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Is KidsCasting Legit or a Scam?

Is KidsCasting Legit or a Scam? KidsCasting Review 2023

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KidsCasting has become popular over the years, making it easier for young people to explore their creativity.

Through the platform, talented kids can connect with casting editors to get featured in shows, TV, and films. If you want to nurture your child’s talent, KidsCasting is one of the leading platforms to showcase your kid’s creativity. 

But is KidsCasting legit?

Yes, KidsCasting is a legitimate platform. It prioritizes users’ safety by ensuring every casting job you apply for is safe and secure. KidsCating does not only guarantee the modeling and acting jobs posted on the platform are legit but also ensures your kids are having fun.

Here’s everything you need to know about KidsCasting legitimacy, the cost, pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for your kid.

What Is KidsCasting?

KidsCasting is a platform that provides an excellent opportunity for parents with kids aged one week to 17 years to introduce their young ones to acting and modeling as a hobby or dream career. 

The platform acts as a middleman or avenue where casting directors and parents with talented kids in modeling and acting connect. KidsCasting lists ads daily from casting directors for kids in films, tv shows, or publications. As a parent,  you can access these ads and apply to roles suitable for your kid.

KidsCasting doesn’t act as an agency, talent scout, or employer. If you register your kid on the platform, there’s no guarantee that your kid will automatically get casting jobs for an acting or modeling role. They also dont promise specific earnings for registered kids.

How Does KidsCasting Work?

KidsCasting works as a middleman between casting directors and parents with talented kids in acting and modeling. Filmmakers, movie directors, or major producers looking for kids to take roles in their production post job ads, while parents with talented kids apply to ads that fit their kids. 

The platform operates similarly to job listing websites where recruiters post ads, and interested job seekers apply for them. Except for the site, they deal in connecting kids with casting directors. To get started:

  • Sign up for an account and enter your first and last name, zip code, and email address and create a password.
  • Subscribe for your kid to access and respond to the casting ads.
  • Create a profile for your young one, fill in their name, add a description, outline their skills and add photos to their profile. 

Because many talented kids apply for the same roles, you must make your kid’s profile stand out. One of the best ways to do so is to complete their profile with a full description of skills, interests, and upload high-quality, attractive pictures. You will then pay your subscription before seeing casting ads. Kidscating will rate your kid’s profile upon completion, after which you can start responding to casting ads immediately.

The platform lists casting calls daily. You only have to log in and respond to them. Alternatively, you can subscribe to their daily newsletter and get casting ad calls directly in your email.

Is KidsCasting Legit or a Scam?

As with any other platform like Mistplay, Redbubble, and Mercari, it’s normal to question the legitimacy of KidsCasting before subscribing. So, is KidsCasting safe?

Kidscasting is 100% legit and not a scam, as many might think. The platform has a whooping 5,869 reviews from satisfied parents whose kids got real casting auditions and opportunities to get featured in films, movies, and tv shows. 

Positive reviews on major websites like and Trustpilot confirm that KidsCasting is legit. The site has a 4.4-star rating out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with an 80% 5-star rating from parents who have used the platform to get acting and modeling roles for their talented children. 

Is KidsCasting Legit?

Before posting ads from directors on their website, KidsCasting manually reviews the calls first to determine if they are original or fake. That way, they only list legitimate casting calls after a thorough manual examination. Thus, the jobs listed on the site are legit and safe to apply for. 

However, like other job listing sites, KidsCasting cautions its members to avoid scams by not applying to calls that seem fake if they see red flags.

While KidsCasting proves to be a legitimate site, dissatisfied subscribers have a few complaints. For example, dormant accounts still get charged monthly or annual fees. However, KidsCasting states that their automatic billing system deducts money from accounts provided the holder hasn’t canceled their plan. Remember to read the KidsCasting policy and terms of use before signing up for your kid’s account.

How Much Does KidsCasting Cost?

KidsCasting provides no information about its subscription costs on its website, but membership appears to be anywhere between $49 to $149. To know the exact cost, you must sign up for an account and pay for the subscription before accessing the casting calls listing.

