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29 Most Profitable Resin Crafts To Sell in 2024

Resin Crafts to Sell

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What are the most profitable resin crafts to sell? And how can you scale your business to generate maximum profit and meet your financial goals?

If these questions are in your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Crafting unique resin products is an excellent way to make money, regardless of your skill level. 

Epoxy resin is versatile, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of products you can make from it.

Whether you’re a passionate hobbyist or an aspiring entrepreneur, you can never go wrong with unique resin art ideas. 

Another upside is the flexibility in pricing. You can charge as low as $1 for simple earrings to a whopping $10,000 for complex artwork.

Keep reading to learn how to turn your resin craft hobby into a lucrative source of income.

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The Most Profitable Resin Crafts To Sell

From flower vases to keychains and coasters, there are many resin crafts you can make and sell for cash. 

Some products, like furniture, require advanced-level crafting, but you can make simple ideas like earrings as an entry-level artisan. 

Regardless of your skill level, you can make a good income if you play your cards right. Here’s a list of the most lucrative resin craft ideas:

1. Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Resin Crafts to Sell

Bracelets, cufflinks, anklets, and rings are examples of resin jewelry you can make for some cash. 

Everyone wears jewelry nowadays, making this a good path if you’re a talented resin craftsperson.

Plus, jewelry never goes out of style, so you’ll likely make sales all year round if your pieces stand out uniquely. 

Incorporate a creative twist to your products by adding cute dried flowers, glitter, or washi tape.

2. Jewelry Organizer 

Resin Crafts to Sell

Resin jewelry organizers are the perfect complementing products if you enjoy making resin jewelry.

Think about the frustration you get when you want to match your outfit with your favorite earrings but can’t find one of them. A jewelry organizer is the perfect solution. 

3. ID Card Holder 

resin crafts to sell

ID card holders don’t have to be boring. You can create unique pieces that resonate with your specific target audience. 

Free that fresh Gen-Z graduate from the shackles of stacking ID cards behind their phone cover! 

4. Resin Coasters 

resin crafts to sell

Do you cringe at the sight of ugly water marks and rings on tables? Most people do, and that’s why selling resin coasters is a good idea. 

You can make them in different shapes and sizes. However, the old designs won’t cut it. Consider adding a flair to them by embedding cute pics of sceneries or animals to fit right in with your customers’ home decor. 

From elegant parties to casual get-togethers, the right resin coaster collection is exactly what everyone needs.

5. Pet Tags 

resin crafts to sell

With many people keeping pets nowadays, making pet tags is a nice way to make extra cash. 

You can get creative with different sizes and shapes, from dog bones to paw prints and a cat silhouette. 

Most pet tags on Etsy go for $3 to $30, but you can charge as much as $100 for unique custom pieces.  

6. Resin Furniture

resin crafts to sell

Resin craft isn’t limited to small products. You can earn over $10,000 for a custom-made resin table. 

People are always seeking aesthetic ways to decorate their homes, and a resin table with an ocean or sunset scene is the perfect item. 

Shipping and delivery may cost more for furniture, but you can factor these costs into the price to make a profit. Trust me, people will pay top dollar for a unique design.


resin crafts to sell

If you aim to target bookworms who aren’t swayed by the tempting convenience of e-books, then bookmarks are the perfect resin items to sell. 

Customize them to different holiday themes, a starry night sky theme, or press-dried flowers to make them more appealing and expensive. 

8. Resin Dominoes  

You might not have heard about this, but resin dominoes are rapidly increasing in popularity. 

Resin offers a more stylish and durable alternative to traditional materials like wood and plastic. 

You can charge $20-$50 for simple designs and up to $200 for a customized dominoes set. 

9. Keychains

resin crafts to sell

Another in-demand resin item worth exploring is keychains. You can customize them in numerous ways, making this an ideal option if your target audience cuts across age groups.

Plus, keychains are easy to make, so you can venture into them even if you’re new to resin crafting.  

10. Bowls

resin crafts to sell

Resin bowls offer an aesthetic appeal everyone passionate about home decor wishes to have. You can make them translucent, add glitter, or produce ocean scenery to attract a wide audience.

However, making resin bowls requires you to be highly knowledgeable about resin crafts. You can make as much as $100 per piece, depending on size, shape, and technique.

11. Dice

resin crafts to sell

Want to appeal to gamers by adding more style to their board games? If so, resin dice are the way to go. 

You can charge $5-$50 per set based on quality, design, and aesthetics. 

12. Trays 

I came across this flower resin tray on Etsy that costs $500—this shows how lucrative resin trays can be. 

While complex items bring in more cash, you can start with smaller trays as a beginner and then work your way up. 

13. Resin Clocks  

resin crafts to sell

I’m sure ocean-themed clocks come into mind when you think about resin clocks. 

While these are profitable, making other themes is a fantastic way to stand out and attract people who love unique items. 

A good example is this floral-themed piece by 4Minute4YOU.

14. Phone Cases

resin crafts to sell

My phone is like a personal item to me, and I’d jump at any chance to dress it in a Marvel-themed phone case. 

