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17 Easy Ways To Make Money on Valentine’s Day

Make Money on Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and it’s the perfect time to show affection and love for your partner. What about those of us who can’t relate? 

Instead of sulking by yourself, why not seize the chance to let out your entrepreneurial spirit? I mean, who needs a Valentine when you have myriad profit-potential opportunities?

I’ve dodged Cupid’s arrow this year but found 17 ways to make money on Valentine’s Day.

Forget about heart-shaped chocolates for a minute and dive in for dough-shaped opportunities!

How To Make Money on Valentine’s Day

There are many ways to make extra cash on Valentine’s Day. Being a seasonal event, you must plan to make the most of it. 

Valentine’s Day offers a unique opportunity to supplement your income, from renting out your space to lovebirds to bringing single people together.

1. Rent Out Your Extra Space

If you have extra space in your house, you could convert it into a lovers’ nest and rent it out on sites like Airbnb. 

It doesn’t have to be anything out of the ordinary. Simply decorate it to give a cozy feeling for couples who need a romantic getaway.

Decorate your space and advertise it beforehand to get bookings. Add romantic elements like candles, petals on the bed, flowers, and lights, then take photos to add to your listing. 

You can make a hundred dollars or two in one night if your place is well-furnished and decorated to give off a romantic vibe. Even better is if you have multiple rooms you can rent out. 

2. Driving Gigs

People like to splurge on Valentine’s Day, plus, couples will need rides from one place to another. 

The huge demand makes driving an Uber or Lyft the perfect opportunity to make money on Valentine’s Day.

Position yourself at hotspots and wait for lovebirds to request a ride. Who knows, you may end up getting more money in tips.

Of course, you’ll need a car for this venture, but it doesn’t make sense to purchase one for the sole purpose of making money on Valentine’s Day.

Consider hiring one if you’re sure to make a profit. You’ll have the advantage of keeping 100% profit if you borrow a car from a friend or relative. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to spread love while boosting your rating if you already drive for a living

Be friendly and courteous throughout the ride, and remind your passengers to leave a 5-star rating.

3. Sell Flowers and Chocolates 

Flowers and chocolates are at the center of Valentine’s Day. It has become a tradition for men to buy flowers for their partners to symbolize love and affection. 

What better way to make quick cash than selling these sentimental treats? A bouquet ranges from $10 to $200 depending on the type of flowers and the bouquet size.

The prices may surge due to the demand on Valentine’s Day, providing an excellent chance to make profits. 

It may be too late to grow flowers, but you can purchase them now and resell them on D-day. 

4. Babysitting 

Couples may cancel their Valentine’s Day plans if they have no one to watch the kids. But you can swoop in and save the day by offering babysitting services. 

Babysitters earn roughly $10 to $30 an hour. Plus, you’ll get free food. Sounds like a plan, right? 

All you need to do is be nice to the kids, help them with their homework, and ensure they get their meals and bed on time. Easy peasy!

Start by asking friends and family if they want a babysitter. You can also leverage sites like Indeed,, or Nina Care to find babysitting gigs.

5. Food Delivery

Still seeking ways to make extra cash amid the love rush on Valentine’s Day? Consider running errands and delivering food to lovebirds who want a romantic home experience.

Sign up with delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats to get started. You’ll earn between $12 and $30 hourly and can make hundreds in one night if you’re fast enough. 

On Valentine’s Day, people are more inclined to give tips to spread love to others. That said, you can get more tips by making fast and accurate deliveries.

You can easily make hundreds of dollars if you make as many deliveries as possible and avoid routes with traffic.  

6. Sell Gift Cards

Are you one to stack gift cards and wait for the opportune moment to exchange them for cash? If so, Valentine’s Day is the right time to sell your gift cards. 

People don’t always know what to gift their loved ones. You may want to give them a watch but aren’t sure if they’ll like it. 

It’s easier to let someone choose what they want by giving them a gift card. I always do that on birthdays to avoid the awkwardness of giving someone an odd gift.