How Does KidsCasting Make Money?

KidsCasting makes money from its customers’ monthly or annual subscription fees. It’s important to note that the platform discourages parents with talented kids on the platform from paying any fees for auditions to get accepted to take roles in films, tv shows, or movies. 

Pros of KidsCasting

KidsCasting is a popular legit job listing site for talented kids in modeling and acting. Here are the benefits you can enjoy if you register your kid on the platform.

It Provides a Chance to Bond With Your Kid

If your kid gets accepted to auditions and shoots, you will travel with them for shoots or video coverage. That way, you can bond with your young one and demonstrate your love and support to them. 

Professional Mentorship from Directors

KidsCasting allows kids to communicate with casting directors. They can ask questions and get advice, tricks, and tips to improve their performance during auditions and filming.

Money-making Opportunity

KidsCasting connects talented kids in modeling and acting to casting calls and auditions from casting directors. If you find a good match for your child and they get accepted, your kid can make money when they get featured in films, shoots, and productions. 

However, KidsCasting doesn’t guarantee jobs and specific earnings to its users. You must apply to calls regularly to increase your kid’s chances of getting accepted for roles.

Cons of KidsCasting

Here are the disadvantages of KidsCasting worth noting before you sign up

There’s No Guarantee for Jobs

KidsCasting acts as a middleman, not an employer, talent scout, or agency. If you register for an account, there’s no assurance that your kid will automatically get a casting director to place them for roles. You must regularly respond to casting calls from directors on behalf of your kids.

Unclear Sign-up Fee

KidsCasting doesn’t reveal the exact amount they charge for accounts to access casting calls. Thus, it’s hard to figure out the amount you’ll spend when you sign up.

KidsCasting Alternatives

While KidsCasting is an excellent avenue for talented kids, other casting agencies or platforms work differently from KidsCasting. Here are the top three alternatives to KidsCasting.

John Casablancas

John Casablancas is a center for nurturing new and experienced kids aged six to 18 in modeling and acting. Unlike KidsCasting, John Casablancas trains and develops skills such as communication, makeup, modeling, acting, exercise, and personal image development. 

Not only do they equip their learners with exceptional skills, but they also train them to improve their personal lives. John Casablancas is one of the best platforms to start if you want to nurture your kid into the modeling and acting industry.

Wilhelmina Kids and Teens

Wilhelmina Kids and Teens nurtures young talents in modeling, acting, fashion, and style industries. The agency has a record of producing top kid models, including Natalie Portman, Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Michele Gellar, and Peyton List. They also match trained kids and teens with casting directors and brands looking for models and actors.

Brand Model and Talent

Brand Model and Talent connect kids, teens, and adults to fashion, lifestyle, commercial modeling, promotions, and runway opportunities. Unlike KidsCasting, Brand Model manages its models and provides expert advice and tips.

Final Thoughts: Is KidsCasting Worth it?

KidsCasting is a leading platform for young talents seeking to connect with casting directors. You can choose the most suitable opportunities for your kid through the many casting call ads on the site. Your kid can also showcase their skills to casting directors and grow their profile as they gain traction and experience in modeling and acting. 

That said, KidsCasting is legit and worth it If you want to nurture your children’s talent and enable them to earn a few bucks while at it. 

Kidscasting FAQs

How Do I Cancel My Kid’s Casting?

Log in to your KidsCasting account and proceed to the “Account setting” section. Follow the proceeding instructions to cancel your kid’s account. You may also cancel your membership by sending the company a written notice via email at

Can I Get a Refund for KidsCasting?

If you feel disinterested in the platform for some reason, you can cancel your subscription within 10 days of registration and get a full refund. If you cancel your membership after 10 days, your subscription will remain active until the following year or month on the date you subscribed.

What Are the Top Child Modeling Agencies?

There are several child modeling agencies, and you can easily be spoilt for choice. Here are the top seven options:

  • Generation Model Management
  • Future Faces NYC
  • Wilhelmina Kids & Teens
  • Paloma Model and Talent
  • Brand Model and Talent
  • Zuri Model and Talent
  • ModelScouts

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