sales potential by integrating your Design By Humans account with your social media or through email marketing. 

Design By Humans hosts contests and charity events to help you maximize your income. Affiliate marketing is another way to increase your income on the platform.

9. Fine Art America

Fine Art America is worth exploring if you’re still looking for companies like Redbubble to sell artwork and photography. 

They have 14 fulfillment centers in five countries. This enables them to minimize shipping costs and make deliveries faster.

You can sell prints on various products, from wall art to floor mats and greeting cards. Once someone orders an item, Fine Art America handles production and shipping. 

Sites Like Redbubble

The site also handles customer service, leaving you to concentrate on creating designs, scaling your business, and collecting profits. This makes it a great passive income source to stack with your day job. 

As an artist on the platform, you have numerous marketing and advertising tools to help you make more sales and accelerate your career. 

As for profits, Fine Art America has a base price for every product they offer. You can choose how much profit you want to make above the base price. Plus, you get 100% profits for digital downloads. 

This platform has a mobile app for Android and iOS, making it convenient even on the go. You can also sell through your website or their retail stores located in Canada and the US.

Additionally, Fine Art America lets you provide artwork for TV shows or integrate your account with e-commerce sites like Shopify.

10. CafePress

Founded in 1999, CafePress is one of the oldest sites like Redbubble in the POD space

The site offers over 450 items you can sell to your customers, hence an excellent way to diversify and increase your sales potential.

CafePress lets you create a store for free, so it’s the perfect place to test the waters.

Sites Like Redbubble

Besides the free account, the site offers the following subscription plans equipped with exclusive perks that contribute to building your success as an artist: 

  • $6.95/month
  • $18.45 billed quarterly
  • $34.95 billed biannually
  • $59.95 annually

The payment is different for direct sales and sales from the CafePress marketplace. For the former, you can set your profit above the base price. 

On the other hand, for marketplace sales, you’ll earn 10% of the item’s total price. The company also monitors sales and offers a bonus for making sales worth more than $100 within a month. 

CafePress receives less traffic than other popular sites like Redbubble. However, this means lower competition and a better chance to make your name as an artist.

11. Displate 

Displate is similar to Redbubble but with a unique twist. The platform sells art prints on metal, which is generally more modern and durable than conventional canvas and paper.

The metal prints have a magnet to make mounting easy. Plus, the idea is more eco-friendly than paper and canvas alternatives. 

Whether you’re a well-established brand or a rookie artist, Displate offers an opportunity to showcase your art and take your career to the next level. 

The site has over 50 million users; hence, it’s an excellent place if you’re looking to diversify your reach. 

Sites Like Redbubble

You’ll earn profits depending on the size of the artwork for sale through the marketplace. For instance:

  • Size XL: $14.50
  • Size L: $9
  • Size M: $4.50

The site also pays you a 50% commission for sales made through their social media links. 

Another huge perk is the platform handles marketing. Therefore, all you need to do is focus on creating high-quality designs.

The only downside of Displate is that it hosts many artists, making it a highly competitive space. However, you can always make a decent amount if you have something unique to offer. 

12. Merch By Amazon 

Among the numerous ways to make money on Amazon is venturing into POD through Merch by Amazon

The biggest upside of selling on Amazon is the access to a global network. Therefore, there’s a high potential for success in this venture. 

All you need to do is sign up for free, upload your designs, and set your prices to get started. From there, Amazon ensures high-quality production and swift deliveries. 

Sites Like Redbubble

You’ll earn a royalty for every product you sell through this platform. The profits vary depending on production costs, taxes, and fulfillment costs. 

For instance, you’ll earn $1.93 for a standard T-shirt that costs $15.99 and $3.41 if your standard T-shirt costs $17.99.  

A major downside is you must apply to join the Merch by Amazon program. On the bright side, this limits competition and ensures only legit artists are brought on board.

If you play your cards right, there’s immense potential on Merch by Amazon. No other platform lets you access such a broad pool of potential customers for free.  

13. TeePublic 

Here’s an interesting fact if you’re looking for something similar to Redbubble: Redbubble acquired TeePublic in 2018, but the two continue to operate separately.

As the name suggests, TeePublic mainly focuses on t-shirts and clothes for men and women. However, you can sell other merchandise like:

  • Posters
  • Phone cases
  • Stickers
  • Tapestries 
Sites Like Redbubble

The platform provides valuable tools to customize your storefront and upload your designs seamlessly. 

You can also generate unique links and share them on social media to help your fans find your products quickly. 

This marketing feature lets you engage with your audience through giveaways and promotions to boost sales and overall customer experience. 