GiftDeals lets you sell gift cards for cash or swap unwanted ones for those of your favorite stores. From their website, you can get up to 90% of the value of your gift card. 

You can sell your gift cards to the company or list them on the site and let the lovebirds find you. The latter is better because you have more control over your item’s price.

7. Host a Singles’ Party

While Valentine’s Day is mainly attributed to lovers, it’s not exclusive to them. 

Singletons are often left out, so this is the chance to make them feel special by getting them to mingle while you make money.

If you have no romantic getaway planned for the day, consider hosting a singles party for your lonely friends. 

It’s quite simple. Organize important details like the venue, entry fees, and activities and advertise your event. 

Don’t charge too much for entry. $20-$30 is fair enough for many people to attend. You can have them bring a snack each to ease the burden on your end and increase profits. 

Instead of spending the day spreading anti-Valentine’s Day vibes on social media, bundle your friends together and have fun playing games like Spin the Bottle

8. Sell Custom Gifts

Everyone aims to avoid cliche presents, especially on special days like Valentine’s Day. Creating exclusive designs is a profitable business on this special day.

I’m not talking about the cliche “His Queen” and “Her King” printing on jewelry and t-shirts. You can print romantic designs on mugs, T-shirts, or hoodies. 

You can also engrave sweet words on Jewelry or sell lockets where couples can insert photos they cherish. You must stand out to make significant cash, as the normal stuff won’t cut it. 

It’s also important to diversify your products to increase your chances of making sales. Don’t just focus on t-shirts and jewelry. Remember, this is a one-time opportunity!

9. Craft a Valentine’s Day Experience Package

Men don’t usually excel at planning romantic experiences. You can make money by crafting a special Valentine’s Day experience for couples who don’t know what to do. 

People always look for good deals, even for such a special day. The idea is to splurge and make your significant other feel special, but very few will pass the chance to save money. 

Simply work with local businesses to get discounts on their services and bring in more customers. 

For instance, you can create a package that includes a trip for two with fun activities like cooking classes, massages, and wine tasting. 

How much you earn here depends on the quality of your package. Focus on delivering the best experience to make more cash. 

10. On-demand Serenade Services

Another easy way to make money on Valentine’s Day is by offering on-demand serenade services.

You can round up a team of friends who can sing and start practicing before the day. From there, create brochures and advertise your services within your neighborhood.

The best part is that you can offer online services to avoid the hassle of moving from place to place. 

I also like this option because you don’t need to pre-plan every detail. Simply walk to the park, instrument in hand, and start singing love tunes and let the lovebirds come to you. 

Couples who find this romantic will leave tips if they enjoy your music. You can earn hundreds of dollars by setting up a mobile band. 

11. Play Chef

They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their belly, right? You can spread happiness on Valentine’s Day by preparing a romantic dinner for couples who want to enjoy their special day at home. 

Simply whip up a menu with the couple’s favorite dishes and make the dinner romantic by adding candles, mood-setting music, and good lighting.

From there, charge them in line with the cost of ingredients, cleaning, and time taken to prepare the meal. 

This is an excellent idea if you have great cooking skills and enjoy doing it. Romeo and Juliet get a romantic experience while you earn cash. It’s a win-win situation!

12. Valentine’s Day Consultant

Believe it or not, not everyone knows what to do for their partner on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, most are willing to pay top dollar for a memorable experience. 

You can offer your services as a Valentine’s Day consultant to help couples plan their special day. Some of your duties will include:

  • Party planning
  • Offering relationship advice
  • Choosing gifts 
  • Facilitating romantic getaways 

You should be flexible enough to offer services tailored to your clients’ needs. The main perk is to access a broad client base from the comfort of your home. 

What’s more, you can choose your working hours and prices.

13. Petsitting 

Another way to make money on Valentine’s Day is by offering petsitting services. Couples may need to hire a pet sitter if they want to go on a romantic getaway for several days. 