Resin phone cases are in demand because they come in different varieties and can be customized in different ways, including engraving names. 

If you’re still seeking profitable resin items to sell, phone cases are worth exploring.

15. Charcuterie Boards

resin crafts to sell

Here’s another resin product you can sell if you’re advanced in the craft. Charcuterie boards will likely fetch a good profit on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace.

However, if you want to evade shipping costs, I recommend selling charcuterie boards at local bazaars and craft fairs. 

16. Fridge Magnets

resin crafts to sell

Fridge magnets come in handy in making your fridge attractive and holding notes and your to-do list. This is why they are common in most households. 

You can make alphabet shapes or glow-in-the-dark magnets or personalize them by embedding photos.

17. Candle Holders

resin crafts to sell

Making candle holders from resin is another excellent idea if you want to start a resin crafts business. 

Many people are obsessed with scented candles, and the number is only rising. Create different shapes and sizes and decorate them to fit in with a user’s intended purpose.  

18. Wall Art 

resin crafts to sell

Wall decor is one of the most popular resin crafts to sell. Many people have ocean-themed resin wall art in their living room, so this is an excellent idea. 

The popularity of resin wall art may translate to high competition, but you can work around this by standing out. 

Don’t just do basic designs. Think of other lucrative designs that are uncommon in the market, like mythical, jungle, and floral art. 

19. Paperweights  

resin crafts to sell

You may wonder why a boring item like paperweights has made it to this list. However, nothing is boring about a creatively-crafted item. 

The possibilities for designs are endless. You can incorporate flowers, wood, or colorful sand to make your paperweights more interesting.

Most paperweights on Etsy range between $20 and $50, but with a unique design like the one below, over $100 is achievable.

20. Tumblers

resin crafts to sell

Tumblers and mason jars are very popular, especially with Gen-Z. They’re bougie alternatives to traditional mugs and convenient for hot and cold drinks.

You may need to be advanced in crafting to make tumblers from resin. However, the procedure is doable. Simply find a metal mold and safety equipment like gloves, and you’ll be good to go. 

21. Game Boards

resin crafts to sell

If your target audience is gaming enthusiasts, creating game boards from resin is a wonderful idea. You can make boards for games like chess, monopoly, and checkers. 

This allows you to customize the boards by embedding items that add color and make the user experience more exciting. 

Unique resin game boards will appeal not only to gamers but also to collectors. 

22. Flower Vases

resin crafts to sell

Like any other home decor piece on this list, resin flower vases offer attractive profit margins, especially if you can personalize them to a customer’s taste.

You can charge as low as $15 for simple designs and up to $200 for more sophisticated ones.  

23. Storage Boxes

From small jewelry boxes to large ones for storing extra clothes and accessories, people can’t say no to a stylish way to organize clutter.

Plus, they appeal to everyone. Besides home use, they can be used for storing office supplies.

24. Phone Grips

Like phone cases, phone grips are a glamorous must-have for everyone. If you’re already venturing into phone cases, I recommend selling resin phone grips since the two complement each other. 

25. Journal Covers  

Resin journal covers are unique, more attractive, and resistant to wear and tear than traditional covers. 

Most people who keep physical journals would be delighted to protect them from beverage spills and dirt. Sellers on Etsy charge $15 to $50 for resin journal covers.

26. Resin Planters

resin crafts to sell

Are you still looking for profitable resin products to make and sell? If so, resin planters will appeal to green thumbs in your network.

Even people who aren’t plant savvy may be willing to purchase the planters for aesthetic appeal. 

27. Resin Photo Frames

resin crafts to sell

Imagine adding a complementary photo frame to a beautiful picture. It serves as a wall decor and a nice way to hold cherished memories. 

Incorporate flowers, glitter, sea shells, beads, or a mosaic theme to make the photo frames more unique and fetch a handsome price.

28. Resin Ornaments

resin crafts to sell

Resin ornaments will sell well, especially during the holidays. Focusing on one holiday may be seasonal, but you can run your business all year round by making products for every season.

29. Buttons

resin crafts to sell

The last resin item you can sell for cash is buttons. They add an elegant flair to the look while performing their primary function of holding the outfit together.

Create a wide range of designs to attract different customers. 

How Do I Start a Resin Crafts Business? 

Now that you have an idea of the best resin crafts to sell, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it and make profit:

1. Choose a Profitable Niche 

The first step to starting a resin crafts business is choosing a niche. While there are plenty of products you can make and sell, not all niches are profitable.

Do your due diligence to discover high-paying, in-demand resin products worth your time. Find a gap in the market and fill it. 

However, some in-demand products may be highly competitive. Try finding the ones that are in high demand but less available. 

You can use e-rank to analyze the market and competition if you want to sell your items on Etsy. 

2. Stock Up On Supplies

After choosing a product to focus on, the next step is purchasing supplies. You can order them from Amazon or visit craft shops in your local area.

Some items you’ll need for resin crafts include:

  • Resin 
  • Mixing bowls 
  • Safety equipment like gloves and masks 
  • Decorative embellishments like glitter or flowers 
  • Molds 

Once you’ve purchased enough supplies, create a few products so that you have something to showcase to your first customers. 