Don’t know where to start? No problem! The TeePublic team can curate designs for you for free. You’ll earn up to 11% on curated designs and 30% on your own designs. 

Whether you’re an upcoming artist or simply looking to diversify your income, you can take advantage of TeePublic’s three million monthly traffic to make more sales.

14. Threadless 

Want more control over how you customize your storefront to align with your brand? If so, Threadless is the POD site for you. 

This community-driven Redbubble alternative is fantastic, especially if Redbubble doesn’t align with your needs. 

The site mainly focuses on t-shirts, but you can sell hundreds of products, including wall art, headwear, and home decor.

Sites Like Redbubble

Like most POD sites on this list, Threadless products have a base price for different products. From there, you can choose how much profit to make. 

Threadless also partners with offline retailers, thus enhancing the visibility of your products, lowering shipping costs, and facilitating faster deliveries.

Overall, the site receives about 300k monthly traffic, significantly lower than other players in the field. 

However, the enhanced artist support, freedom to customize your store, and higher returns make it worth your time.

15. Spreadshirt 

Spreadshirt offers you an opportunity to sell your designs on over 200 products, including:

  • Hoodies 
  • T-shirts 
  • Phone cases 
  • Tank tops 
  • Mugs 

You can sell through the Spreadshirt marketplace or open a Spreadshop. The perks of owning a shop include the freedom to customize your products your way and high commissions. 

Sites Like Redbubble

On the other hand, selling through the marketplace offers access to exclusive designer campaigns and over 100k daily visitors who may be potential customers. 

You can also create your apparel store with SPOD for a chance to sell your items on your favorite e-commerce platforms, including: 

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Etsy
  • WooCommerce

Your commission depends on your distribution channel. Regardless, you can set your design price to a maximum of $15.

Having a shop has additional earnings: the affiliate commission and volume commission. 

The affiliate commission is 20% of the printing and product price, while you’ll earn volume commission when you sell over 26 items within one month. 

The volume commission ranges between 0.5% and 40%.

16. Inprnt 

Like Merch by Amazon, you must complete an application process to join Inprnt. You must submit three of your best artwork pieces for approval within 48 hours. 

The perks of having an Inprnt account are:

  • Selling POD artwork 
  • Owning your own shop 
  • Inviting and helping other artists live up to their potential
  • Running sales and creating promo codes for customer engagement

Inprnt commissions vary based on the type of products. 

You’ll earn up to 50% of the sale price on fine art prints, 30% for photographic, canvas, and metal prints, and a flat $5 commission for frames. 

While the products on Inprnt may be a bit expensive, the fact that it’s run by artists for artists makes it a great place to nurture your talent.

17. Printbest 

This final site like Redbubble lets you sell your designs on over 100 products within Canada and the US. 

Like most POD sites on this list, Printbest allows you to sell POD designs on Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Sites Like Redbubble

The site boasts high-quality products, affordable shipping options, and fast fulfillment within 1-2 business days. They also offer a 20% discount on apparel to increase your profit by about $5 per shirt. 

Earnings depend on the type of products you sell. Printbest lets you set your prices above the base price.

Whether you’re an organization or an individual, Printbest is a fantastic option to stack with or replace Redbubble.

Which Print-on-Demand Platform Is Right for You?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to selecting a POD site. You must consider the following factors when deciding which POD platform to venture into:

  • Ease of use 
  • Terms and conditions 
  • Earning potential 
  • Pricing structure
  • User reviews 
  • Product quality 
  • Range of products 
  • Availability of customer support
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms and social media

Once you highlight the factors that mean the most to you, conduct thorough research and compare different sites to find the one best suited to your needs. 

Tips for Using Sites Like Redbubble

Websites like Redbubble can create the best side hustle. Here are a few tips for using them:

  • Diversify your income: Use different sites simultaneously for a wider reach and a higher earning potential.
  • Test the waters: The best way to know if a POD site works for you is by trying it. Most platforms are free to use, so you have nothing to lose.
  • Consider your target audience: Choose a platform that lets you tailor your designs to your audience’s needs, tastes, and preferences.
  • Set clear goals: How much do you want to earn? Having clear goals helps you stay focused and motivated.

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Final Thoughts 

Honestly, all Redbubble alternatives have something unique about them. So, it isn’t a battle of one vs the other. 

Considering your needs will help you find a platform that works for you. If you’re looking for a POD site with all positives and no negatives, I’m afraid you might be disappointed.

Conduct thorough research and read the fine print of the terms. User reviews also have substantial information about an app. 

After reading this article, I hope you’re ready to diversify your income through different POD platforms.

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