According to Indeed, the average wage for petsitters is $15 an hour. You can make up to $40 per hour, depending on your experience. 

Make Money on Valentine's Day

If you have no romantic plans for the day and enjoy caring for furry friends, you can pet sit to make extra cash. Your duties as a petsitter will include:

  • Feeding them 
  • Walking dogs 
  • Administering medicines 
  • Cleaning and grooming 

Start by offering your services within your neighborhood. You can connect with more pet owners by signing up on sites like Rover

14. Paint Couple’s Portraits

Consider painting couples’ portraits if you know your way around paint and canvas. Most people prefer paintings to photographs because of the artistic touch the former gives.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to make money this way on Valentine’s Day. People just want something simple to remind them of their bond. 

This venture is crowded, so you may experience some competition. The best way to make it is to start small by offering exclusive services within your neighborhood. 

From there, you can turn portrait painting into a part-time job, especially if you land repeat clients and referrals. 

You can also create a website to reach worldwide clients who need canvas portraits of their favorite photos. 

15. Work as a Hairstylist or Makeup Artist

Hairdressing and Makeup are among the most demanded services on Valentine’s Day. People want to go out on dates looking good, and you can make money doing that.

If you already have a salon, consider creating a romantic spirit and providing exclusive discounts to attract more clients and cash in on this special occasion.

For instance, you can decorate your salon with traditional Valentine’s Day colors like red and white. You can also offer exclusive gifts after giving your client the desired makeover. 

Offering exclusive packages for singles is also a nice way to make them feel included and make more cash. This boosts sales on Valentine’s Day and ensures you land more clients after the holiday.

Making house calls is a great idea if you know your way around make-up brushes but don’t have a salon. Your earnings will depend on the quality of services you offer.

16. Photography

Another way to benefit from the love rush on Valentine’s Day is through photography. This might be profitable if you own a camera and have good photography skills. 

Simply head to the streets and start snapping memorable pictures. That’s it. No need for prior planning. 

A Polaroid camera will be useful since you can get the photos and get paid instantly. A typical picture costs $5, but you can always charge more. 

Setting up a photo booth in a public place is also a nice business opportunity for photographers. This way, you can set up different props that give off the Valentine’s Day vibe. 

Plus, photo booths are in demand year-round, so you can’t go wrong with this business opportunity.  

17. Gift Wrapping Service

The final way to make money on Valentine’s Day is by helping people wrap their gifts. You only need to find gift-wrapping supplies like paper, ribbons, and gift boxes. 

From there, set your prices and start your business. Remember to factor the costs of supplies and shipping into the prices to make a profit. 

Find out what other gift wrapping business people are charging for their services to get an idea of how to set prices. 

You can market your gift-wrapping business through your website or create flyers and distribute them within your neighborhood. 

The surge of DIY tutorials and kits threatens this business, but you can work from home to reduce the costs associated with a brick-and-mortar station. 

You must also keep up with trends to appeal to the modern customer. 

What Sells the Most During Valentine’s Day?

Many items associated with romance sell well during Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a profitable venture, consider selling the following:

  • Roses
  • Jewelry 
  • Chocolates 
  • Valentine cards 
  • Custom gifts like printed t-shirts 
  • Expensive wines 
  • Gift baskets 

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t have a date, there are plenty of ways to make money on Valentine’s Day. A good amount of cash to supplement your income is a good way to compensate. 

There are many options, and the secret lies in finding one that works for you based on factors like location and demand. 

I wouldn’t recommend putting all your eggs in one basket by focusing on one product. Sell several items to increase your chances of making money.

A well-crafted strategy is important for success since this is a once-in-a-year business opportunity. Overall, Valentine’s Day can be a goldmine with the right strategies and preparation.

Lydia is a personal finance expert and the founder of Sproutinue, a personal finance site helping you find legit ways to make money, save money, and achieve financial freedom. She has been featured on various major financial publications, including Investopedia, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, and more.

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