Don’t make too many products, though, as it may lead to a waste of time and resources if you don’t sell them all.

3. Set Up Your Shop

Now that you have your first products, it’s time to set up shop and make money selling crafts. There are many places to sell your items, depending on your target audience and shipping strategies. 

Online platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon are ideal if you don’t mind shipping and platform fees. However, you must factor these costs into the price to make a profit. 

The upside of selling your items online is you won’t incur the costs of running a brick-and-mortar establishment. 

To get started, you only need to create your profile, list your items, and indicate your prices. Ensure that you add high-quality photos to your listings to attract many customers. 

Optimizing your profile and listings for SEO helps your products get noticed since they’re more likely to show up in search results when buyers search keywords. 

If you’d rather not handle the tiresome shipping process, I recommend selling your stuff locally. You can sell from home, at craft fairs, community events, or set up a local store. 

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are excellent ideas if you want to blend online with local selling.

4. Price Your Products 

Pricing is a challenge when it comes to selling crafts on online marketplaces. You might find yourself underpricing or overpricing your items if you aren’t careful. 

Underpricing may lead to losses, especially if you must pay for shipping and platform fees. On the other hand, overpricing your products may scare away customers, leading to little or no sales. 

Researching similar sellers is a good starting point if you’re unsure how much to charge for your resin products. 

However, remember there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your prices should be unique and based on the following factors:

  • Labor 
  • Cost of raw materials 
  • Complexity of the design 
  • Shipping and platform fees 
  • Size and quality of your item 

Your financial goals are also important when setting a price tag on your resin crafts. What profit margin do you want to achieve? 

5. Promote Your Business

Effective marketing is ground-breaking for most ventures, and a resin crafts business is no exception. 

Don’t assume your resin crafts will sell on their own. Well, they might, but marketing your products is a nice way to put yourself out there and reach a worldwide audience. 

The first step to successfully marketing your products is establishing a brand. Choose a name and logo for your brand and create a website. 

From there, take clear pics of your items and post them on your website and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

You can also take short videos as you make your resin crafts and upload them on TikTok to widen your reach. 

Good-quality photos and videos are important for this step. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a ring light and a good camera. 

Your smartphone will cut it for now, but consider upgrading as your business gains footing. Alternatively, you can utilize natural light and free editing software if you don’t want to purchase equipment. 

6. Engage With Buyers

Posting your finished products across your social media accounts isn’t the last step. You must take time to engage with potential buyers and encourage them to purchase your items. 

Buyers will most likely contact you if they have questions about your products or want to purchase. If you leave them for over 24 hours, they’ll think you’re rude. 

See, people like being given attention, and one way to do that is to respond to their messages promptly. 

Engaging with people in the comments section makes you appear more friendly, and thus, more people will likely buy your items. 

Tips To Make the Most Out of Your Resin Business

Here are some useful tips to remember as you establish your resin crafts business:

  • Focus on a specific niche: While producing different items maximizes your income, settling for a specific or related niche avoids confusion and also helps you gain expertise.
  • Practice makes perfect: Increase the value of your products by improving your skills through consistent practice and research into current trends. 
  • Employ effective marketing strategies: Online marketplaces like Etsy let you integrate your e-commerce store with social media platforms to make marketing easy.
  • Optimize your content for SEO: The best way to get noticed on online platforms is by integrating keywords into your profile and product descriptions. 
  • Cross-post on different platforms: Posting your products on different e-commerce platforms increases your chances of making sales.  

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Where To Sell Resin Crafts

If you have a unique project in mind, the following places are ideal for selling resin crafts:

  • Etsy 
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Marketplace 
  • Craigslist 
  • Shopify 
  • Local craft fairs 
  • Local bazaars
  • Instagram 
  • Your own website 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Selling Resin Art Profitable?

Selling resin crafts can be extremely profitable if you play your cards right. As long as you’re creative and have high-quality creative designs to offer, resin crafts can fetch a handsome price. 

Choosing a profitable niche and marketing your items effectively also contribute greatly to your profit margins. 

How Do You Price Resin Crafts?

Pricing your resin crafts well is essential to avoid making losses. Here are some factors to consider when pricing your products:

  • Cost of supplies 
  • Recurring expenses like electricity bills 
  • The time it takes to produce an item 
  • Your desired profit margin 
  • Product quality 
  • Size of the product 

Consider researching sellers with similar products on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay to determine how much to charge for your items. Take care not to scare away customers by overpricing. 

What Resin Crafts Sell the Most?

Some popular resin crafts to sell include the following:

  • Jewelry 
  • Wall art 
  • Photo frames 
  • Tumblers 
  • Bookmarks 
  • Keychains
  • Flower vases 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you’re familiar with some profitable resin crafts to sell, it’s time to set up your business and start making extra cash from your hobby. 

Resin crafts are highly sought-after, but your business strategies play a huge role in your success or downfall.

Focus on one niche, hone your skills, and increase the value of your items as your skills improve. However, overpricing may reduce your sales. 

Therefore, keep your pricing fair even as you improve your designs. 

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